2011 Summit Speakers & Topics


Okay, I already revealed to you what the incredible Eric Cressey will be presenting on at the 2011 IYCA International Summit…


Now here’s the rest of the unmatched speaking line-up:


Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson

Get Right, Get Stronger, Go Longer


A detailed look at assessments, strength development and endurance for young athletes of all ages and sports

Dave Schmitz
Dave Schmitz

Deceleration & Reaction Training for Young Athletes


Dave’s incredibly successful and precise methods for using bands to enhance both deceleration and reactivity in young athletes – absolutely ideal for team-based athletes of any sport.

Pamela MacElree
Pamela MacElree

3-Tiers of Kettlebell Training for Youth


What are you doing wrong with Kettlebells right now.


How to fix that in order to see immediate results and improvements.


Where to go from there to unlock the incredible benefits of Kettlebell Training so your young athlete’s on field or court ability will soar.

Carlo Alvarez
Carlo Alvarez

Preparing High School Athletes for College Sports


‘Next Level’ preparation will be revealed by a man who has been a former World Champion in Major League Baseball AND National Champion in high school…


He’s coached it all and knows exactly what you need to know to ensure your high school athletes are ready for the next step.



Seen enough and can’t wait to hear all these great speakers?


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The rest of the speakers are:



Wil Fleming
Wil Fleming

Programming for High School Athletes


How to program for maximum results and minimal injuries.  This presentation will include elements of individual and team-based training.

Dave Gleason
Dave Gleason

Game Play – Building Champions from 6 – 13


How to create and implement ‘games’ that serve as the necessary building blocks for speed, strength, mobility and flexibility.

Dr. Toby Brooks
Dr. Toby Brooks

Foundations for Speed Training


What does ‘speed and agility’ training look like at the pre-adolescent level?


How can you be sure that the building blocks you’re creating are maximizing the specific sensitive periods of development that are necessary for ultimate sporting success?

Latif Thomas
Latif Thomas

Blazing Speed Starts Here


Seriously… How are fast athletes built?


The exact blueprint Latif uses to ensure his athletes are the fastest on the court or field (this one is worth the price of admission by itself!).

Sue Falson
Sue Falsone

An In-The-Trenches Look at Injury Prevention


As a Major League Baseball Therapist, Sue is going to tell us exactly why what we’re doing with young athletes will affect them when they’re older…


You simply cannot miss this!




Also speaking at the 2011 IYCA International Summit:


Dave Jack


Pat Rigsby


Yours Truly


The very best speaking line-up we’ve ever had and the very best ‘deal’ I’ve ever offered you,!


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See you in Louisville!


– Brian



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