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Youth Speed Training and Business


So I’m just back from a wonderful weekend in New Jersey at the Fast Track
to Fitness Millions conference.


The conference was hosted by my two favorite guys – Pat Rigsby and Nick


The speaking line-up was an unbelievable ‘whose who’ of fitness industry
Coaches and Business Leaders –


BJ Gaddour
Zach Even Esh
Mike Boyle
Chris McCombs
Jim Labadie
Jason C Brown
Pamela Macelree


But in my opinion, the show was stolen by a man who has absolutely changed
everything about the way speed and agility is taught and trained.


My very good friend, Lee Taft.


As usual, Lee lit up the crowd with his no-nonsense, easy-to-understand and
cutting edge youth speed training system.


From 6 – 18, young athlete’s worldwide have benefited from Lee’s speed
coaching program.


And Trainers have benefited even more.


Imagine having access to a system that can easily guarantee speed
improvements to your athletes.


Make them the fastest on the field.


Most agile on the court.


I am never shy in saying that I have learned more from Lee Taft than any
other Coach on the planet – and I’ve studied from ALL OF THEM!!


You’re going to get a chance to learn firsthand from Lee as well.


It’s coming up next month.


Stay tuned later this week for my special big announcement.


In the meantime, click on the link below and enjoy a brief clip from the
presentation I gave this past weekend in New Jersey.


I spoke about the difference between ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Motivation’.


I think you’re going to enjoy what I had to say.


Here’s that link –





‘Till next time,






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