A Youth Fitness Success Story – Part 3


Here’s where I left off with ‘Part 2’ of the Dave Gleason chronicle:


"More on the training and business side in a bit, though, for now, I want to explain what Athletic Revolution has done for me, my life and my career…"


Now, here’s where we pick it up for ‘Part 3’:



I Have the Opportunity to Effect a Generation and Build Wealth and Financial Stability in the Process



The Fitness & Sport Training industry is very young.


And not unlike any other industry’s growing pains, the evidence of our ‘youth’ can be seen everywhere.


We spend hours creating, designing and implementing training programs for our clients and have next to no time left for business systems generation or management.


We cram in things like marketing, press releasing, advertising and networking whenever we have a free moment (assuming we know how to do any of those things properly at all).


If we get sick or (gasp) want to take a day or week off… We don’t get paid.  And man, can that hurt.


We remain at the mercy of our clients who can freely opt to be without our services at any time and entirely alter our monthly revenues and lifestyle budget with one ‘cancel’ phone call.


We wake up early, work all hours and cater to the whims of whenever our services are wanted for fear of leaving any scrap of money on the table.


We exist in the double-edged-sword world of wishing to grow and expanding our profits, but knowing if we do, we risk spreading ourselves even more thinly.


Sound familiar?


It’s a precarious balancing act that sounds alluring at first (the prospects of making $75 an hour), but reality can set in awfully quick…



Athletic Revolution is An Incredible Combination of ‘Done-For-You’ and ‘Do-It-Your-Way’ That Allows for Maximized Profit & Complete Systemization So Success Is Guaranteed



So here I sit, 2 years later.


The shackles of 5am wake-ups, working until 10pm, wanting to expand and earn more but in the absence of knowing how, entirely removed.


I own a facility.


I am a Family Member within the most dedicated and inspired organization in the industry.


I train professional athletes who have recently been named to their leagues all-star team for the first time.


World-class skateboarders who are highlighted participants on the famous Dew Tour.


High school standouts looking for Division One scholarships.


Developmentally delayed children whose parents cry when they see how much athletic and movement ability their kids can actually display when given the right training stimulus.


The Athletic Revolution system for training, testing and coaching young athletes is 100% laid out in a complete ‘done-for-you’ fashion.  I don’t ever have to think – I just have to coach through a system that has proven successful.


The Athletic Revolution business and marketing system is second-to-none.


I never have to worry about expanding or earning more revenue.  The system gives me all the tools needed; all I have to do is implement.




An Easy ‘Done-For-You’ System. 


The Ability to Leave a Legacy and Effect a Generation.


Stable Revenue with the Ability to Grow.


That’s what Athletic Revolution has done for me.



The Opportunity of a Lifetime is Starring You in the Face



When I think back to my initial meeting with Brian 2 years ago, I chuckle at my reservations.


I guess hindsight is easy in that respect.


All the common sense reasons I could generate for why this wasn’t a great idea.


All the concerns I had for my career and livelihood.


To say they’ve evaporated would be a gross understatement.


Opportunities like this simply don’t come around very often.  And I mean that sincerely.


Athletic Revolution is a Family (with a capital ‘F’) that empowers and protects its own with great intensity.


My facility is in Pembroke, MA.  A few miles north of Boston. 


My territory is 100% protected – which means no other Athletic Revolution facility can come anywhere near me or my potential customers.


It’s part of the Family atmosphere that gives every opportunity possible for us to succeed.


Not too long from now, I’ll expand.


Push outside my current territory and open another Athletic Revolution facility.


And when I do, my revenue will increase and my lifestyle will enhance (yet again).


But I’ll also be closing the door on you.


Although vast, there are only so many territories available for visionary Fitness Professionals who want what I have.


So I suppose my closing advice to you is simple…


Consider quickly and investigate now – It doesn’t cost you anything to learn more.


I’d be happy to answer your questions.  And I know everyone else in the Family feels the exact same way.


Athletic Revolution was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up…


… And you have no idea how much I’m grateful, everyday, that’s the case.



Did you read all of the Dave Gleason chronicles?


Do you see how powerful Athletic Revolution is?


How incredible it could be for your business?  Your life?


Until December 31, I am offering you the opportunity to own your very own Athletic Revolution for absolutely no money down.


All you need to do is click below and request more information:


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No obligation.


No hype or hard sales.


Just an honest phone call to see if Athletic Revolution is a good fit for you.


Don’t hesitate… The "100% Financing" potential expires on December 31.


Just Click Here to Schedule Your Phone Call


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Chat soon????





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  1. Rick Kaselj says:

    Excellent Dave Gleason series, Brian. Thanks for putting them up. Amazing insight. Keep up the great work.

    Rick Kaselj

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