Youth Training: My Top 5 (Part 4)


Youth Training Tips

‘Part 4’ is one of those reasons that most people feel uncomfortable talking about…


… And I’ve never honestly figured out why.


The best Coaches in the world don’t always earn a good living.


Because they aren’t quality business owners.


Success in our industry is absolutely dependant on you becoming the very best Coach you can be (and at the 2011 Summit, we’ve covered you on that with Speakers such as Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Wil Fleming, Sue Falsone and Latif Thomas).


But without the requisite business savvy to establish, operate and grow a Youth training, Fitness and Sport Training program or facility, you will forever be chasing your tail when it comes to earning a good living (and living a quality life).


Which is why we’ve covered you again for Youth Training business….


On Thursday July 28, the 2011 IYCA International Summit ‘pre-conference’ event will be yours to enjoy for absolutely no charge.


Admission is 100% free with your registration to the Summit.


And that day, all will be revealed…


“Youth Fitness Profit Goldmine”


9am – 5pm with speakers including:


(1) Pat Rigsby – considered the best ‘business mind’ in our industry
(2) Nick Berry – the #1 business operations guru
(3) Dave Gleason – successful youth fitness franchise owner
(4) Ryan Ketchum – business systems expert


Learn the ‘inside secrets’ about how to establish, operate and grow your very own Youth Fitness and Sport Training business by 4 of the very best and most successful business experts in our entire industry…


… For absolutely No Charge.


Other conferences give you 45 minute presentations about the “Scientific Aspects of Bench Press”, “250 Ways to Use a BOSU Ball” or “The Theory of Complex Training”…


We don’t.


We give you what you need to become the best Coach in your community and build a successful business that will change your life forever.


And we do it at a price you can afford (‘free’ for example).


Register for the 2011 IYCA International Summit right now and be my guest at the ‘pre-conference’ event that will change your business opportunities immediately.


Just Click Here:  https://iyca.org/summit/


– Brian

Youth Training

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