Youth Fitness: Summer Camps Success


Use as a template for the Youth Fitness Summer Camps you’re hosting this year:



News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact – YOUR NAME


NAME OF BUSINESS Hosts Summer Speed Program for Local Young Athletes Training System Consider One of the Best in the World


DATE – Young athletes in the NAME YOUR LOCATION area will receive a very special treat this summer.


Access to a Speed & Agility Camp that brings one of the most successful programs in the world to the local community.


The Speed Camp is being hosted by YOUR FULL NAME, co-owner and Head Coach at the NAME OF BUSINESS facility. 


“Training for Speed & Agility is not what most young athletes, coaches and parents think it is,” said LAST NAME.


“We aren’t going to just run our athletes into the ground or have them change direction through a maze of cones.  We’re going to teach.  How to be faster.  How to be more agile.  This Speed Camp will elevate every participant’s game – it doesn’t matter what sport they play.”






For more information, please contact YOUR FULL NAME & PHONE NUMBER.



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A Proven Method That Is Guaranteed.


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  1. vince james says:

    Brian thanks for the P-release, this will help big time!!!!! Vince James

  2. quinton felton says:

    brian this is just what i needed it,s a heaven send,thanks

  3. Tyrone says:

    Great stuff Brian!! This will come in handy for sure… BTW CAD is a great resource! Im getting great feed back from all of the parents who are coming through my program….. Keep up the good work.

  4. Edonna says:

    http://iyca.org/products/kidfitcamp What happened to this link. I want this product!!

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