3-Part Goals for 2011



"What’s the main goal I should concentrate on in the New Year, Brian?"


A question I get routinely asked between the beginning of October and the end of December every single year.


The turning of the calendar to a blank slate and brand new 12-months is a source of enthusiasm for most people.


New goals.


New directions.


Same old dreams… But THIS year, I’ll make them happen.


Do you play that annual game yourself?


The undeniable (and unfortunate) reality is that most people do in fact create new agendas for themselves as the New Year approaches.


I say ‘unfortunate’ simply because statistics show us clearly and definably that end-of-year goals and ambitions almost always fall flat by February (somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of New Year’s goals are vacated and forgotten by February 28th… Every year).


So when asked about what goals I think you should concentrate on as 2011 approaches, my answer is a very simple one (with a 3-part plan):


  1. The goal should be based on what you truly want (and not what you think you should want)

  2. It should be measurable and include a month-by-month check in to evaluate your progress

  3. It should be a formula


#1 is basic.


Too many people deny what they really want because they don’t think it’s achievable.


Check that kind of pessimism at the door – New Year’s goals will only EVER be achieved by the people who actually believe they can be.


#2 is a matter of common sense.


If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there?


Moreover, if you have no way of monitoring the process, how can you possibly know you’re on the right track or what has to change in order to get you moving in the correct direction?


But #3, truth be told, is the absolute key.


Every goal I’ve ever created AND achieved was a formula.


A proven method.


A guaranteed blueprint.


A roadmap that required me to execute and follow rather than create the unknown.


And that’s why tomorrow (Tuesday December 14th) I’ll be giving you a special treat.


The formula I think you need that will give you everything you want in 2011.


A guaranteed method, blueprint and roadmap.


All it needs is for you to do what it says.


More on that tomorrow, ~Contact.FirstName~…


… But think about it some today.


Is 2011 going to become just ‘another year’ lost to your excitable, but vacated goals.


Or is this the year you FINALLY make it happen?


Tomorrow, you get to decide.



‘Til then,




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