233 Young Athletes By Summer?


 How would you enjoy participant numbers like this for your young athletes Fitness & Sport Camps next summer? 

young athletes


I did 4 Camps last summer:


Camp 1 – 135 High School Boys

Camp 2 – 40 Middle School Boys & Girls

Camp 3 – 40 High School Female young Athletes

Camp 4 – 18 Elite College Athletes


That’s 233 athletes in total!!! In ONE summer!!


But those weren’t my totals… I received an email containing that data from the incredible Coach Dave Schmitz.


Let me reveal a few more details from the email he sent me:


“My total take home last summer was $30,360.00. That’s fairly normal for my summer camps.”


A total take home profit of $30,360. And that’s NORMAL for him every summer.


In fairness and complete honesty, but with the cutting reality of truth…


That is more than most Fitness Professionals earn in one year.


Now, full access to HOW Coach Schmitz churns those kinds of numbers out every year (233 young athletes and $30,360 of profit every summer) are 100% yours as a perfectly explained blueprint that all you need to do is follow.


The very reason Coach Schmitz was asked to contribute to my “Kid FitCamp” course was because, quite simply, he is the most successful man in the industry when it comes to this topic.


You just can’t ignore a $30,000+ profit every summer, ~Contact.FirstName~…


… But you can have complete and full access to his guaranteed blueprint.


All he and I are going to ask you to do is follow EXACTLY what we tell you.


Your “Don’t Make Me Think – Just Tell Me What To Do” roadmap for a success system that has proven to earn as much as $30,000 IN ONE SUMMER is all yours:


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– Brian



P.S. I know full well you’re creating your ‘Goal List’ for 2011 right now, ~Contact.FirstName~.

Imagine a Young Athletes Summer Camp that generates the kind of numbers I discussed above… 

 … Isn’t that what goal setting is all about?


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