10 Mistakes of Program Design

Program Design Mistakes to Avoid

Program design is tough! There’s no getting around the fact that it takes years of practice writing hundreds of programs to get “the feel” for writing great programs. Just consider all the variables that go into writing a great program

  • the age of the athlete…
  • the sports they play…
  • the experience of the athlete…
  • the equipment they have…
  • the number of days they train with you…
  • the other activities they have…

The list goes on and on!

business-idea-1240825_640That’s why the best of the best use a program design system to accelerate their learning, and make writing great programs more efficient. There is a goal and a plan to achieve success.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to create a great system, here are the 10 mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Treating every athlete like they are an all-star, future pro with individual needs
  2. Training too much sports skill and not enough strength & conditioning for performance
  3. Writing programs that are too long and time intensive
  4. Adding in advanced exercises too early
  5. Missing critical performance components at specific times of the year
  6. Adding in too much variety
  7. Using the wrong training order for exercises during each training session
  8. Basing your programs on methods not principles
  9. Not having a system, just writing workouts
  10. Trying to reinvent the wheel

While these mistakes are easy to avoid and correct, I still see too many coaches making them with their programs! What challenges do you have with programming?

Ryan Ketchum

About the Author: Ryan Ketchum

Ryan Ketchum 2After his time as an All American Track and Field athlete at Indiana University, Ryan Ketchum launched his own training business from nothing and eventually grew it into what is now Force Fitness and Performance/Athletic Revolution Bloomington with his business partner Wil Fleming.

While building one of the most successful gyms in the country, Ryan has also become one of the leading business coaches and experts in the industry. He speaks around the country about building a successful fitness or sports training business, leading several of the most successful coaching programs in the industry and consulting with countless fitness pros.

He also serves on the leadership team for Athletic Revolution, Fitness Revolution and Fitness Consulting Group.

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