Are You Irreplaceable?


It’s not about the certifications, letters after your last name, education, experience or even results.


It’s about whether or not you have made yourself indispensable.


In the immortal words of modern-day marketing sage, Seth Godin, to find success, you must become a “Linchpin”.



Linchpins are those things you absolutely cannot live without.


They are what make your life both possible and efficient.


Sometimes, they are the obvious, notable and large things.


But more often than not, they are the subtle and behind-the-scenes contraptions, services or actions that most don’t even realize are there.


Ever heard of a Microwave Screw Tap?


It’s about ½ inch long and costs $2.05 to replace when it breaks…


… But your microwave is entirely inoperable without one.


Microwave Screw Tap = Linchpin.


All your competitors espouse endlessly about their long list of credentials.


They talk at great length, detailing all the success they’ve had.


They trumpet their experience and showcase their degrees.


And you match them… Trying with all your might to out-appeal them in the eyes of the consumer base you’re fighting over.


But a degree doesn’t make you a Linchpin.  It makes you educated.


A list of successful clients doesn’t make you a Linchpin.  It shows worth.


A certification doesn’t make you a Linchpin.  It proves dedication.


But education, worth and dedication is hardly enough to make customers swoon for your services – all it does is amplify the reality that you’re pretty much just like everybody else.


Making sure your young athletes know that you care and want to talk about their life outside of training and sport…

Calling them to offer congratulations when they pass that big math test they’ve been dreading…


Explaining lessons that have more to do with life success than anything they’ll ever do inside your training room…


Proactively calling Mom and Dad to give them an update on how well their kid is doing in sessions every week…


THAT’S what makes you a Linchpin.


It’s the moment in time when young athlete and Mom or Dad come to realize that no matter how impressive the credentials, experience or results the competitor down the street can wave in their faces, they would never even consider leaving you…


… Because you’re irreplaceable.


What do you do to make yourself irreplaceable?


Worth spending some time on answering… And likely fixing.


– The IYCA Team



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3 Responses

  1. Brendan Murray says:

    One great method of getting oneself known and respected is to learn the names of all your learners, and re-enforce the memory in your brain, by praise.
    For example “Well done, Jack. That was really very good, Mary”
    By this habit you are revising constantly the names of the children, and making it somewhat easier to remember.
    This can be quite a challenge when working with big numbers, but do not be afraid to get it wrong.
    And I always use the phrase “Can you tell me your name, please”
    “What’s your name”, or worse still “What’s the name” is far too authoritarian.
    An easy way to learn the names is to let them introduce themselves to each other at the beginning of the session. and make it fun.
    For example “Can we tell everybody our name, and which is our favourite animal. Then make a noise like that animal”. Next week it can be favourite food, favourite pop star or whatever you can imagine.

  2. Phil Hueston says:

    Amen, Brian…amen!

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