Summit 2021

The 2021 Athletic Development Summit

presented by the IYCA
September 24-25, 2021 | Cincinnati, OH

Join us at the premier athlete development conference of the year – the Athletic Development Summit presented by the IYCA. The Summit will be held at Pro Force Sports Performance at 5999 Meijer Drive, Milford, OH (suburb of Cincinnati). There will be a combination of hands-on & lecture-style presentations.  There will also be plenty of time to interact with the presenters, network with participants, and develop as a professional.  Both days will be 9:00 – 4:00 and they’re guaranteed to be packed with information that will make you better immediately.  There really isn’t anything like the Summit!

Summit Prices

Early Bird (before August 27th): $249
August 28 – September 17th: $299
After September 18th: $350
Business Success Workshop (Thursday evening, Sept. 23rd): $99

Once again, the Summit features an incredible lineup of speakers and many opportunities to connect with the IYCA community.

Lee Taft

One of the IYCA originals, and known as “The Speed Guy”, Lee is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. In the last 30 years he has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities. He has spent much of this time teaching his multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals all over the world. Since 1989, Lee has taught foundation movement to beginning youngsters and helped young amateur athletes to professional athletes become quicker, faster, and stronger.

Brett Klika

Co-founder of SPIDERfit Kids and an IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, Brett is a personal trainer, author, and international motivational speaker inspiring men, women, and children around the world to create a culture of wellness in their home and live the best version of their life. Brett is a regular contributor to the IYCA and his hands-on sessions are worth the price of admission by themselves.

Dr. Evan Osar

Evan Osar is the developer of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification designed specifically to help fitness professionals establish themselves as an invaluable part of their client’s health care team. In addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Osar has earned many national certifications and is the co-founder of The Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Education, an education company with the mission of helping fitness and allied health professionals recognize their role as a part of the solution to the health care crisis.

Nate Schafer

Nate is the owner of 3D Dynamic Performance in Lansing, MI and one of the leaders in 3D training. In addition to working with many of his area’s top athletes, his online presence has grown exponentially as he shares his three-dimensional training philosophies and is known as an expert in utilizing multiple planes of motion to develop athletes. He will be sharing his 3D system to help you understand how to properly integrate 3D movements into your training programs.

Michael Drach

Owner of Michael Drach Training in Chicago, IL, Michael has trained thousands of athletes including Olympic athletes, Professional athletes, numerous Northwestern University football players, and too many youth athletes to count. He has created a unique blend of science & creativity into his speed programming that has attracted massive attention online and through word of mouth. He will be sharing his philosophies on blending strength and speed training into comprehensive programs.

Kevin Hollabaugh

Considered one of the smartest young business owners in the profession, Kevin has created massive business success in Cincinnati and has become a go-to resource on business development in sports performance. His facility, Pro Force Sports Performance, in Cincinnati will host the 2021 Summit and Kevin will co-host the Thursday evening Business Success Workshop designed to help you create streamlined training processes and make you more money this year than you’ve ever made.

Jim Kielbaso

Jim is the President of the IYCA, owner of Impact Sports Performance in Novi, MI, and author of Ultimate Speed & Agility and the Certified Speed & Agility Specialist certification. He is a former college S & C coach who runs a successful NFL Combine Prep program, has been hired as a consultant to major sports programs, and works with youth, high school, college, and professional athletes every day.

Dr. Brad Leshinske

Owner of Primetime Sports Performance in Chicago and Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Exercise Science and Sports Fitness Administration at Saint Xavier University. Brad combines a unique blend of experience as both a college professor and a seasoned business owner. He will co-host the Business Success Workshop and will help bring many other business owners’ experience into the presentation in order to give you the greatest value possible.

Dave Jack

Dave’s mission is simple: To magnify the good in fitness and the people it serves. And, that’s exactly what Dave has done for his entire career as an athlete, trainer, author, speaker, and TV personality. Dave has been an important part of the IYCA from the early years and continues to be a key contributor, giving our events energy in a way that no one else can. Being a kid at heart is essential to working with young athletes, and Dave knows exactly how to bring out that energy to help create exceptional experiences.

Mike Cano

Mike Cano is a former college strength & conditioning coach at Texas A & M and Mississippi State University. He is now a co-owner of Oneighty Athletics, a company that helps create performance programming for coaches, schools, and athletes around the country. Mike also does his fair share of coaching, and he will be sharing some of his speed training knowledge at the Summit.

The preferred hotel for the Summit is the Hilton Garden Inn in Loveland, OH just a few minutes from ProForce where the event will be held.  Use this link to reserve a room and get a discounted rate –


ProForce Sports Performance at 5999 Meijer Drive, Milford, OH

CEU’s from the NSCA and NATA are being submitted for advanced approval.  Both groups will typically accept the entire Summit as personal development/clinic attendance, so you should have no problem receiving CEU’s.