4 Advanced Plyometric Exercises for Athletes

Below is your 4-part video series on advanced plyometric exercises and variations from the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA). This will get you started with some great ideas for creating a program to develop speed, power and quickness. Keep the reps low (less than 10 per exercises) and the quality/intensity high. Also, before starting any kind of intense plyometric program, make sure the athlete is injury free and has adequate strength to control the force applied during these exercises.

We will send you more information soon on how to properly program and prepare for a plyometric program. Until then, enjoy the videos!

  • Box Jumps -Top Plyometric Exercises IYCA

  • Weighted Jumps -Top Plyometric Exercises IYCA

  • Single Leg Reactive Hops – Top Plyometric Exercises IYCA

  • Lateral Bounds -Top Plyometric Exercises IYCA