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Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 IYCA Special Needs Fitness Course
Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 2 IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course
Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 3 Complete Athlete Development System
Youth Speed & Agility Specialist
Youth Nutrition Specialist
High School Strength & Conditioning Coach


The IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1

“I would suggest that one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life was to take the Youth Fitness Certification course that you offer.”

Bob Acton
Crossroads Sports Academy


“I highly recommend beloning to the IYCA. I am very proud to belong ot this organization. To everyone out there who is trying to work with kids or is doing it already, you should definitely pat attention to what the IYCA is doing and affiliate yourself with it. I belive this is going to be the future of youth fitness.”Luis Bracamonte
Owner – Kimera Fitness


“I feel great to be a part of such a great movement to help youth conditioning in America.”BJ Gaddour
CEO – StreamFit


“After 10 years inthe industry, I didn’t think there was a certification out there that actually cared about the people and the members and the personal touch. The IYCA is a little bit different. The IYCA takes it a little bit further in that they care that we succeed.”Christi Smith
Pro-Motion Sports

The IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 2

“I just wanted to say Developmental Essentials is an awesome text. Don’t know why I waited so long. I have my MS, PES, CSCS and HFI. the IYCA would have been my first step had it been around.”

Brian Atkinson
Chicago, IL


“Training our youth is not the same as training adults… No one in our industry understands and teaches both sides of this equation better than Brain Grasso and the IYCA”

Jason Stella
National Education Director – Lifetime Fitness


“The IYCA is changing the way we train our youth”

Scott Quill
Men’s Health


The IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 3

“Your athlete will succeed 100% of the time… I strongly urge you to get your hands on this system – your athlete’s success depends on it”

Dr. Evan Osar
Functional Anatomy Specialist


“This training has helped me become a starting Division I athlete as a true freshman. I would not be experiencing the success I am now…”

Drew Janes
Former Brown University Football Player


The IYCA Youth Speed & Agility Specialist

“Dave Jack is… one of the best coaches I have ever met. Latif Thomas is pretty funny, but this guy knows his stuff, and along with D-Jack is an incredible coach, not just speed coach, but an incredible coach. D-Jack and Latif see coaching on a different level than most people and I came away inspired and re-energized, I couldn’t wait to get back in the gym this morning for my first class, and they were a bunch of 3-5year olds. Their passion, enthusiasm, and work must have rubbed off on me this weekend, because usually my preK parents socialize during class, but today they were laughing with the kids, taking pictures, and were totally involved.”



“The speed and agility course with David and Latif was extremely informational, inspiring, and humbling. They are so experienced and knowledgeable and provided us with non-stop information the entire time. Their hands-on approach and set-up with running us through their skills and coaching cues, as if we were their athletes, made it so much easier to grasp then if it were a lecture format. I left realizing that I have a lot to learn as a coach; but because of their knowledge and inspiration I know that I’m on my way to becoming that much better!”

Paul “Theo” Theodore
CEO/Trainer, FIT ME UP & Hardcore Training


The IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist

“If you truly want your athletes to succeed, the IYCA nutrition certification is an absolute must! The IYCA Nutrition Certification is just one more thing in a long line that the IYCA has produced to help those in the youth fitness industry become more complete professionals. The information contained in the certification is practical, and easy to implement to give your athletes the best tools to succeed. Chris Mohr presents the information in an easy to understand and straightforward manner, it does not need to be “dumbed” down upon delivering it to your athletes, it is ready to go right then”

Wil Fleming
Owner – Force Fitness & Performance


“This is simply one of the most worthwhile educational experiences I have ever had. Nutrition really is the key to athletic performance and I am more equipped than I have ever been to help make my young athletes the best they can be.”

Ryan Ketchum
Owner – Fitness Revolution Bloomington and Athletic Revolution Bloomington


“The amount of fluff and myth that revolves around about proper nutrition for young athletes is staggaring and leaves every single Coach and Trainer confused. This certification course completely opened my eyes to what’s ‘right’ and how simple changes will effect my young athletes performance. I cannot say enough how much everyone who works with young athletes should take this course.”

BJ Gaddour
CEO – StreamFit


The IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification

“Eric constantly opens up my mind and shows me more effective methods for training my athletes”

Zach Even-Esh
Underground Strength Nation


“I honestly wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend anything with Mike’s name on it to those looking to improve their strength and conditioning knowledge”

Jason Ferruggia
Renegade Strength & Conditioning


“Wil has become one of the most successful and influential Strength Coaches for High School Athletes in the world. Some Coaches don’t realize that the ‘stuff’ they just figured out to make their athletes better, Wil has been doing for 5 years”

Donovan Owens
Dominate Sports Performance



IYCA Special Needs Fitness Course

“Children with ‘different’ or ‘special’ needs are often overlooked in the youth obesty and sport training industry. The IYCA Special Needs Fitness Manual and Course is here to fill that void.”

Dr. Kwame Brown
Author – Move Theory


“Eric Chessen is quite simply the very best professional in the world when it comes to fitness for the special needs child. I sit mesmerized each and every time we discuss this topic as his depth of knowledge on the topic is without equal. Perhaps larger and more importantly than that, however, Eric is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve his understanding of exercise implementation , coaching and program design. I fullly endorse Eric as the most trusted man in the industry related to fitness and the special needs child.”

Brian Grasso

IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course

“If you’re a trainer looking to add kettlebell training into your program, Pamela and Jason are the people to seek”

Jeff Larson
Napa Adventure Bootcamp


“The content contained within the IYCA certification materials provides the most technical, practical and applicable education that I have EVER experienced with any program”

Donovan Owens
iDecide Fitness


“Pamela is everything you could look for in a trainer. She is smart, motivating and knows how to overcome obstacles. She is excellent and breaking down the training techniques so that anyone can understand them. She gets a level of training out of you that you, yourself did not know you could. She leads by example and everything she has accomplished is a huge inspiration to me.”

Carrie Dale
Exton, PA


The Complete Athlete Development System

” “

Scott Quill
Men’s Health


“Your system KICKS MAJOR BUTT! I am so busy between all my work and being a new father that sitting down to read on a regular basis can sometimes be very tough! I simply played each CD in my car on my way to and from work. For me, this was a ‘no brainer’ The chance for me to have a classroom in my car with amazing Performance Coaches revealing amazing information every single second in each CD! Any Trainer or Coach, no matter how experienced, can make dramatic improvements to their overall training programs after only listening to ONE of these interviews! After I listened to all of them, I have revamped a lot of my methods and fine tuned them for improvement!”

Zach Even Esh
Underground Strength Nation


“… I have been very impressed with the results seen in my son in just two months of training… You empower young athletes to reach beyond their self-imposed limits and maximize their athletic performance.”

Mike Rudnicki


“We started using Brian’s system in 2006 – That entire season there was not a single major injury to any of the 90+ Varsity football players. Since starting with Brian in his sophomore year, my own son played & started Varsity football for three years and played Varsity baseball for two years. He never had a major injury. His senior football season started in June and completed in November – he never missed a workout, practice or game during that entire time.”

of High School Booster Association President



“This is the best time-saver I have ever seen and people would be downright foolish not to take advantage of your system… Period.”

Alwyn Cosgrove
Results Fitness


“… put the emphasis back to actually look at the long term development of today’s youth athletes… break down movements into teachable skills, in a systematic order, helping athletes reach their full potential. It’s not just a list of drills with no direction or purpose”

Pat Beith
Athletes Acceleration



Certifications Courses & Info-Products
Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 IYCA Special Needs Fitness Course
Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 2 IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course
Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 3 Complete Athlete Development System
Youth Speed & Agility Specialist
Youth Nutrition Specialist
High School Strength & Conditioning Coach



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