About the IYCA Summit…


Sometimes, a 60 second video can have a far greater impact than anything\ I could possibly write…





"I’ve been going to conferences for 17 years… This, by far, has been the best I’ve ever attended"





"Fantastic organization… It’s been an absolute pleasure being here"





"20 years in the industry… This is the most meaningful event that I’ve been to"





"I knew this was going to make me become a better Coach"





"IYCA has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my career"





"Met all my expectations… More passion than I could ever realize"





"Everything about this weekend was incredible"






– Brian



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  1. Amazing being able to see all these testimonials. There is no doubt that the IYCA is such a global power. I am one that can honestly say that the IYCA has helped me with my training of children but also training of adults. Thanks to Brian, Kwame, and the Crew.

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