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Okay, the inventory is set and ready to move!


And here’s what I’ve got for you:


1) Closed-Door: How to Create Profitable & Effective Speed Camps


On the Sunday of the 2009 IYCA International Summit, I did a 4-hour closed-door presentation along with Pat Rigsby:


:: How to Teach Deceleration & Acceleration (6-Step Sequence)


:: How to Prepare Athletes for Speed Combine Camps


:: How to Create Programs that Are Effective in 1, 2 or 7 Day Speed Camps


:: How to Write & Send Press Releases So You Get in the Paper & on TV


:: How to Create Free Community Events that Lead to BIG BUCKS


This seminar was wildly successful and became an international smash hit.  Not just because of what I taught about effective Speed & Agility Training, but because I revealed my own formula for creating weekend Speed Camps that routinely generated as much as $10,000!!


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2) Complete 2009 IYCA International Summit DVD Set


Our first Summit was an absolutely extraordinary event that is STILL being talked about today!


12 presentations on everything from Speed Training for Young Athletes (Lee Taft) and Nutritional Supplementation (Dr. Chris Mohr) to The Business Success of Youth Fitness (Pat Rigsby) and Creating High School Champions (Carlo Alvarez).


Hundreds watched live, thousands more have purchased the DVD set and they have ALL emailed or called me to say how much they were affected by the weekend:


“The 2009 IYCA Summit was the best thing I have done in my life to date”


That was from attendee, Ross Aubrey.


Find out for yourself how amazing the information was and how life-changing the event proved to be…


Here is Your 75% off Link —> https://iyca.org/inventory/


3) Combination DVD Set


How about both?


The “Complete 2009 IYCA International DVD Set” PLUS “Closed-Door: How to Create Profitable & Effective Speed Camps” together…


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Now, the inventory will not last forever.


Here’s my running tab:


I have 42 copies of the “Complete 2009 IYCA International Summit DVD Set”


85 copies of the “Closed-Door: How to Create Profitable & Effective Speed Camps”


Only 10 copies of the “Combination DVD Set”


Do not delay…

… The Youth Fitness inventory will be gone before you can say “SAVE BIG!!”

Click Here Right Now —-> https://iyca.org/inventory/


– Brian

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