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Coaching Young Athletes Back in The Trenches: Part 2


Coaching Young Athletes – We learn from the Best…


(2) Coaching Presence


Yet another intuitive intangible that I truly believe cannot be taught… But CAN be improved upon so long as you’re prepared to look in the mirror…


A quality Coach has a presence. 


Not because they are dictators or aristocratic morons who feel compelled to proclaim their dominance, but because they simply have a commanding authority that is automatically respected and impossible to ignore when Coaching Young Athletes.


In my career, I have 3 Coaches who fit this bill perfectly  –



High School Strength Certification


IYCA High School Strength Certification


High School Strength Certification will be released tomorrow.

And today, I wanted to hit you with a few key points for your consideration…


Barrington High School

Timothy Christian

Prairie Ridge


3 of the numerous high schools I either worked at or consulted for from 2001 – 2009.


Without question the most fulfilling time of my career.


In those 8 years and with those 6,000+ high school athletes, I experienced more in the way of learning than at any other point in my 15 years inside this industry.


I learned that the situation (for multiple reasons) was never going to be ideal and that a practical system was necessary to optimally train these teenagers.



Championship High School Training


young athletes


My fondest memories of coaching are very specific.


Specific to a period of time, particular location and group of young athletes.


Barrington High School.


Just outside Chicago, Illinois.


2004 – 2006.


I had started working at a large sports training facility not too far away from BHS.


Naturally, I wanted to position myself as the ‘go to expert’ for all the Young Athletes who participated in the competitive sports the school had to offer.



Fitness For Kids: Back in the Trenches…



Fitness For Kids and the IYCA is rolling fast.


Speaking in Australia this summer.

Club Industry and the World Golf Fitness Summit, as well.

Town Sports International conference in the fall.

And have been asked to consult with the Singapore Sports Council.

But the funny thing is that this stuff doesn’t matter to me as
much as something I consider bigger and more important…

… I still coach everyday.

And something happened last night that has gotten me excited
beyond belief.

From 2004 – 2007, I proudly served as the Head Strength Coach
for Barrington High School here in Illinois.

I worked with the Tennis, Girls Basketball, Track and Football

And I loved every second of it.

Last night, I received a phone call from the Head Football Coach.

He wants me to come back.


“There has been something missing from our program since you
left, Brian. I want you back in our system”


Guess what me answer was?

A BIG TIME ‘yes’!!!

Coaching is my passion.

It’s how I identify myself.

And I don’t care how many international seminars I give, how
many books I write on Fitness For Kids or how many times I appear on TV.

I’m a Fitness For Kids Coach to the core.


In fact, I received a testimonial from an audience member at
a seminar I gave in Phoenix once and it has always been the most
touching and gratifying thing I have ever read.

He summed up his views in one sentence –


“Brian is a COACH. Capitalization intended.”


Next time someone asks you about the IYCA, asks you what makes
us different, you be sure to show them this newsletter.

The CEO, ‘Head Cheese’, ‘Top of the Pyramid’ isn’t sitting in an
office or conducting research…

… He’s on the front lines getting his hands dirty and doing
what he loves to do.

People have asked me what it’s like to be the ‘center’ of the
IYCA and I always respond the same way.

I’m not the center of the IYCA…

… Fitness For kids is.


No matter what happens in your career.

No matter how stressful or busy you get.

No matter how much things go wrong.

A good Fitness For Kids training session with a bunch of high spirited kids
always makes it right.

Remember your passion.