13 IYCA Raving Fans



Does the IYCA Have Raving Fans?

I read a great book recently called ‘Raving Fans’.

It details some principles that every business needs to have in order to become successful.

The 3 main principles in ‘Raving Fans’ are:

1. Passion and honesty trump sales and marketing

2. Be sure to know what it is your customers actually want

3. Give more than is expected

That book has had a much greater impact on me than I realized when I first read it.

And I’ll tell you why…

… Those ‘3 Principles’ have shaped the IYCA from top to bottom.

Let me give you some examples –

1. Passion and honesty over sales and marketing –

I have never sought out to ‘sell’ or ‘market’ the IYCA.

I let my considerable passion do the talking for me. Whenever I present a seminar, write a newsletter or post a video on this blog, I am overwhelmed at how much of my passion people see.

I think it’s a lot easier to ‘follow’ or ‘become part of’ an organization whose passion and honest approach to trying to evoke change in the world comes through much louder than any sort of sales strategy they create.

2. Be sure to know what your customers actually want –

The average Trainer earns $27,000 a year.

And I consider that tragic.

That’s why the IYCA created an incredibly vast and comprehensive ‘business development’ section to our educational package.

From free information in our Gold Membership area to CEU courses designed specifically to teach you the aspects of how to run a successful and profitable business, we know that providing world-class education on youth training and development was only half of what we needed to do.

We needed to make sure you learned how to earn a comfortable living and create a lasting and fulfilling career for yourself.

3. Give more than is expected –

Yesterday alone, I fielded more than 70 phone calls and emails from people worldwide who had questions about our Level 1 certification.

70 personal contacts in one day.

Not to mention our other ‘go above and beyond’ measure like the ‘Coffee, Tea and Talk’ program we’ve put together.

Two hours of free time with me and the rest of the IYCA executives. Answering questions, sharing stories and helping you create the career you’ve always wanted.

We do more because we care more.

Here’s that video clip of our IYCA Member.

Listen to the passion in his voice.

The way he explains how his career and life have changed.

Understand that we don’t have ‘customers’… We have raving fans because we are so willing to go above and beyond.

The link to become part of the IYCA is located right underneath this video screen.

It’s your last chance to join us and truly understand what it’s like to become part of an organization whose mission, passion and honesty far exceeds the marketing aspects of what it is they’re trying to sell you…



** When you click through on the link below, you’ll notice that the video above is of the same fitness professional whose video is at the top of that website as well. No coincidence – he became a raving fan on day 1, and remains a raving fan to this day…

… What does that tell you?

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