Groundbreaking DVD vs. Youth Speed Certification

To Brian,


I have a question about the Youth Speed and Agility Cert. Before I start I just want to introduce myself- my name is Bill and I am a High School Physical Education Teacher and an NSCA Strength Coach. I train at a gym after school (ages 8- college level). I have been following the IYCA for about a year now and I’m very impressed with everything you’ve done. I’ve also just sent in my exam for YFS1.


Brian I am torn between getting Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking 2 DVD and the IYCA Youth Speed and Agility Specialist Certification. I’m not sure which one will best suit what I do. I really want to learn everything I possible can about speed and agility training. I also run camps in my community and need good advice on how to market my camp which I know your DVD offers. So really my question is will the Youth Speed and Agility cert give me all the information that Lee offers in his Ground Breaking 2 DVD. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.


Thank You,



Hi Bill,


Great question and thank you for the email.


Lee Taft put a great deal of his work from ‘Groundbreaking’ into the Youth Speed & Agility Certification with the IYCA.  You will find a certain degree of overlapped material and content.


The true benefits of the IYCA certification are:


1) You earn a credential.  Since you already run speed camps in your area, this credential would mean a great deal in terms of credibility to your prospective customers.  Additionally, Lee and I also added a great deal of content to the certification on how we run speed camps ourselves.  Lee and I have a great knack from hosting very successful camps which tend to prove both profitable and even newsworthy in our respective communities.


2) Lee also added new content to our certification – information that does not appear in ‘Groundbreaking’.  That, combined with the fact that our certification also contains my techniques for teaching lateral and linear deceleration.


I hope I have helped in some way.


Thanks again for the email and be well!


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