“That’s the hardest I’ve ever seen my young athletes work!”

If you are a coach to young athletes, you’ve witnessed the energy and intensity that comes from “gamifying” drills during training.

Athletes love to compete. Coaches who tap into this competitive drive through strategic training games can take their athletes’ effort and ultimately results, to the next level.

Unfortunately, there have been few quality resources where coaches can find training games that:

  • Challenge and develop athletic skills
  • Are easy to set up and use limited equipment
  • Foster teamwork
  • Are safe and support the goals of the training program
  • Provide their athletes a high level challenge
  • Work in different training spaces

Until now…

Here at the IYCA, our mission is to make sure coaches like you have access to the best training methods and materials so you can focus your time and energy on creating results with your young athletes. That’s why we have collaborated with two of the top youth performance coaches in the world, Brett Klika and David Jack, to bring you the ultimate resource in creating an unmatched training environment with athletic games. 

What is the IYCA

Game Play Performance 2.0 ?

With the IYCA’s Game Play Performance 2.0 Coach Klika and Jack share with you 30 of their most popular and effective athletic games designed to help your athletes improve coordination, speed, agility, conditioning, and other important athletic skills. With each game, you’re provided different options for space, equipment, ability level, and more, giving you an endless library of fun and effective training tools that can be easily integrated into a training session for all ages.

Additionally, we share strategies on how to use these games with different ages and ability levels to:

  • Create a high-energy and winning culture in your programs or facility
  • Create and construct your own endless supply of super effective training games
  • Set you and your athletes apart from your competition
  • Improve your ability to motivate higher levels of performance
  • Transfer training skills to the field, court, and other athletic arenas

As you can see, Game Play Performance 2.0 gives you everything you need to turn up the intensity and fast-track your athlete’s results by inspiring competitive game play during training.

To bring you even more world class information on the power of play for developing young athletes, you’ll have access to in depth conversations on the impact of game play on development with world renowned neuroscientist and youth fitness specialist, Dr. Kwame Brown and founder of the Changing the Game Project, John O’sullivan. These thought leaders in youth athletic development bring you a valuable perspective that will empower you to create an even GREATER impact with your young athletes.

Imagine how this combination of knowledge and super effective training tools offered in Game Play Performance 2.0 can energize your training sessions and help you help your athletes reach the next level.

Imagine how this can set you apart and make you the trusted “go-to” program for youth development in your community.

Game Play Performance 2.0 is your opportunity to take home the tools you need to make the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of young athletes.

The new Game Play Performance 2.0 will give you all of the tools you’ll need to become the most engaging, fun, and talked-about coach in your area. We want to help make this happen for you so badly that we’re offering GPP 2.0 for just $99.

And, that’s what it’s all about.  Helping you create training sessions kids talk about. 

When kids get picked up after a training session, you want them jumping in the car telling their parents how much fun they had and how they can’t wait to get back.  Boring programs don’t produce this response – coaches who understand how to harness the power of game-play are the ones who are talked about, referred to, and get long-term results.    

And, that’s what keeps kids training long-term. 

We want YOU to be one of those coaches.  

Let Dave and Brett show you exactly how to make this happen. Whether you’ve never incorporated games into your programming, or if you simply need a couple of new ideas, Game Play Performance 2.0 is guaranteed to be worth 10x the small investment. 

After going through the entire Game Play Performance 2.0 materials for 60 days, you don’t think it’s worth every penny, we’ll give you 100% of your money back no questions asked.

Join the movement of coaches instilling fun into training while still getting fantastic results. GPP 2.0 could literally be the turning point for you, your programs, and your career. We simply can’t wait to get this into your hands and help you become the most talked about coach in your area.

GPP 2.0: $99