Welcome, Julie!

Julie Hatfield Introduced as the New Brand Manager of the IYCA!

Watch the Brand Manager Introduction Interview below!


Welcome Julie Hatfield!

Julie Hatfield
Julie will be stepping in to a newly created position to lead the day-to-day operations of the organization, effective 6/11/14. We want to welcome her to the Team, and we encourage you to get to know Julie and share ideas on where the company is going. She has been a pleasure to get to know and is a fantastic addition to our Team, and we are very excited about her leadership and where she is going to help take the IYCA.

Dedicated to your success,
Pat Rigsby

From Julie: Priorities and Goals at the IYCA

I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with those at the IYCA. This family is made up of talented, committed, and extremely intelligent people who are experts in teaching and educating others to be the best at what they do in this industry. I have grown and been educated through the IYCA for most of my career as a coach, business woman, and trainer. I truly believe that I would not be where I am today without the education I received in the process.

As we all know, education is constant in this industry. The information is ever-changing, so it is essential to evolve, especially for the sake of the kids you work with. As the new Brand Manager, my goal is to provide a valuable link between the experts, resources, and the coaches and trainers across the world; to learn what the customers want and need from us to become better; and to build relationships that last. I believe we are all a team, and if we all work together in this world of coaching/training , we can provide our youth with positive, healthy experiences and opportunities that may impact their lives forever. After all, a coach’s impact is one of the strongest experiences that many of our youth today will ever have.

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