Youth Fitness Specialist: How Do I Train Junior Golfers?

Youth Fitness Specialist

Good Afternoon Brian,


I am a PGA golf professional and do a lot of teaching, including junior clinics. I am looking to include physical fitness into my junior golf program and get away from having the kids just hitting golf balls for the hour lesson. What information do you have to offer that might specifically address what programs to design for different age groups and child development stages in general?


I look forward to hearing from you



Joe, PGA




Hi Joe!


Our Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 certification is ideal for you or any sport coach who understands the need to round out your athletes’ athletic ability and not stay so narrow focused.


Within the curriculum, we offer:


> Development Fitness Understanding (6 – 18 years)

A critical look at what changes occur in the body and brain of kids as they grow older and what changes from a fitness needs perspective.


> Development Fitness Practical (6 – 18 years)

A very detailed group of examples of what sorts of exercises are necessary for young athletes of different ages that will serve to enhance their athletic ability, improve their sport specific skill and help keep them injury free.


> Group Programming (6 – 18 years)

How to create and implement effective developmental training programs for young athletes of all ages, that are fun, sound and incredibly effective.


Have a look at our Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 material here
—-> https://iyca.org/fitspecialist1



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