Soccer Speed Part III: Developing Different Types of Soccer Speed

Developing different types of soccer speed is important. In my last two articles spoke about The Principles of Soccer Speed and the Types of Soccer Speed. In this article I will go deeper into how to develop the different types of soccer speed.

Developing Physical Speed

Improving physical speed entails a combination of strength training, plyometrics, and sprint-specific activities. Strength training, particularly for the lower body, can increase a player’s power production, resulting in faster acceleration.

Plyometric workouts like box jumps and bounding can improve explosive power. Sprint-specific training, such as flying sprints and hill sprints, can boost both acceleration and maximal velocity[2].

Developing Technical Speed

To increase technical speed, players should practice soccer-specific abilities at a high level.

This can include sprint-paced dribbling workouts, fast passing activities, and shooting drills that require little preparation. The idea is to create game-like settings that require participants to execute abilities quickly and accurately under pressure[1].

Developing Tactical Speed

To improve tactical speed, players are exposed to a variety of game circumstances and encouraged to make quick decisions.

Small-sided games, pattern play exercises, and tactical drills that require quick problem-solving all help to improve tactical quickness.

Video analysis sessions can also help players better understand game circumstances and read the game more quickly[1].

Developing Mental Speed

Mental speed can be increased by cognitive training exercises, both on and off the field.

On-field workouts that involve quick responses to visual or aural signals can help improve mental processing speed. Off-field workouts could include video-based decision-making challenges or even cognitive training apps tailored to athletes[2].

Now that you know the principles, types of speed and how to develop each of these types, Part IV of this series will go into the application of speed Training to Soccer. [Coming soon]

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This article is guided by the principles of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and supported by scientific research and practical experience in the field of youth soccer conditioning. It aims to be educational, engaging, and practical, providing coaches and players with the knowledge and tools to develop speed in soccer effectively.

Author: Beni Brannigan

Beni is an IYCA Ambassador, Entrepreneur and CEO. He’s earned UEFA coaching badges and a BA in Physical Fitness & Sports Conditioning. He has professional experience across soccer, golf, and rugby, expanding programs in Texas and Ireland. He has founded GameLikeSoccerCoaching and BBsports Fitness and Nutrition.
His coaching ethos revolves around instilling core values in young athletes, emphasizing the importance of practice, play, and the pursuit of perfection.

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