Is the IYCA Good for Parent Coaches?



I have been searching for information about training kids for some time and, thankfully, I came across your group via StrengthCoach.com. I am not a trainer, but I coach a lot of team sports ages 5-11, coinciding with the ages of my own 4 kids.


I do find a lot of parental interest in training kids more effectively for general athleticism and fitness.  I have even thought of putting together some small classes, as I have a built-in clientele.  Would your Level 1 certification be enough for me to work with a few kids on a basic level.  Or, would I need more training or a general certification before starting with IYCA sponsored training.


I am very passionate about this topic, and I am thankful I have found someone who has blazed a trail in the direction I have been seeking.


Thank you,

Mike from Colorado



Hi Mike,


The Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 course material is most certainly for you.


General-based training certification do not cover pediatric specifics at all.  And if they do, it tends to be very limited information at best.


With the Level 1 material, you will be taken through a very comprehensive and detailed look at the science AND practicality of working with young people in sports and non-sport settings (ages 6 – 18).


We do not require educational pre-requisites of any kind because we have made every effort to ensure that the material covers as much information as is necessary for anyone to be comfortable working with young people safely and effectively.


Our current graduates include Physicians, Therapists, Professional Trainers, Parents and Youth Sport Coaches.


Thanks for the email… I hope this helps!


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