The Winds of Change

Today is a landmark day in American history.


Political idealogy aside, Barack Obama takes office
as President of the United States.


Some view this as good and others bad.


But no matter your political viewpoint, it truly represents
a sense of newness.


Not because of the color of his skin or the fact that
his governmental policies are substantially different
than any American leader in the past.


Simply because for the first time in the eight years
a new person sits at the helm of this country, directing
our collective ambitions and providing a plan to
alleviate our concerns and fears.


In honor of this sense of ‘new’, it got me thinking
about our industry and your work as a Fitness Professional.


Why is there more money being pumped into
health and wellbeing than ever been before
and yet our society has never been this unhealthy?


How are people spending more on training, supplements
and gym memberships, but the average Personal Trainer
is barely making a living?


Are you using the same kind of training programs you
have for years without much in the way of change?


Is that because with the chaos and difficult schedule
you keep, it’s been difficult to learn new and innovative
styles of exercise selection?


Is your business staying relatively static in terms of
growth and revenue?


Is that because wearing the ‘Trainer’, ‘Business Person’,
‘Marketer’ and ‘Administrative’ hats leave you feeling
overwhelmed and unable to focus on any one particular
facet of your business?


Today Barack Obama sits in the Oval Office as a new
and energetic President.


Whether he succeeds of fails will be left for the coming
days and months to decide.


But one thing can be counted on as a certainty…


The Winds of Change have started blowing through our
country and in fact, the world.


And that almost always means that at least some
good things are about to happen.


Maybe it’s time for a fresh start for you as well.


And perhaps the IYCA International Summit in
February is exactly what you need to get your life
and career moving the right direction.


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