It’s Not the Values that Matter… It’s the Principles


You can get an ‘A’ by studying the night before, or you can get an ‘A’ by diligently tending to your work all semester.


The fact that the outcome is the same seems to imply that the path doesn’t matter.


But what about when the exam is over?


Study the night before and I guarantee that every piece of information you crammed into your head will be gone inside of 60 minutes post exam.



Study consistently over the semester, and your retention of the material will remain with your forever.


And that is a sizeable difference.


In academics, business or life, we can always scrape by.  Do as little as possible in a rushed or last-minute type way and still get to the destination or obtain what we want.  But buyer beware – there is a shelve life on such practices.


In school, fail to do the work properly and you will never have gained the knowledge.  There will be no foundation on which to grow or entertain further study in this area or subject matter. 


In life or business, if you fail to take your time, learn the lessons and gain the knowledge, you will be forever condemned to either repeat the same mistakes or retard the grow of your company or soul.


Let’s full-circle that back to Youth Sports Training, shall we…


Academics = Cram for a test – get an ‘A’


Training = Cram as many Plyometrics into a 6-week cycle as you can – improve a vertical jump


Academics = But there is no retention of the information and therefore no knowledge gained or ability to progress in that subject.


Training = But there has been limited technical instruction or tertiary development, so no foundation on which to build.


And before you suggest that in a 6-week training cycle you DO in fact teach technique, let me leave you with this thought:
Could you really teach everything that was necessary in order to competently pass Grade 2 in only 6 weeks study?


Young athletes are organisms that are governed by the principles of human growth and development.  We didn’t write the laws, nor do we have any ability to alter them.


But they do exist, and any training program designed for young athletes absolutely must keep the principles of the organisms natural development is strong priority over any values (numbers) we want to obtain.  Infractions on this will lead to injury and/or limited long-term gain.


Success in business and life really is easy.


Create a plan and diligently follow it.  Don’t look for short-cuts or try to outsmart the natural ebb and flow of reality.  Stick to your guns and understand that slow, methodical and daily effort towards your vision is the only path that has ever proven successful.


Now, look at the last training program you wrote for a young athlete.
Keep the paragraph above in mind, close your eyes, and start again…


– Brian



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