A More Successful Fitness Career

Whether we like it or not, the fitness industry is a business.


Learn how to increase revenue, or consider your work nothing more than a glorified hobby.


Harsh, but true.


I’ve told you about the new ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System over the past couple of days… Now, here’s what’s inside that system:


> Needs & Opportunities in Youth Fitness & Sports Training
> The 7-Best Opportunities in Athletic Development
> Youth Fitness Networking & Referral Programs
> Public Speaking & Community Events
> Publicity & Becoming ‘News Worthy’
> Guerrilla Marketing


Myself and Pat Rigsby.


Telling you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating an incredibly profitable and fulfilling career in the youth fitness and sport training market.


This full-day seminar was pure gold and the luck 40 people who were in attendance have been reaping the benefits of what they learned for almost 2 months now.


Now, you get to learn what they already know…




Just tell me why you want it below:

122 Responses

  1. Jim Herrick says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for this very generous offer. We have never met, but we will next month as I will be attending the Level 2 Speed & Agility course you are hosting in Lexington.

    The business program you are launching would be an incredibly valuable tool for my business, and couldn’t be coming along at a better time. I am stepping down from a 10-year teaching & strength coaching career this fall to open my first full-time training center for young athletes.

    Our vision is to become a powerfully positive influence on the lives and careers of the athletes in our area. Through quality services that develop speed and power, speed and agility (with the IYCA cert as the foundation), and an athletic intelligence development program, I believe we are about to change a lot of kids’ lives for the better.

    The greatest challenge in making this dream become a reality is how to reach a larger audience, as right now our program is a summer-only business. Although it has grown from 2 kids to over 100 in the past 8 years, I believe your business program would allow us to reach and influence a much greater audience that we would be able to without it.


  2. Gary Kilgore says:

    Hello Brian and fellow IYCA members,
    For those of you that have not purchased any materials from the IYCA I would encourage you to do so. I have two fitness certifications from the IYCA and have found them invaluable. I have also purchased the Complete Athletic Development System and recently purchased the new ‘Crash Course’ power points. As a former golf pro and now a physical education teacher in middle school I have found this information invaluable. I have also purchased Lee Taft’s ground Breaking Two System mainly based on Brian’s recommendations. The education I have obtained from the IYCA has been the basis for my physical education program and has served as a foundation for everything I do regarding youth fitness. I would not necessarily use the information as a way to leverage potential business, but as a way to leverage athletics as an intervention for obesity issues and as an intervention for students with failing grades. I love my job and love the fact that I have access to roughly 300 kids everyday for 184 days a year. Hopefully I can use my education from the IYCA to develop programs, educate, and inspire these kids to a healthy life style. Thank you and good luck to all of you

  3. I would love a copy thank you!

  4. Reagan says:

    Helo there Brian, i am frm south africa, as everybody is aware the soccer world cup is here in less then 2month. And we al excited, bt my reason for wantin a free copy is to use in particular this period of time i would like to expres my passion to help our kids that is truly in need, ive been workin with kids for many yearz now, i struggle to bring across what you know what works in this industry, thanx for reading..

  5. Hey Brian,

    I have been training adults for years. Since, I’ve been introduced to the IYCA I have been slowly putting together a program of my own. I have been involved in sports all of my life and am appalled at how kids are pushed today through programs derived to pretty much make them puke with no regards for proper development. I have seen too many young athletes injured and question the rest of their athletic careers. On the other side there are those youth who aren’t interested in sports and need an introduction to fitness in a fun way that will encourage them to make healthy/fit decisions for the rest of their lives. One in where fitness is viewed as fun not with the 6 week madness that we see not only on television but in the highly growing boot camps. I have seen too many people injured in these camps and left with several negative connotations tied to their fitness psyche. Pain and grueling workouts don’t have to be a way to achieve fitness goals. I want to introduce your information to the youth and their parents so they know there are people who truly care about the lives of their children and empower them to make healthier choices.

  6. Alex Fortey says:


    I have endlessly been going round and round in circles trying to find my direction. With real frustration at a limited career in adult training the only thing i foresee, i would dearly love assistance setting up an extremely powerful effective educational youth development program In my recently VERY new home town Vancouver.

    I have run European tennis and golf academy’s in the UK, for French and Italian kids, and i have the opportunity to have them join here with the right set .
    But alas, with few contacts here, very limited funds right now. I just dont know how to make the jump

    I have an opportunity to work in an unrelated business for $100k a year.

    Call me daft but i don’t want it, i want to follow my heart, give young athletes the advice i was in desperate need of when i was young.
    I feel helping kids with not just physical development but also personality, ethics and learning that being a champion is not the end goal, but more so living and breathing as a champion day to day.

    I know what i am capable of, i just need the guidance as it is all overwhelming.


  7. Doug says:


    Your stark assessment hits hard, but it is true: training youth, at this point, is nothing more than something I get paid little to do. I help my daughter and her teammates train for cross country running and Nordic skiing; it is a volunteer position that takes time, and I know there are more kids who want and could benefit from better training. Unfortunately, I can only give so much time and it is very little. I see such a great need for better coaching for youth and I am stuck on how to create more opportunity for more young people and it not be a drain on my time and financial resources. What is missing for me is a map for making this a win-win for the kids and myself. I love helping kids and I know how much they benefit from high quality training and I want to turn something I love to do into a way of life that is sustaining.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.

  8. Todd Dattoli says:


    Once again you prove your overwhelming generosity! What an incredible offer this is, truly. You know I was not able to make this past Summit due to financial strain and I so very much wanted to be there, especially for this. Now I can’t believe you’re offering the chance to win a copy of this business content! The 2009-10 year has been a most trying year to say the least for myself, my wife and my business. Having some of your business excellence in my hands may finally help me to break this mold of constantly chasing after business and truly launch me in the direction I most want to be involved in, fulltime, working with kids. Any help I can get my hands on, especially if it is something you and Pat put together, to help me achieve my number one passion, working with kids and helping fight not just obesity but stupidity (so many youth coaches who still think that the old way of doing things because that’s the way they learned it when they were young runs rampant and needs changing!) would truly go a long way in helping to advance my career and hopefully leave a lasting impression on those I meet and work with.

    Regardless of who your picks are, I wanted to say thank you for such a noble and gracious offer to help us with our careers. Thanks Brian.

    Be well.

  9. Mike says:

    I am a strength coach for the volleyball program at a University in MD. I also coach volleyball at the club level & am the conditioning coach for all the teams. Because of this I have had my client base expand to a level that makes me consider starting my own business. The thoughts of this overwhelm me. Where do I start first…? What direction do I go…? Thanks for all of your help.

  10. Randy says:

    I am not sure if this applies because I am not directly involved in the fitness industry. I am a soccer coach who left the club coaching arena because I felt I could not adequately affect the players development and experience one team at a time.

    The pervasive attitude toward winning over people development energized me to create a soccer coaching information site to help influence coaching and therefore the athlete experience in a larger scope.

    Retention of members to my site has not been a problem, but marketing so that I can scale the message and have a broader impact has been a real challenge.

    I believe the message that sport can be organized to strive for results AND develop people is all-important and can have a positive affect on society as a whole. We as coaches need to take the responsibility to make the world a better place one player at a time.

    As soccer grows in popularity, the current state of choosing results over people development is only going to get worse unless there is a rational, effective, competing voice.

    I see scaling my business as a competing voice, but I need more education to do so!

  11. Michael says:

    Very siimple, I need to know so I can better help the people who need to know. If I am able to market better and run a more proiftable bussiness the more “pull” I will have and the more people/athletes/children I will be able to help. Lets face it, people follow other people who are sucessful and most of the time we measure sucess by money. So if i am running a profitable bussiness it afords me the opportuinty to help and reach more people.Knowledge is Power.

  12. Christine Parris says:

    Brian and the IYCA-

    I would appreciate any information that you can offer for FREE.

    I was an Olympic athlete for Canada and feel blessed to have had the success and experiences that I have had. I enjoy making kids better and more importantly injury free. I have purchased several products from Developing Athletes, IYCA, via Ryan Lee and I have really learned valuable information that I am sharing with the athletes that I train. Your passion for what you do through the products you create allows me to get better and for that I thank you and again appreciate any information you put out.

    If you are ever in Toronto again please let us know…

  13. Chris says:

    Because being an expert in your field DOES NOT automatically translate to financial success.

  14. Will Denyko says:

    I have already received the prestigous “Youth Fitness Specialist Certification”. I want to aquire this knowledge because, everyday I see parents and coaches alike, teach children the wrong way. Parents come into my studio inquiring about proper nutrition and training for their children to verify if the coach is giving them correct advise. More often than not the information parents receive is incorrect. Most parents take for granted that these coaches are properly training their children until they are injured. By then its too late. For example, I attended my son’s karate class and caught the instructor( a 4th degree blackbelt with 22 years of experience) teaching my son how to perform squats incorrectly. I almost lost my mind!

    Every parent wants to think that their child/children are the next professional athlete to make their big debut. They push and push their children to perform better and better without aquiring the proper knowledge to set their children up for success. I want to be the area expert resource for these parents to come to and know that they are getting the correct information.

    Children are our most precious resource for a better future. Let’s teach them the right way and avoid injuring them to afford every opportunity to succeed.

  15. dan says:

    brian, would love a free copy that would be a great addition to all the other great things i have learned from you already! keep it coming thanks!

  16. Mike Gilbertson says:

    I coach and instruct coaches in a small town for free. I study from different trainers in strength, agility and fundamental mechanichs for baseball. We work with 9 year olds to high school kids and college prospects. Though I have been involved in conditioning my entire life, training has evolved over time, and is now changing rapidly. I do what I do to help kids prepare for college. The last thing I want is to do is get sombody injured, so I study any available information from your and other reputable athletic trainers blogs. Information I can obtain from you will help to serve my community better. Thanks, Mike

  17. Will Denyko says:

    I have already received the prestigous “Youth Fitness Specialist” certfication. Everyday, parents come into my studio inquiring as to whether or not their childs’ coach is doling out proper nutrition and training advise. More often than not the information is incorrect. As society gets more and more competative, parents are transferring this attitude on to their children. Parents and coaches alike, will do anything to see their children and teams win; up to and including training their children like they are professional athletes. They will drive these children straight into serious injuries. Athletic injuries are more prevelant in children today, than they have ever been.

    I would like to aquire this information so I can educate parents and children. I would like to be the area expert to ensure these children receive the proper training and avoid injury.
    Children are our most precious resource for a better future. Let’s train them properly, to avoid injury, and allow them every opportunity for success.

  18. Hey Brian,

    First of all, Thank you for the opportunity to earn the ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System for FREE. More importantly, I am grateful everyday to be in the position to shape the lives of our youth! My PASSION to change the lives of our youth is a responsibility I hold dear to my heart. I can not think of a better way than educating our youth on the importance of living a healthy, fit lifestyle. This system would help me live my dream and take to the next level! Thank you for your generosity!

  19. Thanks again for this opportunity. I believe that I am the best candidate for the “A to Z Youth Fitness Business System” because

    1. It is not about me it is about the kids.
    2. I have trained adults for 7 years and have trained a few youth. Without a doubt I love training youth the best.
    3. I am passionate and have been successful through adult fitness BUT I believe that I will be even more successful with youth fitness.
    4. I have done some coaching in the past and absolutely loved it
    5. As a child one major reason for success today is because of sports and play… I want to bring that to this community. I know they are dying for it.
    6. Parents, teachers and coaches need education locally.
    7. I have always wanted to be a successful coach and this is the avenue for me
    8. Because if I get or if I do not I follow John Wooden’s model… success is doing the absolute best you can and I know that I will do that for kids fitness.
    9. The mission of helping all children is so appealing to me
    10. Because if I do not win I probably did not communicate it the feelings and passion I have. And either way I will continue to buy and invest in the IYCA!

  20. Jeffery Humzah Thomas says:

    Good Day Brian
    Humzah from Training Todays Athlete with a diverse background of nineteen years in amateur athletics, I have had the ooportunity to train some New Jerseys top high school & collegiate athletes. TTA has had major success with our athletes, so we are looking to expand and stay competitive in this sporting industry to become a key component in youth sports. So we at TTA fined ourself looking to improve with what IYCA can provide us in our mission. Thanks for the forme!

  21. Michael Kellum says:

    I feel as though the sooner I get my hands on this great opportunity the sooner I can go out and successfully help others. I have been a trainer for a little over a year now and have went back and forth about what I want my speciality to be and I always come back to training our future otherwise known as our youth. I would love to win a free copy to help get my business off the ground and running but quite honestly the IYCA is the only orginization that realy looks out for “Coaches and Trainers” and wants to see them succeed and even goes as far and mapping out a blueprint to be successful, so if I don’t win I will end up purchasing a copy in the future because I don’t feel like the IYCA will steer me wrong.

  22. Dan says:

    Hello Brian,

    First off, I wanted to thank you for your generous offer on the youth fitness system. Similar to a few others posting on your blog, I am fairly new to the athletic training realm and am looking for a way to gain more knowledge and information on the youth fitness subject. I have been searching for an organization that solely dedicates themselves to the youth demographic, and the IYCA seems to be one of the few legitimate information resources available. I recently began receiving your emails and have been very impressed thus far. It seems all the feedback you receive is very positive and encouraging. I currently volunteer my time after work at a local high school to assist with the development of the football program. While I think I would greatly enjoy this voluntary activity for years to come, I have much higher goals and ambitions I am planning to achieve. I feel the system you’re offering would definitely be an appropriate first step to get started in the right direction of developing youth training programs. Most athletes I have come across thus far are not prepared for success at the next level. I am planning to change that in my area. If I could figure out a way to reach these athletes at a younger age, I truly believe I could make a difference in the development and performance of their athletic futures. The description of this package you are so willing to distribute seems to have some key topics I feel obligated to be knowledgeable on to have a career of sustained success.

    I appreciate your consideration and I look forward to learning more about the IYCA and incorporating your methods and techniques into future programs.


  23. Al R. says:

    IYCA, I have been a trainer for over 20 years, most of the time donating my time to people who couldn’t afford paying for help. I thought I knew everything there was to know in training people throughout the years and along comes an e-mail with some challenging words of wisdom about children. What did it know that I didn’t already know. I would soon find out. I read article after article and boy was I in for a rude but good awakening. It took putting my ego aside understanding that the people of the IYCA (Brian, and a list of the other trainers) were humble men and women looking to make an difference in childrens lives, and willing to share their experience with everyone who had the passion to accept it. I only want to help children the right way, and when a parent comes to me for help for their child I can give them the right help they deserve. Our children need help, and I need help reaching more chilren the right way. I believe with proper guidance of the IYCA, my eyes can be opened in business, the way it has been opened in training. Thank you again Brian and Staff.

  24. Jack Burkett says:

    I first want to thank you Brian for what you do. I am a firm believer that it is important to take what you have been given, strengths, skills, and expertise, and pass it on. And that is exactly what you do. Thank you very much for giving us the fruits of your hard earned expertise. As a former high school and college athlete and now a wrestling coach I have always been involved in athletics and fitness. I remember the first time I pulled back from the competitive side of things and took on more of the role of a coach. I was a 16 year old state wrestling champ and asked by some parents to work with some youngsters who showed incredible promise. I’ve been hooked ever since. The rush I recieve when a young athlet first does something he has never done before, or finally grasp a technique that they’ve been having issues with, or dominate an opponent that has always given them trouble. Honestly, this gives me more of a personal reward from this than when I am successful as a competitor. I have recently gone back to school to become a teacher. One this gives me more access to the athletes, and it also makes sure I can work with the athletes whenever they need it (it helps that I get paid this way too:-) ). I have just recently started a strength and conditioning program out of my garage and using the high school facilities for any athletes interested. My wife sees how much I enjoy this and how much it means to me and has brought up the idea of making this a bigger venture. I just last week bought about $3000 worth of weights and equipment so we can do more. My next step is to complete the strength and conditioning certification through ISSA. I truly want to turn my passion into my life. It has always had to take a back burner to a JOB so I could provide for my family which has relegated it to more of a hobby. I need to change this and any help would be amazing. I’ve even looked into paying the $1200 dollars to go and visit the underground strength gym and Zach Even Esh ( I really like some of the things he does and I heard of you through his sight). Whatever resources I can use will be used immediately and constantly. Thanks again for all you do. Keep the fire lit.

  25. Dan says:

    I was involved as the Recruiting Director and facility manager at Velocity Sports Performance for almost 2 years and learned enough to get me hooked on this business. Since they closed I have been working to re-establish that level of training in our city and have been working part-time on a new business for just over 2 years. I am still working full-time at another job and would like to get over the hump and train full time

    I would like this information because although I know how Velocity did things, I am finding if their quality of training, name and beautiful facility were not enough to succeed, perhaps their marketing plan was the problem. In other words, I know how Velocity did it, but they went out of business and perhaps it would be wise to learn more from successful people. I am a small business starting from scratch and I want to know how others in my situation have done it. Build on what I already know kind of thing.

    I figure if the IYCA training has enhanced the training protocols I learned from Velocity, you can probably help me in the business side as well.

    Don’t need the freebie, but I won’t stop you from being generous if you want. 🙂

  26. TJ Stower says:

    I am just getting started with setting up my youth fitness training business. I am currently running some boot camps in my area and have basically just grown them using referals. I believe that my fitness knowledge, both youth and adult, is strong, but I have very little experence with the business side of the industry. I have recently been reading some business books trying to figure it out, but I know that if the IYCA is putting something out it is going to be above and beyond anything else I could get ahold of. Through reading articles by many different people in the field, I have came to realize that if you don’t have a solid business model in place, there is no way that you are ever going to have the finacial freedom that we are all working towards. Even beyond that, if you don’t have a good business plan, you are not going to be able to reach all the people that you need to. I do not want to be the person that has the knowledge to get great results, but falls flat because I don’t know how to properly run a business. I want to change my program from being a moderatly successful hobby, to being a very successful business that delivers a great program and helps to get everyone involved the results they deserve.

  27. MARCO CAMPOS says:




  28. Jeffery says:

    As was stated by Eric, you provide a lot of information for FREE which is just incredible. I am just scratching he surface, but I have athletes that I work with who are going to major D-1 programs, mainly in basketball, but soccer, field hockey, baseball and footballl.

    What I e accomplished so far has a lot to do with what you have offered so far. Right nowI am waiting to hear back from 4 pro athletes regarding becoming their trainier. They have at least responded to me..it’s must a matter of making it official. Pro athletes a lot of the time dont like to change trainers.


  29. Rah says:

    I am a single mother new to the business. SEND ME A COPY :O) I want to learn absolutely everything I can about the business. My children are totally depending on me! Thanks for the great info! I enjoy reading your blog posts and am getting certified through IYCA. I hope the program is good. I looked at another and when I got the products, it was horrible. I am hopeful about your program and hope it is as quality as it seems that it will be.

  30. TJ from NY says:

    For years now, I have dedicated myself to learning the art and science of coaching, but I often find myself cramming my cranium full of new and useful information only to end up imparting it on a very small subset of the population. While my passion for sharing my knowledge with others has never been greater, deep down I feel an urge to finally start taking the steps to help me expand my reach and be able to have the financial security to free up more time to devote to developing the leaders of tomorrow. I’ve come to appreciate that youth athletic development is about far more than just trying to will a child to becoming a pro athlete. It’s about pouring a foundation based upon well-rounded development from proper movement skills to the cultivation of self-confidence while providing a set of varied tools that will serve the child for a lifetime.

    It’s been humbling making the realization that I have to stop trying to force success via longer hours. The time has come for me to admit my past failings, learn from true experts like Mr. Grasso and Mr. Rigsby, and to start producing more from less. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending time focusing a lot of attention on a small group of kids, my dream that I’d like to make a reality is to share my passion for life and fitness with as many young folks as possible, on a far broader scale than I am currently doing. Having inside knowledge from some of the best in the world and being able to put all of that golden advice into practice seems like just the recipe to lead me where I want to go. I feel like I am always on the cusp of making my dream come true, but something like this would be the nudge that gets me over the top. And when the day comes when I finally achieve my dream, I want to be able to share the insight I’ve gained and help many others to finally achieve their dreams.

    Obviously there will be many worthy contenders for this opportunity, but I’d be truly honored to earn the right to take that next step in my personal evolution.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  31. Rah says:

    Okay, I am back. LOL! But Brian, I need this so badly. I am struggling, taking care of a sick parent and I am just 31 years old. I adopted a child and take care of two others on top of my own because they didn’t have parents. This business is my way out. I love kids (or else I would take care of so many!) and I love health and nutrition. Building this business is all about creating a legacy for my kids. I am tired of struggling. I am a professional, but it’s hard out here even for professionals now. Every day people are losing work. I need to control my destiny and that of my children.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you will choose us :o)


  32. Rob Kulessa says:

    Hi Brian,

    As a recent graduate of the YFS-1 certification and partner in the only facility in Toms River NJ that is committed to adhering to philosophies espoused by the IYCA, I think our facility could really use this knowledge to help keep our edge over the competition because if we are not here to serve the kids in our town then there is no guarantee they will ever be trained properly.
    We hope you find our facility worthy for this fantastic program.

    Rob Kulessa IYCA YFS-1
    All Star Sports Academy
    Toms River NJ

  33. dave abraham says:

    here’s my reply . I trust what you say and write and talk about. And I trust you in saying that it works. Our youth need guidance and after reading and watching many dvd’s and reading books that you have promoted , I trust your expertise and believe that the youth of today will benefit from the your beliefs and passion of child development. would love to chat with you about how to start my own youth fitness center

  34. Andrew Eaton says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m glad you’re still pushing the envelope for us. In the 20 or so years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve been able to take advantage of the certification programs from AFAA, ACE, NASM, NSCA, RTS and more, but you – and Pat and Nick and the IYCA – are the only group who is teaching everyone how to translate the information into business. That said, I’ve recognized that, though I have a more than reasonable amount of practical knowledge, I am certainly lacking in the business skills of speaking and marketing that are crucial to getting the message out beyond our daily contacts.

    I know I need this information to allow me to better reach…

    – the local middle school PE teacher, who thinks the kids will all benefit from strapping on heart rate monitors and running at a sustained 160BPM for 20 minutes

    – the local youth sports associations, whose ‘clinics’ are promoting movement skills and plyometrics – designed for adults – to parent coaches as methods for teaching kids

    – local parents who need to understand how to break the grip of school ‘nutrition’ and regimented exercise instead of play

    Regardless of who you choose, thanks for going above and beyond for us.

  35. Joy says:

    Hello Brian,
    I would love to see the information you have to offer, because specializing in children and teens is so important, but it isn’t enough. Trainers need to learn more specifics to apply to this population rather than applying general adult principles. Unfortunately, this is what I see around me all the time. But besides that, as your email stated…I am busy…I need to soak up information in the fastest and most effective way possible. So please consider me when offering out this information!
    thank you,

  36. Sean Lee says:

    Hi Brian,

    Your offer is nothing short of amazing! I would be honored if you chose me as one of your recipients. I have been in the fitness business 10+ years and have become frustrated with where its headed. The IYCA is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of deception and short term solutions to long term problems.

    I am getting ready to take my L1 YFS certification test and look forward to diving into all the educational opportunities you offer. I currently work with both the adult and youth population and am in the planning stages of opening my own facility. This program would be the prefect fit for me as I look to niche myself in the youth fitness market.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  37. Bob O'Neil says:


    Wow! You’ve certainly gotten everyone’s attention!

    I’m a retired Navy Chaplain working as the Recreation Minister at Riverchase United Methodist Church in Birmingham, Al. I’m launching a campaign to provide affordable, accessible, and achievable fitness for not only church members but those in the community at large. In tough economic times, I am convinced I can help meet the needs of youth and adults in a positive and life enriching environment.

    My biggest obstacle thus far is knowing how to market these services to let people know they have options for their children that don’t have to include the $200 a month [or more] they have to pay for sports conditioning after school at an area gym.

    I have nothing against making more money, but I’d rather provide an affordable service that feeds back into the church toward future equipment and facilities. My real passion [I am an ACE CPT and have several other certifications including IYCA Level 1] is working with young people to teach them as much about life as about anything else. I just happen to believe that we teach these life lessons best through the preparation and priorities of team sports.

    Any tools that you all have that could help me learn the business end [as well as build upon my knowledge as a coach/trainer] of this industry and apply it in a non-profit setting could really help me make a breakthrough both in our middle class neighborhoods and our less affluent Hispanic and African American neighborhoods. My goal is to provide for our own [our congregation] and facilitate for all [in our surrounding neighborhoods] who would benefit from a lifestyle of sports and fitness but cannot afford it.

    Now, do I deserve your help? Well, not as much as I need your help!

  38. Hayley says:

    SAWUBONA!!!!! Hi Brian! It’s Hayley…the South African…met you at Perform Better last year!!! YIKES!!!! Loads of hungry mouths here!!! =D What an AWESOME opportunity! I am in the process of launching my business….ZENTHUZE [Breathe Fun!]….fuzed-fitness for kids!!!! It would be just Divine timing to receive such a gift, especially in time for my BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!!

    Thank you so much for your consideration!!!

    Hugs! Hayley!

  39. Joesy Exstrom says:

    I want to thank you for this opportunity Brian.

    I am in the process of getting a youth funness program going in Missoula, MT. I have been approaching people and organizations I think would be excellent potential revenue hubs but haven’t got past the front door.

    I’m definitely not going to give up because that is just not an option. I can’t sit here and tell you I deserve free stuff more than anyone else so I won’t.

    All I can say is I am a huge fan of the IYCA and I love reading all the helpful tips I have already received.

    I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but some helpful tips would definitely be appreciated.

    Thanks again for the opportunity,


  40. Justin Jones says:

    Hello Brian,

    I don’t feel I am any more deserving then many of the IYCA Members I would ask that you provide me with the resources because I drive 90 min’s 3 days a week to serve over 160 very low income elementary age kids as I have been doing for the past 5 years. I am slowly but surely changing their community. Being able to learn from you and Pat would allow me to impact many more lives and make even a greater difference.

    Thanks and keep rocking!

    Justin Jones veteran IYCA Member

  41. T says:

    Hi Brian. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about the fitness industry from a business standpoint. I have been running speed and agility clinics for our youth in our community for 3 years now and the numbers has been growing. The only thing is I have not made a single cent. Basically, I wanted to give back to the youth in our community, so earning money was not the focus. However, the response has been positive. By the end of the school year, I will have worked with over 2000 boys and girls for free. At this point, I am looking to take my clinic to the next level. With your help, maybe I can still give back, but make a buck or two. Whether you select me or not, I will continue to read your material and development my profession. Thanks again. T

  42. Lee Schneider says:

    Hi Brian,
    Like everyone here I am a HUGE fan of your work, information and passion with youth fitness. I am Level 2 YFS certified and own all of you products. I am always hungry for knowledge and I eat this stuff up.

    Over the past 8 years I have been a high school track coach and volunteer strength and conditioning coach at the local high where I graduated from. I’ve worked with nearly every student-athlete that has passed through the doors and I’ve loved every minute of it. However, like many coaches it was not my full-time job and I had been lucky enough to be able to get out of work at an hour that allowed me to do what I truly loved. Life was good!

    Unfortunately about 6 months ago I was forced into a position at work that I absolutely do not like and more so, I’m forced to do it 70-80 hours per week. My work obligations have nearly forced coaching out of my life. I am no longer able to provide the level of quality coaching that the kids deserve and I love. I still coach (barely) but not to the best of my ability.

    To receive a copy of your “A-Z Youth Fitness Business” system would give me the information and power to relieve myself for my current, unfulfilling job and create a career doing what I was meant to do. I would be eternally grateful that you would be making my life tremendously better as well as providing continued quality coaching to a whole high school full of athletes.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.


  43. Erik Stanley says:

    Hi Brian, i am an unemployed (since Nov. 09) construction worker, i have been helping out the younger guys at the local gym for free just cause i dont want them getting hurt in their training and i know they can improve in their training and life with some guidance. Once i saw your offer, I decided to turn my passion into a career. Being unemployed makes it hard to purchase things, especially since i still have student loans and other bills to pay. To have the chance to be awarded something like this to get me out of the rat race of life would be awesome! Wether i am chosen or not, i will still be a huge fan of the IYCA and will continue reading your stuff.
    Thanks, Erik

  44. Colin Fannon says:

    I had the amazing opportunity to attend the IYCA summit this year in Louisville. While there I met Dr. Toby Brooks who had just so happened to be a former professor at the Southern Illinois University. The same school I will be attending for my masters this fall. I picked his brain about the atmostphere toward youth fitness in the Southern Illinios area. He warned me that he as a professor at a university, he had an extremely difficult time getting his foot in the door and getting people to believe in what he could do for their children. As I said before I will be attending this same university in the fall and It is a goal of mine to get involved with youth fitness while attaining my Masters. It is an even greater hope to turn that goal into a way to help me pay for college. I am currently working 7 days a week as a personal trainer and a physical therapist assisstant. I have no ieda how I will pay for my schooling. I hope to not go any deeper into debt. I am currently saving whatvi believe I can spare to purchase the level 2 certification. But Brian you have me very intrigued with the a-z youth fitness bussiness system. It gives me hope that I might not have to work two jobs on top of getting loans in order to be able to afford school. Thank for this opportunity Brian.

  45. Raj Thompson says:

    I am on the cusp of starting something big in the Los Angeles area. Every trainer/owner has jumped on the bootcamp bandwagon that people have forgotten about athletes. I know the information that you put out is top notch so nothing would be better to have than the youth sports training bible. Most people say they were born to coach and work with athletes but how many can say they were an athlete all their life and has been through what athletes go through. It doesn’t matter how many certifications someone has because can they really connect with an athlete on a emotional level. I know I can because I been in their shoes. I know what it’s like fight for a starting position and keep it. I know the mental side and how it can break you down and make you frustrated. It’s almost a marriage made in heaven to possess a information product that will teach me the business side of things and use my knowledge of the game and be able to connect with athletes on a different level. It’s a fusion of business meets athlete, that’s a perfect combo.

  46. Raj Thompson says:

    I believe I should obtain this info product for free because after doing careful research I seem to be the only one in the Los Angeles area that is looking to cater to athletes. All the trainers/owners I know are into starting bootcamps for the average person but I’m looiking to start sporst camps with the athletes. Most people say they are born to coach athletes but how many can say they played the game all their life from flag to high school to college to overseas and had significant playing time. I was a football athlete so I know the emotional and physical ride and what it takes to be the best athlete on the field. I know how to connect with the athlete on a mental level to make them tougher because I’ve been in their shoes. To have an info product of this caliber that shows the ins and outs of the sports world is something I would cherish because I know that you know what it takes to get a fitness business off the ground. It’s the perfect fusion, the athlete and the sports fitness bibile to creat a great business

  47. Chad Dewey says:

    Brian this is Chad. I am an NASM CPT , have ran a gym, trained over 3000 sessions (mainly adult) and have now just started to train high school athletes. I have coached for the YMCA for 6 years and absolutly just love watching these kids grow through youth sports. I have a passion to see these kids do well not only athletically but build charactor as well. You guys have been incredible with what you offer, I am getting ready to get the IYCA Level 1 and would love to get the Athletic Devolopment as well…not for a hobby but for a career…you see I want to be the leader in youth conditioning in my area…not a hobbyist but a leader as a professional.

    God Bless you guys,
    would love to see the material.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight,

  48. jeff says:


    Thank you for what you do for youth fitness and educating coaches and trainers. I have been in the industry for 19 years. I have a degree in fitness management from Southern Oregon University and am a certified health/fitness instructor through the ACSM. I am so blessed to work in this industry and am working to incorporate youth speed and agility training into what I do. I have two frustrations with our industry one being levels of qualifications required for people who do what we do. I see so many unqualified trainers out there trying to analyze movement and function and failing miserably. I not only have the qualifications but I have the gift of analyzing body mechanics and being able to coach/ teach the skills needed. My second frustration is time; it takes so much time to try to work at your career and develop a whole other part of your business. Your kit would help me immensely to further develop my career and it would ensure that someone who has the ability and is truly qualified to this is succeeding in the industry. One quick story; our local high school is using a local trainer to do S&A training with the football team. The guy’s background is that he is a power lifter and according to the assistant coach he runs them through drills but isn’t teaching them any skills. Problem is he has connections with the head coach. So again another example of who you know not what your skills are:(

    Thanks for considering me,

  49. Greg Lanctot says:

    Dear Brian and Pat,

    Thank you for this offer. When I saw this opportunity to tell you why I would like and, more importantly “need” a copy of your “A to Z system”, I felt compelled to write you immediately.

    Please help me be a better business person in youth fitness.

    As a sole proprietor, I have found it extremely difficult to take that next step to make a “comfortable living” without worrying about my clients being sick, needing to do homework, taking spring break, summer vacations, etc. The ongoing struggle to battle inconsistent revenue because of having many more cancellations than your average adult client has left me with the desire to maximize my time by coaching/training in larger groups. Having a small window to work with kids after school and maintaining my own active lifestyle on weekends, I am left to ask to be one of your selections for your system.

    The great news is I will never quit. I will continue to help change lives, but I need your help. I love to speak in front of kids and families. I try to channel your enthusiasm you bring to each and everyone of your presentations in my motivational talks to my clients at their kitchen table or to a local youth sports team.

    With your system I hope to implement it immediately and grow my business your way. I will continue to help with youth athletic development and free play in our communities. I will call on families, youth organizations, teachers, pediatricians and other professionals working with kids to spread my, I mean “our” word of what it means to be a youth fitness specialist and how they will benefit.

    Thank you again for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting some day.

    Healthy regards,

    Greg Lanctot

  50. Oscar says:

    Working with the Spanish and English population has opened the doors to assist many youths. I also do a lot of volunteer at different churches and non-profit organizations and having this tool will be of great support. I have been on TV Univision and radio programs but just through a client. With a system and knowing how to write this press releases will give me a chance to present more the
    message that it’s greatly needed among the youth.

    My goal is to spread health among the churches and soccer clubs being these places my passion.
    Thank you and allow me to help spread the word specially among the Spanish community.

    In good health,

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