IYCA Policies & Procedures

Equal Opportunity Learning Environment – Learning through the IYCA allows for equal opportunities for everyone because the learning all takes place online and learners are never asked anything about their race, gender, sexual orientation, creed or any other personal information.  You will never be discriminated against because we will never ask these questions.

The IYCA is committed to promoting a best-practice environment, where every learner is treated with respect and dignity. No learner or any related third party should feel threatened, degraded on the grounds of race, color, nationality, and ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, physical characteristics, and health, religious or political beliefs.

The IYCA is responsible for ensuring that all individuals receive the same treatment, regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, physical characteristics, health, religious beliefs or political beliefs.  At any live IYCA events, this policy will be a priority, and every effort will be made to ensure equality in all aspects of the experience.

We take any allegations or incidents of discrimination or any type of unfair treatment extremely seriously and respond to them swiftly. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please send your complaint to support@iycasupport.com.

Complaints & Appeals – All IYCA assessments are done online using multiple-choice questions and answers are tabulated by an online testing system called CourseWebs.  This ensures that no mistakes are made through human error during the assessment process.  Learning are allowed to re-take any assessment after paying a re-assessment fee. To re-take any exam, simply send a message to support@iycasupport.com and we will gladly set up the re-assessment process for you.

Product refunds are given within 60 days of purchase.  After this time, no refunds are given.  For live events, the refund policy will be listed on the specific event registration page.

Data Protection & Security – The IYCA takes the protection of your personal information very seriously.  All of your information is kept secure in our password-protected systems that are only accessible to IYCA employees.  This information will never be given or sold to any other group and access to this information will never be given to a third party.  Information about our personnel, learners and other individuals will only be processed in line with established regulations. Personal data will be collected, recorded and used fairly, stored safely and securely and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

Your data will only be kept on our secure customer management system, and no data will ever be kept on paper or transferrable memory device.

All testing data will be kept on the secure CourseWebs site that is password protected and only accessible to IYCA staff.

Special Considerations – The IYCA will make every attempt possible to make adjustments to our standard operating procedures in cases that involve:

  • serious illness of the learner
  • serious illness of a parent
  • bereavement of an immediate family member
  • incapacitating illness of the learner
  • recent domestic crises
  • accident and injury to the learner
  • trauma caused by a recent event or experience
  • learning disabilities that may affect the learning process

Quality Assurance – The IYCA takes the quality of our materials very seriously, and we have a process in place to assure that they are current, comprehensive and up-to-date.  In 2018, the IYCA hired a psychometrician from Virtual Psychometrics in Ohio to perform a job analysis for our profession and to go through the process of establishing relevant knowledge domains, the specific knowledge required to perform our jobs, and building a certification blueprint.

We also held a focus group meeting and conducted a survey to establish the knowledge needs of professionals working with young athletes.  The results were compiled by the psychometrician and helped guide the next step of the process which was to create the up-to-date certificate blueprint.  This blueprint outlines the knowledge domains necessary for working with young athletes and helped us establish the key knowledge needed to adequately develop athletes.

While this process was long, expensive and required the participation of many professionals, it helped to ensure that the IYCA materials and certifications were of the highest quality.  The results will also guide us in creating new materials.

The IYCA Advisory Council meets annually at the IYCA Summit.  A review of the IYCA courses and materials takes place every three years and recommendations are made to enhance the quality of our materials.  When the Advisory Council deems it necessary to make changes, materials will be updated or replaced.  Updated materials will be made available at no charge to those who have already purchased the relevant courses.  The new materials will simply appear in the customers IYCA account.  When courses are completely replaced, current course/certification holders will be offered a substantial discount in order to receive the new materials.  The psychometric evaluation will guide help this process in the future and adds another layer of professionalism and quality to our offerings.

Our written educational materials contain numerous scientific references.  These references will also be updated periodically to ensure the information is current.  In addition to our internal processes, if any IYCA certified member notices inaccuracies in our information, we encourage them to contact support@iycasupport.com with an explanation of their concerns.  The Advisory Council can then look into the concern and determine if any updates are necessary.