About IYCA

Our vision is simple: To inspire greatness by enhancing the knowledge of youth sports/fitness professionals and volunteers throughout the world. We are a family of fitness professionals, coaches, business owners and experts who together build a foundation of success in youth fitness and sport performance.

It’s about the kids.

The main purpose of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) is to inspire greatness by assisting in the evolution of the youth athletic/fitness industry by regulating the knowledge and skill of the individuals who work within it.

The IYCA is the premier international authority in athletic development and youth participant-based conditioning. We validate research and provide appropriate examples of practical application for working with young athletes and youth participants at large.

We establish industry norms with respect to safe, effective, and clinically sound means of optimally developing injury-free, emotionally sound, and functionally gifted young athletes and participants.

Incorporated in 2004, our goal at the IYCA is to unite the youth fitness and sports industry in one mission—to inspire greatness in the kids we work with and to impact millions. We strive for excellence in providing the defining voice within the field of conditioning and developing youngsters.

It’s for the kids.

The IYCA is a wonderful collaboration of passionate professionals from the athletic, sport-science, and sport-medicine communities. Our family includes conditioning professionals, personal fitness trainers, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, sports medicine professionals, coaches, teachers, fitness and sport facility managers, and students.

The IYCA is a certification-based outfit offering the finest educational certificate programs in the realm of youth athletic development and fitness. Successful candidates must pass both a criminal background check as well as our intensive examination process.

The Global IYCA Mission

Passion… Excellence… Inspire Greatness

We believe that developmentally-sound, fun, and goal-oriented exposure to fitness and sport is a necessary building block in progressing through the formative years into adulthood.

Our collective passion to recapture the innocence of play and fitness for children and teenagers worldwide knows absolutely no boundaries.

Our mandate is to infuse the fitness and sport-training industry with an excellence in education and world-class resources so that we can all work together to instill proper measures of fitness and sport development training back into the lives of our youngest generation.

Join our cause and become part of the revolution. Together, we can make an impact…

…for the kids.

Yours very sincerely,

The IYCA Team