A More Successful Fitness Career

Whether we like it or not, the fitness industry is a business.


Learn how to increase revenue, or consider your work nothing more than a glorified hobby.


Harsh, but true.


I’ve told you about the new ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System over the past couple of days… Now, here’s what’s inside that system:


> Needs & Opportunities in Youth Fitness & Sports Training
> The 7-Best Opportunities in Athletic Development
> Youth Fitness Networking & Referral Programs
> Public Speaking & Community Events
> Publicity & Becoming ‘News Worthy’
> Guerrilla Marketing


Myself and Pat Rigsby.


Telling you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating an incredibly profitable and fulfilling career in the youth fitness and sport training market.


This full-day seminar was pure gold and the luck 40 people who were in attendance have been reaping the benefits of what they learned for almost 2 months now.


Now, you get to learn what they already know…




Just tell me why you want it below:

122 Responses

  1. While I certainly don’t feel I DESERVE information for free–you guys already put out so much top quality info–I would appreciate it to no end.

    Basically, coaching and teaching us what I was born to do. I know it. While I’ve got plenty of experience as a coach to young athletes, I’m just now starting out on my own as a trainer trying to develop business. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and am specifically having a hard time knowing what to prioritize. Is it my website? It is marketing? Is it improving my training knowledge? What should I be focusing on at this stage?

    I’ve got the hustle. Just looking for direction.

    Thanks for all that you do,


  2. I have recently relocated to the Middle East from NYC and although my free time is somewhat limited, I have taken the time to evaluate what is being offered to children regarding recreation and fitness. They seem to talk a good game, but really from what I’m seeing they seem to lack the creativity that’s needed to keep the children interested in health and fitness. I get back to the states quite often but nearly for a long enough time to attend many seminars. Any additional information would be helpful. The website I’ve listed is of the martial arts program I started here, originally for adults, but have now received the okay to start a children’s class. If I can get the parents and children to think more about fitness and health through the martial arts it would be a step in the right direction for what seems to be a culture that is not putting a very strong emphasis on exercise for kids and the fun of being young and active.

  3. Brendan Murray says:

    Hello Brian

    I never thought any time during my life that I wanted to run my own business.

    But I see the need for guidance for young children, and more especially their parents in making choices to be healthy, and to stay healthy for the whole of their life.

    If I can motivate myself to take on this challenge and earn money at the same time, I believe that the results can be very rewarding.

    Physical development is as much part of a child’s education as reading and writing.

    Kind regards
    Brendan Murray

  4. Brian says:

    Hi, I coach football in a Club and to an emerging talent Academy. One of the greatest problems I see is Children with great talent but no speed. For many players its their running technique, and lack of coaching to them to sprint. We as coaches concentrate on our core sport and speed is not coached properly. When the team panel selection time arrives then its the players with the speed that gets in first. So I often wonder why have we coached them how to play our specific sport and then leave them behind because they have no speed.

  5. Roland says:

    Hi guys,
    I am a certified trainer for many years now, but I am on a neverending quest for knowledge.
    The same thing as a businessman, in a few month I am probably take over the oldest fitness-club in my hometown and I don´t want to be just the one with the longest history, I want to be ready for future!
    Thank you!

  6. Luka Hocevar says:

    our business has grown yet we haven’t had time to focus on youth training as much….until now. I have a new team member (Albert) that is extremely passionate about youth training and has been working on expanding our youth programs. I have used IYCA as main resource for myself as well as my new trainer as it really is the best information out there.

    I feel that this information will help Albert bridge the gap between his passion and the business skills necessary to attract more kids into the program. There is a need for a great youth training program in our area, we have the passion and training skills but need some help with the business side of things.

    I appreciate everything you do for the industry and look forward to all the great information the IYCA will provide inthe future.


    Luka Hocevar

  7. jimmyo says:

    Brian…as a follower of your creed, it is gratifying to meet someone who is well grounded, has
    common sense and a compelling PASSION for his work. My thoughts in researching programs
    for and others in this athletic/sports world have been “is this all there is?” “Can I apply what I
    am readind and seeing to my goals and needs?” Will this work?” The programs I have already purchased from you answered those questions in a positive way. At age 72, a Senior Olympic
    multi gold medalist and prostate cancer survivor…I still believe I can sprint faster, jump higher
    and longer than 5 years ago. I compete in the 100M, 200M, 400M, HJ and LJ. I also compete
    in tennis and racquetball. I am a person/athletic trainer. My other passion is to start a youth
    athletic development school…ages 8 thru 18. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
    With Best Wishes…Jimmy O

  8. Jesus Rodriguez says:

    Hola Brian!!

    My name is Jesus Rodriguez from Spain. I am a national golf coach and I meet you in a TPI seminar two years ago.
    I believe that the more information, the better coach you can be. I road all the books that you told me and they were great.
    I think that in Spain we do not have as much information that you guys have in the USA.

    Saludos from Spain to everybody!!!

    Best regards,


  9. Mike says:

    It isn’t about giving it to me for free so much as extending your own leverage to impact lives. I take what I learn as a trainer and use it to empower people. My next step is setting up a bootcamp at a local shelter.

  10. Nelson Morales says:

    Hi Brian,
    I guess since people are doing introductions, here’s mine. My name is Nelson Morales. Unlike some of the others I am not a couch but rather an fitness specialist and level 1 youth specialist. Though nothing comes in life for free, I do believe in a pay it forward method. I had the opportunity to meet you in Morristown N.J. and I know you don’t remember me. I was one that didn’t leave a whole big impression. I am Doug Parra’s former business partner. I know that with the information given and my go-getter attitude that many children of the United States and world would benefit from the philosophies you have taught us adults over the years. I know that their may be better candidates out there to accept the information but I truly believe that their is no better candidate to take the information you are willing to give and put it into action than I. Thank you for time in reading this and I look forward to one day speaking with you.

  11. Gavin Ward says:

    Hi Brian
    I am a PE teacher and do a lot of youth coaching with school teams and teams outside of school. Like alot of the other readers I believe increase my knowledge base to be of the highest importance and to put it into practice. I have done my exercise coach certification with Paul Check and NLP practitioner with John Grinder and understand the importance of all the components in your A-Z. I will purchase your youth fitness specialist in the future as I would hold your knowledge and skill up there with the best in the business.
    Gavin Ward

  12. Gavin Ward says:

    Hi Brian.
    I have done my exercise coach certification with Paul Chek and done my NLP practitioner with John Grinder and would consider your information to be of equal importance. I will become a youth Fitness instructor in the future. I am a PE teacher and do alot of coaching with children as you can imagine and find your information extremely helpful.

  13. Colin says:

    Hi Brian,

    I got out the Army about a year ago. After following the bootcampblueprint I have gone from 0 to about 100 clients. Now I need to take the next step, push my comfort zone, and create another stream of revenue for my business. After researching, and looking at different opportunites I believe that you guys are the experts at creating fun, profitable, youth training programs. I have a lot to learn about this stuff! Even if I don’t win this is a no brainer investment for my business!


  14. TyRonne Turner says:

    Many of us have great ideas and the passion to help and coach our youth. But on the flip side, we don’t all have the business sense to allow our programs to be not only accessible but profitable. Having the blueprint to attract youth and to be successful from a business standpoint is vital in your career as a coach. Having a opportunity to utilize this program for free not only increases my chances for success, it allows me to lead others to an organization that will provide ALL the resources for them to WIN. IYCA is the Way.

  15. danielle says:

    I would love to receive a copy as Im from Australia and youth sport here, isnt as advanced as in the US> Our coaches have no idea how to properly train young athletes for injury prevention, they have no fitness qualifications.
    I would love to get into this market and help out the poorer suburbs where the kids are so talented, but dont get the opportunity to try in life due to a lack of money

  16. Julia says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m a newly certified trainer. I am very interested in working with youth.

  17. Andrew Ryan says:

    Hi Brian

    When you say glorified hobby ,this is very true.Its time I back myself & do what I love on a full time basis.I work in the grain industry which can be full on at all times.I am President of our junior athletic club ,vice president junior touch & sprint for our 16year old rugby league side.
    So a opputtunity train people on a full time basis would be dream come true,with the help of your system & your support .

    Regards Andrew

  18. LaRue says:

    Brian and Pat. I am THRILLED that you are offering this opportunity! As a long-standing IYCA Youth Conditioning Specialist, I already know the value of much of the information that you provide. My passion is and always will be, working with young athletes and I try to spread the word about my passion and mission as much as possible. This valuable information can only make me more successful at reaching out to those who can use my services. Thanks.


  19. James says:

    As a CSCS in an unregulated industry with everyone and their grandmother being a “trainer” I need good info on how to contact parents and share my methods with their children. You know what they say, “it is not what you know but who you know.” Seeing how almost any program will work for beginners it is no wonder so many people want “in” on the youth “market.” I would love to hear more about what I can do to differentiate myself from the “trainers” with no formal education in sport science and a weekend certification from the latest industry association.

  20. david pocock says:

    Hey Brian,

    We met at the Summit in KY, which confirmed for me that the IYCA is the best resource for me to start a new career in youth fitness. Although I have over 28 years of business experience, I am a rookie in the youth fitness industry but I share the passion of wanting to make a difference not only in the lives of young athletes but also to help other business owners be more successful. I have dedicated the past year to immersing myself in learning and soaking up all I can by attending meetings, buying DVD series and working with our local fitness owner to figure out how I can best make a difference. As a former athlete, a fitness client and a business executive, I know the importance of specific disciplines for each area. I am sorry I missed the first opportunity to see the A-Z program in KY, and would like to review it now with your help!


  21. Laurie says:

    Hi Brian!

    I am a extremely interested in your program! I look around me every day and see so many kids that are overweight/obese. They have zero self esteem and they are literally dying, emotionally and physically. I take this personally as I have a 9 year old who is very overweight and we have battled it for years! I not only want to help my child but as many others as I possibly can. They are our future. If we can catch them while they’re young, maybe we can eventually turn this epidemic around!!

    Best Regards,

  22. Brian, i have owned a gym for 21 years and have had some very tough years , very long hours alot of private trainings to keep things going. ijust got my level 1 cert through the iyca last year its really helped give me the knowledge to help the youth in this area.i have two young children at home,and i would love to learn more about the business end . so i can spend more time with them. the northeast because of winter needs qualified coachs theres alot of sitting arond playing video games. if i could learn more about the busness end i could reach more youth in the area thanks again mark

  23. Rob says:

    I have been training older people for years now and have experienced great results with people but have mostly had to work hard to get through to them that results are possible. With kids their minds are still open to believe and dream. My coaching starts mental then physically, kids now a days are lazy and want everything for nothing. I am having a problem getting in front of more kids and could really benefit from this business system.

  24. Joshua Hess says:

    I love working with kids. I know that there is a great need for positive, professional, motivated role models, coaches, mentors for children right now. We have an obesity epidemic with our children that needs to be addressed and I want to know how to get out in front of children and their families and get the opportunity to help them develop solid life habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. In addition, I want to do what I love and I want to be able to enjoy the results of that passion and hard work.

  25. Dave Crookston says:

    I am currently going through a very tuff time in my life. To spare you all the details it’s time for me to do something for myself. I have never followed through on something like this. I’ve always talked the talk. It’s time for resolution. This is my year to make amends.This could be my opportunity to serve in my community and help so many young athletes reach a new potential. I’m on a very limited income which is one reason I have not even ordered your youth fitness specialist program. I know this would go over huge where I live. I’m just asking for a chance to prove to myself and the people around me I love that I can do something like this with success and God’s guidance.
    Thanks for time to speak…….
    Dave C

  26. Rob Rodriguez says:

    Brian, I have been gradually changing careers over the last few years for the purpose of turning a 20 year volunteer coaching career into a business of training and developing young athletes. IYCA has been a big part of that process and I have gone through every certification offered, plus attended several live events. The people I have met over the last few years through the organization have confirmed for me that what I am doing is right. The one piece that I have not spent much time on is the business side of youth fitness. Since I have a sales background, I’m not too concerned about that part of it, but the nuts and bolts of running a fitness business are something I really need to learn. I value the information that continually comes out of the IYCA, which is why I never hesitate to pay for it, so in all honesty, I love getting something for nothing, particularly when I know there is value there, but if I need to pay for it, I would do that also.

  27. Michael says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am a relatively young, up and coming professional soccer coach living in Canada where soccer is yet to catch up with the rest of the world. As you can imagine, it is quite difficult convincing parents and players of the need for total athletic development in order to maximize their potential. Consequently, much of my time is spent organizing information sessions and Q & A sessions in order to give the people in my organization the facts of why, what, where, when, who and how the training I provide can benefit their children in the long-term, so I have very little time available to create an effective business model to generate a justifiable income from my work. Please help!


  28. Lora says:

    I am a information hound and always looking for systematic ways to increase business, improve the quality of our product and most importantly, get results for clients and increase satisfaction. I have been impressed with your ability to do all of the above and look forward to more!

  29. Colleen says:


    A free program would benefit me in more ways then I can count. I’m just starting out in the personal training industry, I purchased your 4 college level courses, and have been exploring my options. I have worked with groups of children for 7 years now in very different settings. From “coaching” sports birthday parties, a day care, and coaching 3 year olds in soccer, and can’t get enough! I want to broaden my horizons and learn what it takes to network myself and a business positively. I have plans to meet with Mike Barone of Rochester, NY whom I’ve trained with and who has taken on the role as a mentor to introduce me to other professionals in the area to help me expand my knowledge, exposure to unique ways of training, and different populations. Your program would allow me the opportunity to further my business knowledge and apply it to the real life situations I’m going to be partaking in as well as aid me in future endeavors. Thanks you for all your effort put toward developing other youth coaches!

  30. Lori says:

    Hi Brian! This is the 3rd time you’ve asked us to write to you and ask for ‘help’…so, here I am again! trying to show you my PASSION for the 15 year fitness teaching path that I’m on…I’m on the right path, I LOVE my job! “Every worthwhile accomplishment has its stages of drudgery and triumph, a beginning, a struggle and a victory” …Gandhi I’m at the ‘struggle’ part ; so, I’m asking for your hand in getting me to the victory part!!!

  31. Jim says:


    Sounds like your program is much needed. There are many parent/youth coaches who care passionately about the young people we coach or train. Many of us would love to transistion into youth fitness and related but don’t know how to successfully take a passion and make it a career.

    I think your program is designed to do just that. Good luck with this latest training for the IYCA.

  32. Steve says:

    Hello. and thank you for the offer. I mostly train individuals that are 60 and older, 84 being the oldest and 41 the youngest. Most have 1 or more health issues to overcome. I really enjoy improving their quality of life. I would likr to also try my hand working with children, athletes and non athletes. Mold them to making exercise and a healthy lifestyle a part of their lives, so they may avoid some adverse effects later in life. I am 50 years old myself and have a 7 year old son. I work with him and I would like to do the same with other children. thak you once again for this opportunity. Steve

  33. Joel says:


    I run a boxing club and I have now been getting a lot of kids recently around the ages of 12-17. I put them in the same class as the adults, but I’m looking to put together a kids only program for May. I’ve recently realized how much these kids look up to me especially in a sport and activity like boxing. I’ve always run most adult programs because I had a bad experience with a kids program at a health club where I ran their boxing programs. Now that I have my own business and the fact that I see a great opportunity in creating a kids program, I believe that your programs is something that I really need to dive into. I have a lot of parents calling me to ask about a kids program asking if it will help keep their kids out of trouble, if it will teach them discipline etc…

    For me and the program I have in mind, it’s more than just teaching them how to box or getting them ready for a competition or even teaching them the foundational skills of athletic training, it’s also giving them an opportunity to meet other kids their age and keep them out of trouble.

    A free report like this can also make my decision a lot easier in seeing if the IYCA is the right program for me and what ‘m looking to do. Although, I have heard great things about the IYCA, I’ve not invested yet in any of the products. I was close once, as the choice was between IYCA and Twist conditioning products, which obviously took me in another direction and away from youth training. Plus the fact I’m from Ontario!!!



  34. Pete says:


    I have been part of our towns group of volunteer coaches for a few years now, and I absolutely love coaching youth football. We have kids from 3rd to 8th grade. Over the years the one thing I believe that we don’t do enough of is teach kids how to be conditioned for all sports. We have outstanding coaches, who know the details and mechanics of each sport they coach, but I firmly believe they do not keep up with the proper ways to condition kids for all sports. I watch as one coach conditions the kids one way, and another does it another. Rarely does anyone do any sort of plyo, because they didn’t do them when they were in high school or college and that is all they know about conditioning.

    I would love to not only show kids and parents the proper way to condition, but more importantly show the hundreds of volunteer coaches what they should be teaching the kids they coach about the right way to condition and just as important what they should do to improve their nutrition. Each year we have kids that have to cut weight to play football or wrestle and I can’t help be feel that someone should seriously help volunteer coaches, who are rarely nutrition role models themselves, show those kids and their parents the right way to cut weight and be not be continually be thinking about food while in school.

    I’ve watch both my boys go through the towns programs, and I continue to coach in the program. I’ve taken an early retirement and I have the time to learn the right way to coach. Its something I strongly believe in and hopefully you can give me the information to turn a passion into a new career.

  35. PJ Ragone says:

    I would like to start off by saying that this is the best organization I have ever been a part of. It is obviuos that this organization is not all about making money, it is also about making better coaches! I am starting a youth performance improvement academy in my area. It will be the first of its kind in South Jersey. I am affiliated with South Jersey Hospital and my facility is already an MFA certified facility and I am excited to add this other dynamic. I really want this academy to be successful and I KNOW that ANYTHING the IYCA has to offer will help make that happen. I have been 1000% pleased with all the materials I have purchased and I know this would be no different.


  36. Nate says:


    When I first met you at the Perform Better Seminar in May of 2008, I had no idea the impact you and the IYCA would have on my life.

    At the time, I worked at an advertising agency but my passion for the previous 20 years was health and fitness. Prior to meeting you at the Perform Better Seminar, I had heard about the IYCA and was interested in knowing more. It was soon after the Perform Better Seminar that I signed up for the Youth Fitness Specialist 1 Certification.

    I completed my exam in April 2009 and began to feel a pull toward moving from advertising to opening my own fitness business. But each time I thought about it, I found myself without the time or energy to focus on my dream because I was already working full-time and making a decent living doing something I enjoyed (even though it wasn’t my passion).

    In July 2009, I was terminated from my job “due to the economy.” Rather than thinking of this as a negative, I knew that God planned this for me. He knew that I had been praying for a sign of what He wanted me to do after a mission trip to Costa Rica in June that changed my life forever. And I knew this was the opportunity for me to open my own fitness business

    It was in Costa Rica where a five-year old girl named Maria changed my life. God used Maria to change my perspective and increase my faith. You see, prior to that mission trip in June 2009, I never wanted to have children. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love children! And for some reason they have always loved me. Wherever I go, they seem to immediately gravitate toward me. And many people have said that I would make a fantastic father. It’s actually a very special thing that God blessed me with.

    That mission trip allowed me to realize that I could love a child more than I ever imagined (and if Maria didn’t have a mother and father, I would have taken her home with me – and she felt the same way). It’s incredible the bond we had developed in a few short days. I saw God answer prayers right before my eyes and also perform miracles. To say that my faith was strengthened and renewed would be a huge understatement!

    After losing my job, I wanted to wait to make sure that God was telling me it was okay to move forward with my plans to open my own fitness business. In fact, I decided not to make any decisions until I returned from a SECOND mission trip back to the same small village in Costa Rica.

    Many of us had wanted to go back to Costa Rica as we didn’t get a chance to finish the work we had done in June. Only two months later, God made it possible for five of us (this time all men) to return for three full days where we would need to finish all the electrical work, lighting and hooking up fans in the church that we had helped to build a roof for during our last mission trip.

    This also gave me a chance to see Maria once again. And I brought a suitcase full of gifts for her, her family and many other children in the village. It was an incredible reunion with Maria and her family. And yes, we completed our work with the church in Abangaritos, Costa Rica. And we saw more miracles and prayers answered while we were there.

    When I returned from the mission trip, I moved forward with plans to open my fitness business. I worked diligently to get all the necessary licenses and things I needed. It took a lot of work, a lot of prayer and a lot of help from friends and my wife.

    I didn’t have the money to open a facility, so I converted our two-car garage into a training facility. Once I had everything set up, I officially opened in November. Since I didn’t have any time or money for marketing or advertising, I sent out an email and a Facebook notification giving out free 3-month memberships to those who were interested in training.

    The first three months were a huge learning process. I saw what worked and what didn’t. And I continued to tweak what I was doing. In February, I revised how the training was set up and began using Workout Muse to help guide my workouts. I went from 12 free 3-month memberships and one paying client in 2009 to 4 paying clients in January 2010 and then 8 paying clients in February, 12 in March and I’m about to have 17 for April!

    I also followed along on UStream when the IYCA Summit was going on in February. Although I wanted to attend in person, I didn’t have the time or money to do so. And because I was busy running my own fitness business, I couldn’t afford to miss time training – or, as many other trainers have experienced: I’d lose potential income.

    It was that weekend that I ordered the IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification (I just completed it and sent in my test), the Speed and Agility Specialist Certification (I’m working on this next) along with the KidsCamp program (this will have to come later). The weekend reinforced that I want to work with children in the future. And I also signed up for the IYCA Crash Courses.

    However, through all of this, the one thing that’s missing is an A-Z business program that I can follow to help me get my name in to the community and continue to grow my business and be able to open a facility to help the youth in my area.

    Right now, I’m without all the know-how, resources and TIME that I need in order to make this happen. I need proven systems to follow!

    So Brian, I’m asking for your help by choosing me as one of your winners of the A-Z program so I can do what God has planned and purposed for my life.



  37. Linda Bird says:

    I am a former Irish track & field athlete who pretty much spent my teenage years at the track and travelling around to competition.I became a PE & Kindergarden teacher ,moved to Canada and have taught kids for years but see the lack of sport in the school system here.I would love
    to form a Track & Field club for children and encourage less fortunate kids whose parents cannot possibly afford the Coaching fees that come along with the programs you would like your child to be in.In my day having talent was enough to get you involved in a team but I see so many kids out there that I teach that are talented and when I speak to the parents they either say they cannot afford the fees or have no time to be involved with their children.I need to learn the business for sure and apply it to helping kids and also to involve my recently adopted child from Siberia as she gets older.It is amazing but I have a child who is showing such talent for speed already and she is just 4 years old.This is a dream for me to “give back” so to speak to any child who wants to run or jump,I want to show them how and give ongoing support.I need to become not only a Coach but also learn how to run a successful business as I feel this is the next step for me.Growing up in Belfast,N.Ireland during troubled times,running was not only my outlet but being part of a team felt like a safe place to be.I have happy memories and really want other kids to see how wonderful athletics can be.

  38. Bradley Smith says:

    My desire is to coach and train young kids between the ages of 12-18. I am less than one month away from opening up my own physical therapy office. The physical therapy aspect will be my primary source of income, but I want to develop and incorporate your complete athlete model to young kids since I have no idea what direction the health care industry is going.

    To have proven ideas and a set plan to market youth programs would be “golden”. I live in a rural area 2.5 hours north of San Francisco and the market is wide open for an educated youth instructor. The missing ingredient is the marketing tools to get the kids to me. I am more interested in providing a needed service to the kids who want to advance their athletic ability, then in making a huge profit. All I need is to be able to spread the word of the services that I can offer, everything else will take care of itself.


  39. Jimmy Lamour says:

    Hi Brian & Pat,

    I want a free copy to help people have a better way of training their young athletes.
    I knew when I become part of IYCA I embarked on something that was about feeling a need
    and watching kids be the best they can be. I feel like I did good being a part of the organization, but there
    are a lot of people I see in my community that are misinformed about what to do.

    My business systems have not been good enough to reach the masses and I want that to change. I can envision
    more kids being touched by what my wife and I have to offer the families in our community. We firmly believe if you do
    not have the marketing systems and business systems in place you will never reach the masses. The Long term approach
    to developing athletes is a message that needs to be preached all over the country. And we want to make our mark on Greensboro, NC.

    Just know…that if we have a free copy we will put to good use and lives will be touched. I would love to get that free copy as
    we have a meeting with an athletic director April 28th and would love to see the impact of the program on the meeting. I have watched the IYCA
    blossom and we want to be part of that. Thanks.

    Jimmy & Charlene

  40. Nate says:

    Brian and Pat,
    What an amazing thing to be offering, and then to make it free, that’s incredible. Being in collegiate strength and conditioning for many years, I believe that there is no better time for athletes to have proper training then when they first start. WAY too many parents, ex athletes and coaches ruin too many young athletes llives doing what they think is right. I want athletes I work with to go into college athletics and their strength coach say “Wow, your technique and form are amazing, you are going to be fun to work with”, not “ok we’re going to take this year and fix everything you’ve been taught wrong” And like Pat says, there is nothing wrong with taking that passion and making it profitable! Thank you so much in advance!

  41. Mark Greenwood says:

    Hello Brian,

    I am a full-time physical therapist and I recently formed my own wellness consulting company. I joined Bootcamp Blueprint and find the program to be extremely valuable. I spoke to Pat a few weeks ago and advised me to concentrate on the local youth market.
    As a YFS, I feel combining that knowledge with your business systems would give me the ultimate opportunity to best serve the children of my area and beyond.
    I greatly appreiciate the opportunity you are providing and I would love to be able to utilize your system.


  42. Chrissy Shaver says:

    Hi Brian, Wow you already give so much for free I truly believe you love what you do. I am also truly passionate about fitness, I am currently building my own personal training biz and I have to say the business part is the most difficult! My goal is to become the best in family fitness and making sure the parents value their kids health as much if not even more than there own, to have your knowledge on the business end of youth fitness would dramatically help me get a leg up on my goals. Also in my future is to become IYCA Certified Coach, but time permits and I believe I must have a strong business structure first. I am very grateful with all of the information you put out there for other fitness professionals to study.
    Thanks again Brian,
    Chrissy Shaver
    Bringing health to the next generation!

  43. Chris F. says:

    I have been a coach for about 12 yrs now, for both middle school and high school basketball, and high school baseball. Before the last year, i never put an emphasis on speed and agility, but after purchasing a copy of that, i feel i can deliver better info to them. I also want to start and run my own business, but i am afraid to do so, afraid to take that risk, i feel this A-Z system will take all of the guess work out for me and make it possible for me to suceed. But more importantly to me, is that there is nothing like this in northern michigan. I want to be that guy that can help young athletes, and be sought out to help other coaches help young athletes. So I feel that with all this information that your organization can provide me, i can be both a successful businessman and a knowlegable, resourceful, and better coach. I am also interested in someday obtaining a facility that i can offer this information to the young athletes and their parents that seek more information. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to learn from you and your colleagues.

  44. Khyle Radke, ATC says:

    I am a certified Athletic Trainer covering three rural high schools in SW Minnesota. I do a lot of training with athletes in grades 9-12. Unfortunately for the younger kids there just isn’t much available to them. They love to be active, and there are getting to be more and more league sports offered to them all the time. The problem is that the adults that are coaching these young kids have no idea what they are doing when it comes to properly training young athletes. They want the kids to give 110% but aren’t giving them any advice on how to do that. I have always wanted to start my own business working with kids to optimize their athletic abilities in the safest most effective manner possible. I am currently working on my IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist certification, and I believe that your A-Z system would be very beneficial in helping me to get started out here in the prairie of SW Minnesota.

  45. alli harps says:

    Hi Brain,
    I have been assisting my kid’s coach since my child got involved in track and field. I have learnt so much and really appreciate the facets of proper training techniques and understand the athlete and how to approach each trainng day. I just want to thank you for all your articles and assistance cuz you have been a great inspiration to getting the job done right for the benefit of the kids I’m working with.


  46. Mark says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have been running a kids “general fitness” program in my area for about 1.5 years now in an area where athletics and sports activities are everywhere. When starting this program the plan was to give the children of this area an opportunity to be more active especially those who don’t enjoy competitive sports, those who have weight concerns, and for the children that need to get more exercise but lack the confidence in joining a competitive environment. My goal is to get the kids to associate that “fitness can be fun” and that hopefully that association will carry with them into adulthood.

    In this highly competitive area where I live, it has been very difficult to reach my target audience. I know there are many children that need and would love my program but don’t know it exists. I realize I need help with the business end of my program to expose it to the children who need it the most. Your business program sounds great and will undoubtedly help many people. It is true that you can be the best teacher/instructor/coach but if no one knows you exist you can’t really help anyone.

    Thank you,


  47. Anthony Begley says:

    Dear IYCA,
    All the responses written are fantastic and act as a great incentive for me to stay focussed and committted to the “IYCA way”. As we are all aware trying to be prophets in your own land can be frustrating. In my own instance I am up against 4 huge organisations who are vying for the same kids in a 40,000 population here in Ireland. There is Soccer, Gaa, Ice Hockey and rugby. I’ve spent half my morning watching Easter camps being run by these organisations, with very poor content, structure and overall coaching/ teaching. Yet inevitably parents send their kids to these bigger operations all the time. Marketing and money are always their biggest advantage over us independent coaches.
    I have purchased LEVEL 1, the recent Crash Course on Anatomy and the Grasso Method, “Complete Development of Young Athletes”, which have allowed me to run non-profit After school programmes for a Special Needs School, and for “non sports participating kids” in local high schools. The next step is to now organise my product, the IYCA system, to compete against the bigger organisations and gradually start to educate people in the correct way to develop kids for a healthy lifestyle.
    I also work as a voluntary underage soccer coach, even though I am highly qualilfied, its just Ireland does’nt really have a culture of paying for underage sports coaches.
    I have also tried to introduce the concepts of correct FMS through presentations and have even done free FMScreening and olympic lifting technique, having qualified with both earlier this year. But overall I am missing the tools and skills necessary to promote my business.
    Finally my two kids at 21 months and 8 months have given me the added incentive to make our system work and to be pioneers in breaking the mould.
    As always thank you for your excellent resources.
    Anthony Begley.

  48. AL Wimberly says:

    The reason why I believe that I should earn one your free report is because I don’t if you have heard about all the layoff that are going to happen throughout the city if San Francisco effective June 11,2010. Due to those circumstance that are about to happen to me it has force me to put my plan B into action of doing some that I always had the passion and desire of own my business of doing some type health and fitness program for children between the age 3yrs to 13yrs old. I have already start some of processs by going back to school and earn my Master Degree in Health care Adminstration. So my next is to get some type of help from some person or organization that could guide me and direct me in right course of action to help better me in this field and that would be you, is my reason why I should earn a free report.

  49. Chuck G says:

    I have been in the fitness industry for the past 11 years as a trainer and group x instructor. I see myself in this field for many years to come. Like a lot of trainer I been in many hours. There comes a point when we start to burn the candle at both ends. I was in the Marine Corps Reserve worked at a bank for 11 years and numerous other job. Nothing compares to see clients get it and reach new heights things they never thought were possible. I have work with youth groups and want to transition into more group and team training with youth. I want to make sure that I can past along the correct information to trainers, kids and parents. Help!

  50. Stacie says:

    I’ve been coaching young athletes for over 10 years in Cheer and Tumble and have been researching more outlets as to how to get more kids intereseted in being physically fit…All of my work has been volunteer but recently I’ve been trying to decide if I want to jump into opening my own business…any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, thank you for the daily emails all of your information is a world of knowledge 🙂

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