Young Athletes & Motor Skill – Audio


Motor Skill Development & Young Athletes


The cornerstone of progressive training programs.


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Tony Reynolds

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  1. jeff hill says:

    Always gold from the good doctor! Thank you.

  2. Anon says:

    really enjoyed it, if you could post one of your back and forths with soccer coaches, or something designed for soccer coaches that would do a world of good. I’d like to send it out to the club coaches I know. Especially on the difference between free play and soccer practice, you were just getting going when it switched topics and that’s fascinating.

    I’d love it if you tackled a hard question, like, would Landon Donovan be better if he’d played a few different sports before committing to soccer? or how about Messi?

  3. Hans Hageman says:

    I’m a volunteer strength/conditioning coach for the football team at a large high school. I wish I could get the position coaches to listen to this recording and understand the need for physical preparation. Terrible unweighted squat patterns should be enough evidence that something else needs to be done.

  4. What books or material is out there to better understand motor skill development?

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