Youth Fitness Business Top 4 Tips for 2011: Part 2


Youth Fitness Business Top 4 for 2011… Part 2:


Youth Fitness Business

The 3 T’s…


(1) Thought


Put in your brain a thought.


What you want.


What you want to be.


What you want to create.


That’s where everything begins. All you need is to have an idea and the compatible faith that one day, you will have, be or develop it.


(2) Time


Nothing in life happens in the moment.


Successful people seem to have a patience that is absent in those who don’t achieve.


Time is the factor that our ‘now’ culture can’t ever seem to wrap its collective brain around.


Keep the faith I outlined briefly in (1)… In time, it will happen.


(3) Tenacity


No matter what curves in the road, struggles or obstacles present themselves, your obligation is to keep at it.


Nothing, absolutely nothing is too large or too monumental to alter your plans… Unless you allow it (them) to.


Youth Fitness Business

2. Go Back to School… And Stay There…


I threw my TV out 4 years ago.


I use Face Book for business networking reasons only.


I check email twice daily.


I don’t waste my time or my days.


24 hours is more than enough time to get done what needs to get done; provided you use them.


I am constantly amazed at people who:


(i) plead no time to work out


(ii) have lofty goals but suggest they lack the time to make them happen


(iii) claim to have great ideas but no knowledge of how to make them work


And yet these same people have the exact amenities and resources as me and work within an identical calendar.


Jim Rohn was fond of saying that your success is based on your ‘skills’.


And to increase your skills or add to your skill-base, you need only to learn.


Read books.


Watch educational DVD’s.




2011 Truly Can Be Your Best Youth Fitness Business Year Ever.


You MUST Decide to Take Action on Your Dreams & Goals.


I Can’t Do it For You… But I Can Make it Easier.


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– Brian



3 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Good list…time and education is so underated!

  2. Kelly says:

    Everyday is a day to learn something new!

  3. Rick Kaselj says:

    Brian, this blog never ceases to amaze with it’s excellent posts. I especially appreciate this series which motivates us to take action on our dreams and goals. All the best this year.

    Rick Kaselj

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