7 Steps to Kids Programming: Part 3



Kids Programming

Picking up from yesterday…


Over the years, I have grown fond of referring to these issues as the ‘Likely Bunch’ and have created a training template intended to meet of the aforementioned needs as a matter of principle rather than what an assessment tells me.


Rather than programming for the day, week or month, my standard Training Template for a high school athlete looks as follows:


  1. Tissue Quality – 10 minutes
  2. ROM/Torso/Activation – 10 minutes
  3. Movement Preparatory – 10 minutes
  4. Movement – 10 minutes
  5. Strength/Power Technique – 10 minutes
  6. Strength Execution – 10 minutes
  7. Warm-Down/Active Flexibility – 10 minutes


The ’10-minute’ time frame represents a maximum (with 5 minutes being the minimum).  A 7-Step Programming Template that takes anywhere from 45 – 70 minutes to complete.


I have 30 – 50 exercises listed in my personal database for each category and select on a given day, what each athlete will work on.


An example day may look like this:

  1. Foam Roll (Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, ITB)
  2. Ankle Mobility, Hip Circuit, Side Planks, Supine Bridges
  3. Various Multi-Directional Movement Patterns (including skipping, hopping and deceleration)
  4. Lateral Deceleration into Transitions
  5. Front Squat Technique
  6. Hybrid Complex – Hang Clean, Front Squat, Push-Press, Overhead Lunge
  7. Static-Active Hamstrings/Quads


Within this template, I’m guaranteeing my young athletes get what they need from a developmental and preparatory standpoint each and every time they walk in my door.


Create a Training Template for yourself and see how much easier programming becomes.


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