5 Come Clean



It’s Time to Come Clean…

It’s D-Day for you, my friend…

One of those ‘no turning back now’ moments we all face from time to time.

I’m ready to come clean.

And here it is…

My life has changed like you wouldn’t believe over the past 4 months.

Changes that I really never expected.

To say that I am sorry they came would be a lie, though.

Where my life is now is just so much better and more focused than it ever has been before.

And if you’ve met me at some point in the past, you know how
big a statement that is.

I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy.

Ever since that day my Dad told me what has now become a famous quote in our industry:

Some view things as they are and say, why?

I dream of things that have never been and say, why not?

I have been a dedicated and ‘never-say-die’ kind of man since then.

And it’s extended into my professional life.

Why can’t I lead an industry into a new realm of greatness?

Why can’t I be the guy who tells people to stop bickering about which methodology works best and instead focus on communicating and developing relationships with their young clients?

Why can’t I create a revolution that inspires every fitness professional on the planet to take action.

The fact is… I can (thanks Dad!).

And what started 4 months ago is coming to a climax for you right now.

I’ll be brief in the summary:

I’ve turned the IYCA into a cutting-edge organization that is built on PROVIDING FOR people… Not ASKING FROM them.

Paying for educational materials is fine.

Keeping current with CEU’s is great.

But what have my membership fees gotten me?

What has ‘belonging’ to various certification company’s ever done for my career?

Why are they all so faceless and sterile?

What started 4 months ago was a literal revolution in my brain.

One of those ‘flickering ideas’ that eventually starts taking shape…

Build the IYCA into an organization that people are PROUD to be part of because:

You providing a ‘personal touch’ is at the core of the mission

You don’t ‘over charge’ – you ‘over deliver’

You create actual opportunity, jobs and professional growth

You allow people to teach your concepts worldwide and get paid

You teach professionals how to run successful businesses

The kind of hands-on success mentoring that doesn’t exist now in our industry.

The revolution has started and you’re about to become part of it.

Later this week, I will let you in on the little secret that the entire fitness industry has been talking about…

YOUR chance to become certified through the IYCA Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist course.

And it will be a very exclusive offer for you.

Through my professional colleagues, over 750,000 fitness professionals throughout the world find out about our Level 1 course each month.

And they are all hungry to jump on board.

Not only is ‘youth fitness and sport training’ considered the number one exploding niche in our industry, but the IYCA has become the one organization that provides you with MUCH MORE than just some letters after your last name.

Here’s the problem…

… And this is fair warning so you can’t be upset if you get left behind.

750,000 will receive the invitation every month.

But we only allow 500 to “get in”.

Quality Service

Quality Customer Care

Quality Control

Quality Attention

I’ve taken a personal inventory of the IYCA’s human resources and determined that ‘500′ per month is our max number of members at this point.

At 501, our ability to serve you better than any other organization on the planet starts to falter.

And I won’t have that.

So consider this your very fair and very reasonable warning.

Stay by your emails this week.

Sometime over the next few days, I will open the door for you.

The Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist certification will be offered to you and your career will change forever.

If you’re somewhere between 1 – 500, that is.

Look for an email from me ( Brian Grasso) that says in the subject line –

The Revolution Has Started

Open that email and be prepared to take action.

Want to see how big the IYCA is getting?

Read this testimonial…


* * * * * * *
“Brian Grasso is a voice of reason and beacon of hope for anyone
who wants kids to develop fitness patterns for life”
Tom Farrey, ESPN
* * * * * * *

ESPN, my friend.

Getting the picture yet?

When is the last time you heard a fitness certification company being endorsed by a major sporting media entity?

And only one year after being profiled in Newsweek?

Be sure to check your email in-box this week…

YOUR Revolution is about to start…

‘Till next time,



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