Is YFS1 Good For Overweight Youth?

Hey Brian,

My question is your certification is it more for training young athletes or can it also be used to help with Overweight/obese kids, or teens? I am currently a personal trainer and I really want to specialize in overweight youth because I see so much of it everyday at my job. I hope you can answer my question. – Michael



Hi Michael,


Great question!


The Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 certification is perfect for both athletic and non-athletic (overweight) populations.


We discuss, in great deal, the role of CNS development as it relates to exercise as well as our Developmental Fitness Model which chronicles how effective training programs are created AND coached (communicated) for young people through three separate age spectrums:


1) 6 – 9
2) 10 – 13
3) 14+


The IYCA Level 1 credentials teach professionals how to developmentally train the organism, not the ‘athlete’. Children, youths and teens require certain physical stimulus based on human growth and development, not performance markers.


In short…. Yes!! The Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 material is exactly what you are looking for.


Please feel free to visit this site for more information – https://iyca.org/fitspecialist1


Thanks for the email!


– Brian

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