IYCA Autism Expert Profiled In News


The incredible Eric Chessen has gotten some MAJOR notoriety for himself recently.


The co-creator of the IYCA‘s “Special Needs Fitness Course” was profiled in Yahoo News for the groundbreaking work he does in the autism community.


You can read the entire article here:





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P.S. – Be sure to have a look at Eric’s program: “Special Needs Fitness Course”


With a profile in Yahoo News, it’s clear that demand for qualified professionals in this area is vast:


Click Here Now —> https://iyca.org/specialneeds/



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  1. Eric this is great! As both a PT and someone with a young family member with PDD in the autism spectrum I applaud you for what you are doing and look forward to learning more about your program.

  2. Drew Massey says:

    Congratulations buddy! great work! Truly fantastic stuff that allows the benefits of health and exercise to affect a population of such great kids!

  3. Benjamin Cooke, RKC says:

    Eric congratulations and more success to you! I have worked with autistic youth teaching martial arts. I would have loved to have had your insight from your program because I know that would have helped me even more in my teaching and I may not have had to turn some away because my knowledge was limited in how to help more efficiently. Fantastic job! May God keep blessing you and your family’s life!

  4. Lorri says:

    Congratulations! Your hard work and perseverence in this area are to be commended! Keep up the great work!

  5. lynn vita says:

    Congratulations to Eric! I wanted to share something with you Brian. When I took the youth fitness specialist certification 2 years ago my first question to you was if you had plans to have a course in working with children with special needs….I am glad it has finally come out (I’m in the process of completing it!) I have a 6yr old son with autism and I was shocked when I found out that his APE (adaptive phys ed) teacher in school has no previous experience with children on the spectrum and the state does NOT require any special training for a phys ed teacher to teach APE!!!
    Over the past year I have been developing a program for children that I am working on adapting it for children with autism as well. My hope is to make it into a type of after school program. Wish me luck!

  6. Melissa Lambert says:

    To say Congratulations wouldn’t be enough to acknowledge the tremendous work you do. I was fortunate enough to meet Eric Cressey who referred me to speak with Eric about working with child with special needs. I spent four years before my career as a child and adolescent clinician using ABA in working with children diagnosed with ASD and I don’t think there was one day I didn’t come home and take a nap. It was exhausting and to see what parents had to endure on a daily basis was eye opening.

    Unfortunately there are not enough services available for this given population. I encourage all my families I work with who have children diagnosed with PDD to get in contact with Eric Chessen and utilize his resources. I have completed the special needs course and am looking forward to attending Eric’s PAC Profile workshop in March.

  7. Tim Graf says:

    Being a fitness pro for the last 23 yrs and the uncle of an Autistic nephew and father of a T M H daughter I’ve been trying to get your program since Thanksgiving. A few problems in trying to get your program;
    1. there is no question or comment section to get more info on the program!
    2. I have no idea what a “digital” manual is and no where do you explain it!
    3. I have no idea what a “MP4” download is and again, nowhere is it explained!
    I was taught at Indiana University neer to assume! Perhaps technology has changed all that!

    Tim Graf; Graf Speed Enhancement

  8. Tim Graf says:

    How can I order a hard copy of the program?

  9. Andrew C Barker says:


    Great work. I am friends with a family who has a girl with Autism specifically Angelman’s disorder. She does not speak and is very low functioning, but we try to do a lot of physical activities with her when she gets really active. Autism is so difficult to understand, and this family is amazing and has handled this situation in life with so much love, courage and fight. It is so good to see you do something in the fitness industry for this population.

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