My Biggest Coaching Beef


I’ll be brief and succinct with this one.


Not because I don’t have a ton to say on the topic, but because I honestly believe that the shorter my message, the more likely it will be that you consider the implication as it relates to you as a Coach…


You don’t know everything.


No Coach does.


You have holes, weaknesses, deficits and knowledge-lapses that need to be filled.


I know I do.


That’s why it’s becoming my greatest ‘beef’… As I look around this industry, I see so much evidence of Coaches who claim to know-it-all.


Not because they say they do, but because they have the gall to sit back and cast judgments on what other Coaches do; and then verbalize it.


There isn’t a Coach in the world who I don’t think I can’t learn from.


That’s the stance I’ve had since entering this field almost 2 decades ago…


And I’ll never waver in that opinion.


Later this week, I have an educational opportunity for you that I absolutely know will help fill your own ‘knowledge-lapses’.


Consider today’s message and decide wisely (when you hear what it is) whether or not it will be ‘worth your time’…



– Brian



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