A Youth Fitness Success Story – Part 2


Here’s ‘Part 2’ of the Dave Gleason chronicles…


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"Did You Know that The Youth Market is The Fastest Growing in Our Industry and That More Than $4 Billion Are Spent Every Year on Training & Coaching For Kids?" he said


I hated what I was hearing.


But only because it made me realize that my romantic, passionate side of wanting to make a difference in this industry, I always considered just silly daydreaming, was in fact very possible.


I had a wife and two kids (still do in fact!) and had to be more realistic.


"I’m already established and profitable," I kept repeating to myself.


He wasn’t making the quiet arguments swirling in my head very effective at suppressing the emotion.


The word ‘possibilities’ kept creeping in; and continued to spike every time he mentioned the business realities.


"The average Fitness Professional is just barely scrapping by.  We’re talking $30,000 a year.  But the youth market is absolutely exploding – and has no end in sight".


He was hitting a nerve in me now.


"The Wall Street Journal reported that more than $4 billion a year are spent in the United States alone on training and coaching for kids and teenagers and MSNBC has stated that as many as 1 million clients under the age of 18 hire Fitness Professionals every year."


The fact he knew his stats so well was incredibly reassuring.


"So making a living in this demographic is possible?" I asked, finally letting my quelled excitement through.


He paused, smiled and let the twinkle in his eye do the talking for him.


"Possible?" he asked.


"It’s more than possible.  It’s your only surefire bet to a stable and profitable career".



2 Years Later… He Was Right.  I Have Never Experienced This Much Success, Profit or Satisfaction



Suffice it to say, the rest of my conversation with Brian was life-changing.


I went on to become a certified ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’ through his International Youth Conditioning Association, and will attest to the fact that it was the most useful and rewarding educational experience of my career to date.


I became a ‘Youth Speed & Agility Specialist’, as well.


But the real 180 degree turnaround in my life came when I opted to become the very first franchise of the newly created Athletic Revolution – another mission spearheaded by Brian.


Athletic Revolution sits as the premier training center for participants aged 6 – 18.


Catering to athletes and non-athletes alike, it has been founded on the long-term principles of developmental fitness and sport training that Brian helped forge through the IYCA.


A collection of facilities, like-minded Fitness Professionals and system for training and business that breeds success.


More on the training and business side in a bit, though, for now, I want to explain what Athletic Revolution has done for me, my life and my career…



And I’ll let Dave explain that to you tomorrow in ‘Part 3’, ~Contact.FirstName~, but for now… Click below and be sure to schedule a personal phone call so you can learn more about Athletic Revolution and our "100% Financing Option" – available until December 31.


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‘Part 3’… On its way tomorrow…



– Brian


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