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Pro Agility Tricks by Jim Kielbaso

Do you work with HS or Collegiate Athletes? The pro-agility test is something you have probably heard of. In this short video, Coach Jim Kielbaso gives you a few tricks to help your athletes improve.

Thank you Coach Kielbaso for giving us permission to use this video!

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Youth Speed Certification – Your Questions Answered




Youth Speed Certification


While thousands of people worldwide have already taken advantage of the “$100 Off” discount I’ve offered you on my new Speed & Agility Specialist Certification, hundreds more have been emailing in some specific questions about the course itself.


So, I decided it would be a good idea to get you some answers.



1.) Is the Youth Speed & Agility Specialist Certification Right For Me?


Great question and easy answer…


If you work with young athletes or youth fitness participants in anyway, than 100% YES!!


Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Fitness Professionals

Youth Fitness Specialists

Youth Sports Coaches


The information that Lee and I put together is both easy to follow and incredibly practical.


You will gain a new and exciting look at how to make athletes faster and be able to implement our internationally proven systems virtually overnight.


We explain each and every concept of our system in complete detail in the Youth Speed Certification which makes it a perfect resource for seasoned industry veterans, new members of the fitness industry as well as sport Coaches who simply want to make their teams and athletes faster.