A More Successful Fitness Career

Whether we like it or not, the fitness industry is a business.


Learn how to increase revenue, or consider your work nothing more than a glorified hobby.


Harsh, but true.


I’ve told you about the new ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System over the past couple of days… Now, here’s what’s inside that system:


> Needs & Opportunities in Youth Fitness & Sports Training
> The 7-Best Opportunities in Athletic Development
> Youth Fitness Networking & Referral Programs
> Public Speaking & Community Events
> Publicity & Becoming ‘News Worthy’
> Guerrilla Marketing


Myself and Pat Rigsby.


Telling you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating an incredibly profitable and fulfilling career in the youth fitness and sport training market.


This full-day seminar was pure gold and the luck 40 people who were in attendance have been reaping the benefits of what they learned for almost 2 months now.


Now, you get to learn what they already know…




Just tell me why you want it below:

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  1. Mary Kay Monaghan says:

    I believe I can teach and help others lead healthier lives through a lifetime process by eating smarter and being physically active.

  2. dan says:

    just sending you another know, on how interested i would be to recieve a copy of your system. getting ready to imbark on a new project with pj who left you a message earlier and we are looking to be the first in our area to do something right for our youth and are excited to but alot of your ideas into practice and i know the a to z would help us to be successful. thanks for all your great insight and information keep it coming. thanks dan

  3. Hi Brian,

    I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a group exercise instructor and director, personal trainer, fitness coach and train multiple athletic teams..mainly ice hockey players. I took the your Youth Fitness Specialist, Level 1 certification just 2 months ago and was on my way to developing a program. Well, so I though…the gym I was affiliated with, in which I could run my own business out of, closed their doors suddenly with plans of reopening in another location in 2 months. For income, this forced me to look for another place to continue working and the only other options around were both large corporations. I cannot run my own business out of these corporations, obviously because ot their policies. I want to continue what I do and love most, which is fitness at all ages, but most of all my passion of youth fitness. I feel right now I could use all the motivation, ideas and help out there to move foward with direction. I have made the best of this transition but waiting for the opportunity to present itself to move foward with my OWN business. I can tell by everything I have read and watched from your emails and website that you can help.
    Thank you, Michelle Bauer

  4. chris says:

    I am an IYCA certified youth fitness specialist, and that has served me well. I have been working with youth athletes for 4 years now and I am still attempting to grow in this business. I work in a lower income area and have recently had some competition come in(parisi speed school) to an already tight area. However I love what I do and I love working with kids. I feel like my individualized programming is the best way to help kids at all levels of fitness and athletics.

    I curently have not done any real marketing for over a year and have been surviving off of pure referrals.I would love a free copy of your program because I think it may be the boost I need to really create a thriving and productive business, allowing me to reach mayn more kids.

    Keep the great information coming!

  5. Mike Howard says:

    I’m a little late to this party but I seriously CRAVE this kind of information. I feel like I have the passion, I feel like I’ve accrued some technical and artistic know-how along the way when it comes to youth fitness (although I feel I have a TON to know still).

    I have to admit, however that I feel paralyzed and overwhelmed with how and where to begin in terms of marketing my services. I feel like I have a lot to offer and I just want to be able to translate that genuine love of youth fitness into something tangible.

    Sincerest thanks,

    Mike Howard

  6. dee says:

    Hi Guys

    I’d love a free copy because as I am about a month away from launching a mobile junior golf clininc series focusing on long term athletic development, and can use all the help I can get to make sure that I do it correctly so that it “blows up” like I feel like it should because of the need for the kids and parents to be properly educated about youth conditioning, nutrition and fitness as a lifesyle.
    Our kids don’t have PE anymore, thier obseity numbers match the adult numbers, which tells me that there is a tremendous need for what I am about to offer, and I just want to do it to my best ability and I think your product will help!

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Ros Pause says:

    Hello Brian

    I subscribe to your emails and thoroughly appreciate all the valuable information that you give to us. I’m currently living in Prague but we are due to move back to the UK next summer and I want to start preparing for when we return. (In Prague I run a ladies boot camp and have been doing some kids “fun fitness” classes)

    Like the US kids in the UK are far less active these days and childhood obesity is on the increase. I want to be able to help kids and their parents make healthier choices and be more active, to be able to put the fun back into fitness so that it remains a lifelong habit means so much to me. While there are many schemes running in the UK, I do believe much of what is out there has not changed for a good few decades now.

    However, how to go about this and make it a business is where I so desperately need the help, so I would appreciate all the information I can get so make my dreams a reality.

    very best regards


  8. Coliss says:


    I am 24 years old and I have recently starting my own personal youth training business. I have volunteered coach in the inner city recreation center that I’ve grew up in and I have been working you with the youth since the year 2000 through sports and my church. I have had a deep desire to give back to my community where I spent my youth. My goals for my youth fitness training is not only to reach the youth in my community but also to help the develop them physically, but mentally, spirtually, and emotional. I have built relationships with kids of all kinds who come from some situations that are very challenging. I want to see my youth become better athletes and more importantly to become better people. To give our youth tools they can use to make it in life.

    I really enjoy learning better ways to train, teach and develop youth athletes. So my drive is not make me money, but to help make an impact in my community that I serve. I am aware of my weaknesses that I have. I’m not knowledable on the business siide aspects of running a youth fitness company. So thanks for all of the emails and the information you provide on your webiste.


  9. Kanwal Nijjar Sodhi says:

    Hi Brian,

    I work for Club Sport Renaissance in Walnut Creek, California. The club has everything except year round programs for kids. How great it would be to have kids nutrition programs and kid camps. Parents could come and work out and so can children(win-win). Brian I need your help!

  10. Lynn Vita says:

    Hi Brian,
    I have worked in the health and fitness field for 23yrs. I have been a manager, instructor, trainer and coach. I recently completed your youth fitness specialist certification and am currently working on the youth nutrition specialist one. For most of my career I have worked with the adult population and post rehab. With the current epidemic facing our youth, I feel compelled to shift my focus to help them. I have developed a fitness program that I am in the process of trademarking and am hoping to roll by the fall. i am hoping to make it an after school type program and eventually turn it into a program for children with special needs. That is where my heart really lies since it is a personal matter for me. My son has autism and there are very few programs out there for him. It would be extremely helpful to me to receive this free copy of this business program to take my career and my ideas to the next level. Thank you for all the great information you are constantly posting and emailing!
    Lynn Vita

  11. SoCal Brian says:

    Brian and Pat,

    Even though I have entered your contests and was not chosen in the past, I will continue to express myself this way. I love this industry and the IYCA. I have been offereing my help to young athletes for over 20 years and see no end of doing so in site. Like I have stated in the past couple of contests, I know that this will be a great wealth of knowledge that will help me and all that I work with as well. Thanks for all of the priceless information and keep up the good work IYCA!!

  12. Tacy Bennett says:

    Hi Brian, I just finished reading what everyone had to tell you about their individual situations, and why they need your help!! It is great to have such an impact on people, I commend you. I am a personal trainer in San Diego Ca, and while I have adult clients, my eyes have been opened to the youth side of personal training. I answered a parents plea on Craigslist that lead me to my first Young Client. The mother was having what you would call tryouts for a personal trainer position for her son, whom is in grade school. Needless to say, I got the position and have been having an absolute blast working with her son. In his mind he does not like doing anything physical, which at first was a challenge. But I tuned into what makes him click when it comes to physical fitness. Now, I am seeing him get stronger, have greater core strength, greater endurance and really putting forth a genuine effort. It nearly broke my heart the other day when we were working on the stairs in a park and he shared with me that he has failed the physical fitness test for running a mile, in the passing time of 11minutes for his age, and this was the reason that his mom had hired a trainer for him. I could see that it had crushed him that he could not run like all the other kids. This was the reason, I had figured, that he was always trying to tell me that he is a “Bad Runner”….. Well long story short, I am sure that he is not the only child feeling this way, and I am thankful everyday that his parents hired me so I can make a difference in his life and show him that he is not “Bad” at anything. I can see his self- esteem improving as well as his athletic ability and that is why I am a trainer. I would love to learn more about how I can touch many more lives…. The drive is there, I am just seeking the Direction. Thanks for the opportunity to share!!!


  13. Jeremy says:

    Hey Brian,

    Man, great reponses . I’ve been in the Health and Fitness field for about 13 years now. I’ve been the Fitness Coordinator at a Hospital for the last twelve, which has allowed me to teach and try to influence people in alot for different ways, which I love to do. Over the last 3 years, a least, I have contimplated doing seminars, workshops, camps, etc. for kids/teenagers. I continuely tried to keep educatating myself, so I’m up to date on all the new research and info. However, I’ve never taking the step to make something happen. I feel like its the lack of direction and how to that keeps me from taking that step. I woulld reallly appreciate the opportunity. Thanks for all yall do.

  14. steve ardis says:

    I would like to get this info for free because it seems that here in north San Diego County, the youth fitness centers are total money mills that care more about the bottom line than the kids. I’d like to work to put the kids first and concentrate on quality rather than turning a fast buck. I just need some help to start.

  15. Eric Starkweather says:

    …because I’ve spent the last 8 years learning everything I could about how to be a great coach and trainer of young people, and now I need to know how to make others understand the value of my knowledge.

    I have a ton of great ideas and I know some people in my community that should be open to what I’ve proposed, but whenever I talk about my vision, all I get is a lot of “sounds great!” and “yes, we’ll look into that” sort of responses.

    I want to be able to talk to a parent and have them GET what it is that makes me so excited to be working with their kid.
    I want to be able to their kid understand WHY they should care about learning how to move properly, instead of just running ’til they puke.
    I want to be able to make other coaches and professionals excited about a new way of thinking about physical preparation — about how much that will help their programs, as well as every kid involved in those programs.
    I want to have administrators understand the long-term benefits of great coaches instead of bullies with whistles.
    I want to be able to talk to an uninformed reporter or person at a sports festival or average joe on the street and make them excited by what excites me: helping young people become healthy, productive, well-adjusted adults through the use of sports, movement, and challenging physical endeavors.

    I know all of these things myself, but I find that I’m having trouble getting the above concepts out into the marketplace, and I think the problem is that I’m not very good just yet at converting the fire in my belly into a compelling presentation.

    I think that the A-Z Youth Fitness Business system would be just the tool to help me sharpen my presentation skills, convert more of my great ideas into successful programs, and spread the word that the human body is a wondrous thing, and learning to use it to its potential can open up vast new worlds to every kid out there. I feel like I am just on the cusp of being able to explode in my community, and I just need a little refinement of my message and delivery systems to get where I see myself going.

    I hope you will consider me as a worthy candidate for the system.

    Eric Starkweather
    St. Petersburg, FL

  16. Bryan says:

    My passion is to make a difference in as many kid’s lives as possible. Getting this resource would enable me to help more and be able to have more time to do what God has made me for which is helping people see how special and talented they actually are and how much fun movement can be a part of everyone’s life.

  17. Cal says:


    I first heard of you and your mission to improve the delivery of youth fitness training globally via various fitness coaches on the web praising you and your work. After following your amazing work, notice finally came that you were heading my way (to Australia) and seeing you live and in person was incredible. To see somebody with talk about their work with so much love and passion was truely inspiring… I’d always been looking to implement my passions for youth fitness but didn’t know where to look. The information I have learnt from you guys at IYCA has brought me so much closeer to reaching my goals of running a 100% youth fitness company.
    Receiving this resource would help me 10-fold in how to successfully go about teaching kids how to train safely and change lifestyles forever!

    Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  18. Mark says:

    As a father of 2 daughters, I am very passionate about making sure kids today grow up with the knowledge and skill set to succeed later in life, and we all know that proper exercise and nutrition are some of the building blocks to make that possible. I am YFS-1 certified, with intentions of completing the Youth Nutrition course as well as the youth KidCamp course. I am opening an adult bootcamp this month and would like to use that to pave the way to youth bootcamps in my area as there is no one in my community willing to claim the role as youth fitness specialist. I can use the business course to achieve my goal of being that specialist.

  19. Greg Perentis says:

    First of all, I would like to say that when I am participating, explaining/demonstrating or just helping out, especially with children, I am at my happiest. Currently, I am a dentist who works with children and the one thing that has kept me going in this field is the fact that I am working with children. Children seem to always make me energetic and alive to be around and provide a service for. Almost, one-half of my practice is for the underprevilaged children in which I feel I serve my community the most.

    But, I am ready to move on to a life that makes me happy and provides a service for my community. I am not saying that I am closing the doors on these children in need of dental services because my wife and I both provide these services and I still want to help out when I can. Life is short and I want a life I am more happy with and ,therefore, I feel even more children will benefit.

    I am not certified as a trainer but have spent most my life in the fitness area. Wrestled since 1st grade, baseball, cross country, tennis and track though high school. Of coarse with these I have put in many hours of training from weights, all types of cardio, yoga and ect. Do you feel I too can benefit from this program. Please let me know.

    Thanks for you time and consideration

  20. Neil Elbourne says:

    Have to say I’f getting a little tired of being sent e-mails about mistakes I am making in business. Firstly, I don’t own a business, and have no real desire to do so.

    I am an employee. The situation where I live in Scotland is very different to that in the US. There are almost no strength and conditioning coaches who run their own business and there is no tradition of youth fitness camps. Of course, you could say why don’t I start up a business. I think it would be diifficult and would require a lot of capital, which I don’t have, nor would be likely to acquire in the current economic climate.

    I like a lot of what the IYCA does, but I don’t take kindly to the amount of essentially what amounts to spam being sent to my in-box almost every day.

    Thanks for your time.

  21. monique says:

    i love what iyca does.I coach for free and would to start making money from what i love doing.

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