A Life Altering Day

Well I’m not going to lie and tell you that I had any sort of
near death experience.


I mean, I just cracked my head in a freak accident.

Granted, It’s a 2 inch gash on my forehead that went very deep
and required stitches to close, but I tend to thank my blessings
more than I wallow in self-pity.


What struck me about this experience though, is the 5 hours
I spent in emergency two nights ago.


For 5 hours, I sat and watched people come and go.


Come in with some sort of horrible aliment and get whisked away
to surgery or intensive care.


People who were truly hurt or ill.


We all know that these things exist in the world.


Tragic illnesses that leave people incapacitated.


Life changing accidents that cause horrific injury and pain.


And here I was… with a 2 inch cut on my forehead.


Kind of puts life in perspective, you know?


Now I’m not looking to turn this around into some kind of shallow
‘sales push’, but I do want to reflect for a moment on life and
the opportunities we all have in front of us.


My Dad used to tell me that everyone had two view points.


Two potential views that they could look at.


They could choose to focus on everything that is wrong and that
they don’t like and let that dictate their mood and direction.


Or they could focus on the positive and everything that is right and
let that guide their sails.

They economy is down right now.


Maybe your business is experiencing a financial crunch.


Traveling to a conference, staying in a hotel for a few days, missing
your clients and therefore revenue and having to pay for each of
your meals all amounts to being expensive and a bit of a pain in the


And stacking all of that up on top of each other certainly paints a
picture, doesn’t it?


If that’s the picture you choose to focus on, then that’s what you’re
going to see… And it certainly will dictate your mood and direction.


But can you really put a price tag on a learning experience that could
be worth thousands of dollars in revenue to your business?


Can you honestly feel that the ‘trouble’ of traveling and incurring the
costs associated with attending a conference is more troublesome
than the camaraderie and sense of family you’ll feel by being among
the international brotherhood and sisterhood that the IYCA stands


More over, and this was the perspective I saw firsthand two nights
ago while in emergency…


Don’t you think the people I saw would give anything to be able to
live there lives in a passionate way again?


Be blind to all the potential ‘roadblocks’ and just decide to take a
chance on something they believed in?


Dare to pursue and be convicted in their actions.


It’s amazing what happens when life sends you a curve-ball you
weren’t expecting.


It makes you remember that life is worth living.


You know, when Pat sent out the email on my behalf yesterday,
he mentioned that I had been hurt.


Within 4 hours, I had more than 70 emails from concerned IYCA
Members worldwide asking me if I was okay


I was overwhelmed by that outpouring of kindness and will get
back to each and every one of those emails today.


But it also got me thinking.


My International Summit in February is going to be absolutely


Not because of the seminars or the content, but because quite
clearly, the IYCA is full of passionate people who care.


Who will do what is necessary to see if I’m okay.


Who will do what is necessary to make sure their family is
tended to.


Who will stop at nothing to help me (and us) succeed.


This is the greatest organization I have ever been a part of.


I think you should re-read this email and perhaps decide that a
change in your viewing perspective may be in order.


I know after spending 5 hours in emergency, I’m going to be
looking at my life a little differently.


And I sincerely hope to see you in February.





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