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If you’re a coach that values their continued education and wants to become the best coach possible, you’re in the right place!

The IYCA has created the "home base" for coaches like you who are committed to developing your athletes to their maximum potential.

As the industry’s only youth fitness & sports performance specific certifying organization, it’s our mission to ensure that IYCA coaches gain access to this leading-edge information.

We do this through our world-class collection of certifications, courses and other educational resources.

While certifications and courses are an incredibly important piece of the puzzle in helping trainers and coaches reach their goals, we’ve recognized that to truly maximize your success as a professional— you need more.

You want to "peek behind the curtain" and see what some of the best in the field are doing. You need tools and templates to make running your business or implementing your programs easier.

And it’s important that you connect with other motivated, like-minded coaches to share ideas and network.

And that is why we have created IYCA Insiders to serve you.

The One-Stop Solution for Becoming a Better Coach

Through IYCA Certifications you’ll have the baseline education and credentials to move forward in your career and to be a good coach.

But you know that this industry moves fast & new techniques and methods are being developed in the trenches by great coaches every day.

That’s why we’ve created IYCA Insiders…

This exclusive, members only community gives you access to cutting-edge training programs, methods and coaching that will help keep you at the top of your game and way ahead of most other coaches.

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What IYCA Insiders Will Do For You

As a Member of IYCA Insiders, you’ll stay at the forefront of youth fitness and sports performance, giving yourself and your athletes an enormous competitive edge.

You’ll have the opportunity to make your athletes better.

You’ll have the opportunity to build a better coaching career.

You’ll have the opportunity to join a team of elite, motivated, like-minded coaches who are committed to being the best in the industry.

Your IYCA Insiders Curriculum

Each month, we’ll post a brand new collection of tools and resources that will make you a better coach. You (and your team) can implement the training to deliver even better results to your athletes. Learn from IYCA Experts like Jim Kielbaso, Joe Powell, Phil Hueston, Brett Klika, Brad Leshinske, Ryan Ketchum, Dave Schmitz and more!

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Cutting-Edge Training Methods

You’ll get instant access to cutting-edge methods from our IYCA experts in these all-important categories:

Training the 6-13 Year-Old

Discover the secrets to optimizing your training programs for these young athletes including:

  • Using an Outcome-Based Coaching model to inspire and motivate every athlete to their best performance
  • How to develop movement skills and self discovery that will help these athletes get prepared for training at a higher level
  • A progressive programming approach to transition these athletes from game play to a more structured athletic program

These athletes are a growing and underserved market that need great coaches like you to help them reach their full potential. We’ll show you how to do it!

Training the 14-18 Year-Old

A focused approach to training will deliver maximum performance results through:

  • Programming and periodization methods that will benefit your athletes throughout the year
  • Olympic Lifting and Power Development
  • Speed Training
  • Mobility Training

And more!

Speed & Agility

You’ll discover how to program effectively to develop speed in your athletes, what drills you should (and shouldn’t) be using, and how to ensure that your in-the-gym work translates into on-the-field or court performance.

Mental Toughness

You’ll discover how to help your young athletes build an unshakable belief in themselves and their ability to succeed at anything. You’ll empower them to break through the ceiling of what they think they are capable of. You’ll help them achieve peak performance consistently.

The Art of Coaching

You’ll discover how you can consistently and effectively relay what you want to your athletes.

Business Development

You’ll discover how you can take your passion for coaching and helping young athletes reach their goals and turn it into a thriving, lucrative business.

Here’s a quick look at the modules you’ll get instant access to as a member:

  • Scoring Triple Digit Athletes: A step-by-step plan to grow your business to 100+ athletes
  • Getting into the Coach’s Office: A practical approach to getting your foot in the door and scheduling meetings
  • Team Training Blueprint Creating Proposals: A plan for getting paid to train entire teams
  • Done-for-You Parent & Coach Reach-Out Letters
  • A Working Business Plan to Start Your Business
  • How to Start a Youth Fitness Program
  • IYCA Kinesiology Crash Courses - full course included FREE
  • Athletic Mindset Mastery - full course included FREE
  • In-service Workshops on Coaching & Training From Top Professionals

And more!

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Done-for-You Programs

IYCA Insiders is home to a library of training programs designed and used by IYCA Experts and Members. You’ll be able to learn from seeing what other coaches are doing in their programs. You can study what the best of the best are doing, model their programs, and gain the knowledge you need to make your programs even more effective.

Our Done-for-You Program database includes programming for 6-9 year-olds, 10-13 year-olds, 14-18 year-olds, sport-specific programming, and everything in between. No matter the group of athletes you’re coaching—you’ll find programs that will help you improve as a coach.

Coaching Videos

IYCA Insiders will be your "one-stop shop" for exercise videos. You’ll be able to go through our database to learn new exercise ideas, discover different ways to cue or teach movements, find out new methods for progressing your athletes and more.

These coaching videos will help you improve your programming, teach your coaches, and stay on the leading edge of what’s working to help athletes perform their best.

IYCA Insiders Engage

When you join IYCA Insiders, you’ll become a part of a private Facebook Community of high-level, like-minded youth fitness & sports performance coaches. This private Facebook group will allow you to surround yourself with motivated peers who will help you become the professional that you want to be.

There you’ll be able to exchange ideas, ask questions, and build professional relationships that will help you ascend to the next level as a coach.

Plus, our IYCA Experts will be available to answer your most pressing questions on a regular basis and through exclusive Insider Q&A sessions.

IYCA Insiders Vault

As a Member of IYCA Insiders, you’ll also be able to access years worth of recorded live events, programs and coaching videos from various experts in the industry. You’ll find presentations from Experts like Mike Robertson, Dr. Chris Mohr, Eric Cressey and more.

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Plus These Special BONUSES - Worth Over $349.85!!!

Complete Athlete Development ($149.95 Value)

Complete Athlete Development is like doing a mentorship with 11 of the World’s Top Coaches—from the comfort of your own home! You are going to learn from the industry’s best coaches:

They take you step by step through training the ENTIRE athlete. They hold nothing back. Discover exactly how these 11 experts train their athletes and how you can learn to take your training to the next level.

Quick Kids Speed & Agility Program ($99.95 Value)

Get instant access to a 6-week resistance band speed development program to use with your athletes.

In this 41 page manual and 28 coaching videos, Resistance Band Training & IYCA expert Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz provides you with 12 complete speed and agility workouts you can use to run a profitable camp or to simply help your athletes get faster.

This is your A-to-Z blueprint for running a speed camp or clinic!

Fuel Like a Champion ($99.95 Value)

IYCA Nutrition Expert Dr. Chris Mohr takes you through a 5-Part Nutrition Series showing how to maximize your athletes performance and health through better eating and proper hydration.

Dr. Chris Mohr is a nutritionist for Professional Athletes and advisor for many popular sporting brands. He’ll dispel the myths and give you practical advice to helping athletes recover, optimize performance and stay healthy.

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What The Insiders Members Are Saying

"Since subscribing as an INSIDER my eyes have been opened to a much better way of crafting workouts that will best meet the needs of my kids and develop them in the correct way."

~ Shane Blackett

“I rely on and appreciate the knowledge of those who have been there before me to learn what works best with the population I am working with. I went with the IYCA because they have a great reputation and the folks I've met that represent you and your certifications were on point. Also, the IYCA is the only organization focused 100% on youth. The insight I have gained from being an Insider member has been hugely helpful in helping me improve my programming. The information from the certifications and the resources as an Insider have helped me grow my business and back it with education.”

~ Joe Rouse

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It’s safe to assume that you want to be the best coach possible and know that without a clear plan for continued education you won’t get there. That’s why you need to join the IYCA Insiders TODAY!

We’ll ensure you have the resources and support to become the best coach possible and have a lucrative career in the youth fitness & sports performance industry.

Not only will you get instant access to all of our trainings, coaching videos, exclusive articles, Done-for-You programs AND the 3 BIG BONUSES WORTH OVER $349.85 but we’ll deliver monthly updates to ensure you have cutting-edge training methods and coaching practices!

We've also added bonus courses like the IYCA Kinesiology Crash Courses, Athletic Mindset Mastery, and the Sports Performance Business Success Series.

Become a member of the IYCA Insiders for just $19 today, and get 30 days to test drive this program, review our educational materials and put them to use for you.

If you’re not 100% satisfied after that, simply let us know and we’ll end your membership. And you get to keep your Complete Athlete Development bonus as our gift to you!

Or, if you love the content and connecting with other like-minded, passionate coaches in our community simply stick around for just $19/month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I have to be a certified IYCA Coach to join?

    We welcome any coach that understands the value of continued education and has a passion for helping kids. We certainly hope that when the time is right you’ll consider become certified with the IYCA, but until then we’d be thrilled to welcome you to our community.

  • q-iconWill I be able to ask questions about the modules?

    Yes, we have a private Facebook Group where our members can post questions and interact with other great coaches. Once you join, be sure to request access and introduce yourself to the other coaches.

  • q-iconWho should join IYCA Insiders?

    Sports Coaches and Performance Coaches focused on training young athletes will benefit the most from becoming an IYCA Insider. If you’re passionate about helping young athletes or in youth fitness, you’ll find incredible value in our program.

  • q-iconHow do I cancel?

    You can end your membership anytime by emailing Our team will be able to process your request and get you taken care of immediately.