Young Athletes: Olympic Lifting & Complex Training


Young Athletes Olympic Lifting Video

 I’ve discussed at length about how and why I use Complex or Hybrid Lifts when working with young athletes.


(a) The load of the bar is set to accommodate hardest exercise, which prevents over-loading


(b) The technique of each lift is adhered to more precisely


(c) Conditioning becomes a premium – which is lacking in most young athletes


In this video, Wil Fleming demonstrates how these complexes can be arranged and include Olympic Lift variations:




Join Both Wil and I on Monday, July 11 for a Free Educational Event:

young athletes

“Olympic Lifts – Technique, Programming & Progressions”

Monday July 11 at 730pm (EST)


** If you are unable to attend live, you will still be able to enjoy the playback

at your comfort and leisure!


Register (for no charge) Right Now –> https://iyca.org/olympic-lifts/



– Brian

young athletes 

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  1. Richie at Hex Training System says:

    Some great ideas for combined technical and conditioning development. I’m guessing you will talk about exercise order in your seminar and it is all dependant on the ability and experience of the athletes, but in general would you not begin with the more complex exercises such as power snatch and overhead press and finish with the ‘relatively’ easier bentover row and romanian deadlift?

  2. The step up is a nice addition. Not sure why I have not thought of that in the past. I will be sure to add that in for my client soon.

    Thanks for the clip.

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