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Fuel Like a Champion DVD…

Could An 8-TIME PRO BOWL Football Player Be Wrong?

If you are the parent of a young athlete, coach of a team, or maybe an athlete yourself, owning the Fuel Like a Champion – Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes DVD, created by two world renown sports nutrition experts, will teach you the nutrition secrets the pros use, so you can discover what it takes to win!

“Fuel Like a Champion will give athletes, parents, and coaches both the practical and cutting-edge nutrition information young athletes need to perform their best. Just like a high-performance race car uses the best fuel available, you must eat well to reach your true potential as an athlete.”– Tony Gonzalez
Eight-Time NFL Pro Bowl
All Pro Tight End

With over 15 years of combined experience, sports dietitians Dr. Christopher Mohr and Mitzi Dulan, have come together to offer Fuel Like a Champion–the absolute most comprehensive Sports Nutrition DVD for Young Athletes Ever Available!
Here is just some of what’s covered:

  1. The potential dangers of Energy Drinks—there are over SIX HUNDRED brands literally preying on false hopes and dreams of young athletes–and your kids are drinking them!
  2. The exact, science-based carbohydrate recommendations to guarantee more energy on and off the field!
  3. The specific protein requirements to ensure optimal muscle growth and recovery
  4. The truth behind the multi-billion dollar dietary supplement industry…trust us, with over 29,000 dietary supplements available, you NEED this information to save your young athlete from falling prey to marketing hype!
  5. Recovery strategies — breakthrough recovery strategies that will take performance to the next level!
  6. Guidance on safe, effective, and permanent weight loss
  7. Precise, healthy, and LEGAL weight gain strategies guaranteed to pack on muscle and strength (for those who want it)
  8. Exact food recommendations to meet the exact requirements for developing athletes
  9. The top 12 fruits and vegetables to buy organic—they are otherwise highest in pesticides, so you need to protect you and your young athletes!
  10. Specific nutrient timing strategies teaching you when and what to eat before and during games.
  11. The best times to consume sports drinks and when they’re nothing more than extra calories—this information can make or break performance!

Fuel Like a Champion by Dr. Chris Mohr

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Youth Nutrition Deluxe Package

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