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Youth Fitness-How Much Do You Think?

Youth Fitness- What Is Spent Every Year?

1 million?


3 million?


20 million?


These were the guesses that some of the audience members gave

me this past weekend when I spoke at the ECW Midwest Mania

annual conference in downtown Chicago, {!firstname}.


My question was simple.


How much money is spent on personal training and coaching youth fitness for

kids under the age of 18 in the United States every year.


Now if you’ve been reading my blog or newsletter for any

duration of time, you know I touch on this issue periodically.


And that’s because I think it is a terribly critical issue.


It’s not about the money.


Its never been about the money.


It’s about your career.


It’s about your passion.


It’s about your future.


And again, I will restate something I’ve said before…


The average Personal Trainer earns less than $30,000 a

year in an industry that grosses well over $100 billion.


That is completely and entirely unacceptable.


And you should not ‘settle’ for it in anyway.


In response to the fact that the vast majority of Fitness


Professionals don’t do particularly well financially,

certain members of our industry have started crusades to

help change that.


:: Private ‘Success’ Coaching Groups

:: Sales Copy Tutorials

:: Mastermind Groups

:: Joint Venture Opportunities

:: Marketing Strategies 101


And these things are all good.


Business smarts is important when trying to earn the living

that you deserve.


But it doesn’t change the fact that there is another

way to absolutely guarantee business success.


And it has nothing to do with understanding marketing,

sales or any other type of business strategy.


It’s much simpler than that.


Here it is –


Recognize Areas of Growth.

Youth Fitness


That’s it, that’s all.


Where is the industry going?


What is the next wave of ‘cool’?


What are market needs going to be?


These questions will lead you to the answers you need.


They will change your business life and success potential



Being first or in the first group of professionals in

any industry to blaze a trail and carve out a niche

before the rest of their competitors act is immensely

important for career success.


But being able to ‘act’ is the key.


Don’t talk about it.


Don’t think about it.


Don’t consider it.


Do it.


Be first.


Be best.


Act now.


Failure to act has been deemed the #1 reason people fail

in business.


They know what they want to do.


What the market says they should do.


But they don’t act when that little voice on the inside

is telling them to.


And I tell you all this because those people in my audience

over the weekend were WAY off.


Over $4 billion are spent every year on personal training

and coaching for youth fitness kids under 18 in the U.S. alone.


Youth Fitness and Sport Performance are the two fastest

growing markets in the entire industry.


Your career could literally be sown up forever flourish

if you would just act on what the market is trying to

tell you –


Youth Fitness & Sport Performance is THE NEXT WAVE.


Become a leader in that wave and guarantee your future



Have a look at the following website to see what you

need to know about your career –




“To Act is to Succeed”


Truer words have never been spoken, {!firstname}.


Have a look at that website one more time –




‘Till next time,