How Do I Get "In" With High School Coaches?

Hi Brian,


I am trying to do a speed camp in my area and here is the question: Who do I talk to? Athlete’s parent? High school coaches? A friend of mine said go to the high school coaches and talk to them.


I know I have to talk about what I do, but I need to be sure that I say it right and not get too complicated but make it simple and easy for them to understand. As you are aware many HS coaches do lot of training differently than what we do, so I just want to make it easy and quick to get the point!


Thanks Brian. Keep us motivated to become the best coach

– Ben from Alabama



Hi Ben,

I don’t suggest that you contact the high school Coaches directly.


A) The training they use may be drastically different than yours and this could be prohibitive to them allowing you in to work with their young athletes


B) High School Coaches are typically bombarded with calls and unsolicited requests from dozens of Trainers in any given month – you don’t want your call to fall on deaf ears.


My standard suggestion is to find a third party endorsement. A parent or young athlete who works with you and can make an introduction on your behalf.


Once you are in the door, offer to put on a free 1-day speed or athletic development camp at the high school and under the Coaches supervision, so that he/she can see your program firsthand and witness the benefits it will have on the athletes.


I have outlined a very detailed method of using this ‘third party’ system on www.IYCAMembers.com


If you’re not already, you can become a Member here


Thanks for your question!


– Brian

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