IYCA Olympic Lift – Instructor Course


IYCA Olympic Lift – Instructor Course Can Help Take Your Athletes To The Next Level


Here are the facts…


Olympic Lift training is one of the most important aspects of preparing young athletes for both immediate success as well as success at the next level.


‘Next Level’ Coaches will expect your young athletes to already know how to perform them.


They will be looking for quality technique and quality ‘numbers’.


And no matter what you may think, if you do not teach your young athletes how to perform Olympic Lifts properly, safely and with good technique, it will affect them negatively at the next level.


This type of training is also the #1 way to unlock more speed, power and strength out of your young athletes than you’re getting from them right now.


All you need is the system and technique specifics to be able to do the job right.


Which is why I asked Wil Fleming of Athletic Revolution Bloomington to create an IYCA Olympic Lift – Instructor Course  that will teach you everything you need to know:


  1. DVD Footage of Specific Technique and Progressions
  2. Mobility & Flexibility Drills Perfect for Effective Olympic Lift Training
  3. Textbook Outlining Program Design, Injury Considerations and Advanced Techniques
  4. Beginner through Intermediate and Expert Lift Technique Instruction


This is not a certification, it is an ‘Instructor Course’; after successful completion, you will be endorsed as an ‘Olympic Lift Instructor’ by the IYCA.


This course will retail for only 3 monthly installments of $47 until Friday July 8…


Until then, it’s yours (complete with a 365-day, 100% money back guarantee) for less than $150.


Click below right now to see exactly what you can expect from the IYCA Olympic Lift – Instructor Course:



–> https://iyca.org/olympic-lifts/



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