How Much Should I Charge For Speed Training?

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Hi Brian,


Erik here. I am currently waiting my approval on the level 1 IYCA Speed cert. Long story short. I am in a new area and have begun to approach facilities, coaches, organizations to be the go to guy for speed training.


I have a meeting set up with a baseball center and they want me to put together a proposal for them immediately.


So my question is, in an area that is very wealthy what would be the best way to go about pricing this?


Per month, in blocks eg, 12, 24, 50 sessions, and basic idea of what to charge?


I know loaded questions, but I figured I would ask.


Keep up the awesome work.


Yours in speed,





Great question, Erik!


Pricing for youth training and speed training is an often misunderstood issue as it relates to effectiveness for the athlete as well as your own business development.


I try to make sure that Youth Fitness Specialists understand the two factors associated with ‘long-term billing’ and why it is the most effective way for you to run any youth-based program:


1) Retainers and lower rates help ensure retention was is great for both you and the young athlete

2) Word spreads through referral like wildfire when you have monthly rates of membership rather then ‘pay-as-you-go’ services


The long and short of it is this:


Create two or three packages that have monthly fees associated with them –


i) 12-month commitment = $200.00/month
ii) 6-month commitment = $300.00/month
iii) 3-month commitment = $400.00/month

* these figures are arbitrary and strictly for the purpose of and example


One of the tricks in business development is knowing how much your monthly/annual revenues will be without being at the whim of client retention.


Whenever creating a training initiative for kids and teens, think in terms of long-term retention and monthly fees rather than session fees.


Better for them…. Better for you!


Hope this helps!


– Brian

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