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The Why’s & How’s of Multi-Directional

Speed Training

Speed training is such a fascinating part of sports. Allow Lee Taft to share with you the secrets behind WHY and HOW speed should be coached.

Opportunities You’re Missing…
And NEED to Capture

In this presentation, Pat Rigsby details a variety of opportunities available to coaches and trainers that they typically miss that, in turn, minimize their ability to impact as many young people as possible and their earning power


 Myths & Truths About
Youth Fitness Business

Nick Berry illustrates the effectiveness of systems and policies as well as outlines common failures and successes of both independent and franchise coaches in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Myths & Truths:
Lessons From the Trenches

Dave Gleason exposes participants to training paradigms through “in the trenches” experiences that dispel the myths associated with conventional or Western contemporary training programs. Nutrition, linear progressions, assessments and more are covered in this presentation, preparing attendees for more effective coaching and program design.



Creating Fitness Games for Kids

Learning and fun all at the same time? Is that possible? Let Dr. Kwame M. Brown teach you how the IYCA’s FUNction Program can help you in the work that you do every day with kids.

Olympic Lift Progressions for Youth

Wil Fleming and Ryan Ketchum teach practical and simple Olympic Lifting progressions that will dramatically improve your athletes’ ability to complete the Olympic Lifts. These progressions suit both the beginner athlete and athletes with habits that need changed and can be implemented the day you get back to your athletes!



The Art of Coaching &
Expectations vs. Assumptions

How coaches and trainers place expectations on their young athletes is a critical part of the ‘success paradigm’ in youth sports training. Brian Grasso explains how teaching your young athletes to THINK will serve them both while they are in your care and long after they have left your system.

Kids Fitness Camps… Your Career Goldmine!

Camp experts BJ Gaddour and Dave Schmitz you how to run legendary group exercise workouts that leave your campers begging for more, in addition to providing a done-for-you fit camp marketing blueprint to help your camps.



Developing the High School Athlete

Carlo Alvarez goes into detail as to how he’s developed multiple state championship teams, sharing his progression system of training and development. He covers assessment, mobility, activation, pre-hab, strength training, and conditioning.

Culture of Coaching

Dave Jack focuses on how to create a culture within your facility, your staff and those you coach. In doing so, you will improve your business, the results your clients’ experience, your bottom line and your own quality of life.



College Athletics… What Are You Missing?

Dr. Toby Brooks helps you discover the insights you need, both practical and personal, to help develop yourself into the respected professional that parents & athletes trust and recruiters rely on when making roster decisions

Dietary Supplements… The Good, Bad & Ugly!

Sports supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry. Dr. Chris Mohr exposes the truth behind many popular dietary supplements out there; your athletes are asking about them, maybe taking them.You need to know the truth!



Kettlebell Progressions for Kids

Jason C. Brown & Pamela MacElree guide participants through kettlebell exercises and the prerequisite bodyweight drills for young athletes. Each exercise will be covered in detail focusing on proper form, common errors and how to correct them





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The 2010 IYCA International Summit Presenters:

Lee TaftInternationally known as an expert in athletic movement technique, Lee is co-owner of Sports Speed, Etc., Inc. and President of Lee Taft Speed Academy. Over the past 20 years, Lee has worked with many athletes of all ages and abilities, focusing on the athletic development of young athletes. He has written many articles and e-books on the topic of multilateral speed and youth development as well as produced audio CD and DVD programs to assist parents, coaches and athletic development specialist in teaching his proven movement techniques to athletes. He is one of the most sought after speakers and clinician in the U.S. and Canada.
pat rigsbyPat Rigsby is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner for the IYCA He also is Co-Owner of several businesses within the fitness industry, ranging from a health club to the Association of Professional Personal Trainers and Athletic Revolution. Pat’s career has included roles as a collegiate Head Strength & Conditioning, Head Baseball Coach, personal trainer and training company owner as well as one of the industry’s most sought after fitness business consultants. He’s a contributor to Fitness Business Pro, Personal Fitness Professional and a host of other industry publications.
Nick BerryNick Berry is co-owner and Chief Financial and Operations Officer of the IYCA. Having spent his entire career an Entrepreneur, his experience has given him the opportunity to become a Business Coach and Consultant, allowing him to help thousands of other small business owners, both in and out of the fitness industry. He, along with Pat Rigsby, formed the Fitness Consulting Group, and are internationally known as the “systems guys”. They also co-own several other businesses, including a health club in Owensboro, KY.
dave gleasonDave Gleason has been coaching young athletes with a wide ranging ability level for 2 decades, both in team settings and individually. Having managed and owned several successful businesses in Eastern Massachusetts, Dave rededicated his career to that of his passion – young athletes and non-athletes alike ages 6-18 – and opened an Athletic Revolution franchise in 2009, which has already become the most sought after program on the south shore for youth fitness and athletic development.
dr kwame brownDr. Kwame M. Brown was part of the founding Board of Directors of the IYCA and currently serves as part of the Fitness and Wellness Section, Fairfax County Park Authority. He created the FUNction Program for Fairfax County, and innovative program that uses neurodevelopment principles to teach movement patterns to children by using fun games and activities. Dr. Brown has worked with thousands of children, from competitive youth athletes to children with movement difficulties and is determined to educate those who work with youth how to provide for the safe and effective development of not only young athletes, but all children no matter their ability level or difficulty.
dr kwame brownWil Fleming and Ryan Ketchum are Co-Owners of Athletic Revolution Bloomington in Indiana. Former All-American athletes at Indiana University Ryan & Wil have created highly effective systems of athletic development have helped countless athletes achieve to their highest levels and have helped countless others on their journey to great performances. Their collective experience as an athletic performance coaches includes athletes of all ages and abilities, including those just starting their pursuit of athletic achievement , NCAA All-Americans, high school state champions, and Olympians.
brian grassoIYCA President and Founder Brian Grasso is a well-known, respected and outspoken leader in the youth athletic development industry. Brian began his sport-training career as a Performance Coach to Olympic, professional and elite athletes from a variety of sports, and has traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe as a Conditioning Consultant for both the Canadian and United States National Team athletes. Brian has also written many articles and books on the topic of training young athletes and is a highly-sought after speaker on the topic.


BJ GaddourBJ Gaddour is a group training expert who has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds of body fat via bootcamp-style workouts. BJ founded Get Sexy Bootcamps in Milwaukee, WI, as seen in Brides Magazine, NBC, Fox, CBS, The Milwaukee Business Journal, and featured on National Public Radio’s (NPR) “The Story.” BJ is also Co-Creator of The Boot Camp Blueprint, the fitness industry’s premier business building program for community bootcamp owners and a partner in the Corporate Bootcamp System, the fitness industry’s premier premier business building program for corporate bootcamp owners. Additionally, BJ is a Perform Better presenter for his expertise regarding fitness bootcamp program design and marketing systems 
dave schmitzThe Man behind the BAND, Dave Schmitz is the co-owner of Resistance Band Training Systems and the creator of www.resistancebandtraining.com for fitness and performance. After 11 years working as a physical therapist and athletic trainer, Dave started his first Bootcamp in the late 90s and has never looked back since. His Reactive Resistance Band Training system has help thousands of athletes, performance coaches, fitness professionals and enthusiasts get their best even BETTER.
carlo alvarezCarlo Alvarez is regarded as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country, specializing in performance enhancement training for athletes at the high school, college and pro-level. A noted authority on sports conditioning, Carlo is recognized for his integrated and systematic approach to training, based on a foundation of safe and proven methods that have direct and measurable benefits to performance and wins. Carlo is Founder the sports performance training company Ethos Athletics.
dave jackAn All-American athlete, Dave Jack has more than 10 years of training experience which includes Developing, and teaching, various training methods for athletes and teams ranging from age 8 to the professional level, including NFL, MLB, IMG (International Management Group) the Boston Red Sox, and the New England Revolution. Dave has also assisted in the development of innovative athletic training protocols and facilities as well as creating and instructing a curriculum for students in schools known as “Sports and Life” offering students leadership and wellness tools. 
dr toby brooksDr. Toby Brooks is currently an Assistant Professor in the Master of Athletic Training Program at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center and serves as the Director of Research and Education for the IYCA. Toby has worked as a certified athletic trainer and/or strength coach with numerous professional, collegiate, and high school athletics programs, including the USA Baseball national teams, the Oakland Raiders, the Florida Firecats AF2 Football franchise, and the Southern Illinois Miners Frontier League Baseball team. He has published multiple articles and studies, and presents regularly at national and international conferences.
Dr chris mohrDr. Christopher Mohr, PhD RD is a nutrition spokesperson and consultant to a number of media outlets and corporations including the Discovery Health Channel, The Dairy Council, Clif Bar, Nordic Naturals and Under Armour’s TNP Training Council. Through his company Mohr Results, Inc., Chris also with all types of individuals from soccer moms to collegiate and professional athletes. He often appears on TV as a nutritional guest expert, including an appearance with Chef Emeril Lagasse, He was the nutrition expert for the NY Times Bestseller, “LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout” and worked closely with Fitness Celebrity Denise Austin to create the entire nutrition component of her latest book. Chris is on the Advisory Board for Men’s Fitness Magazine and has written over 500 articles for consumer publications, such as Men’s Fitness, Weight Watchers, Men’s Health and Fitness, to name a few.
pamela macelree and jason c brownJason C. Brown and Pamela MacElree are co-owners of Urban Athlete Philadelphia and creators of the Kettlebell Athletics, an internationally respected school for learning the authentic art of kettlebell training. Both are highly sought-after consultants and speakers and travel to conduct kettlebell training workshops for Equinox Fitness Clubs, The New Jersey State Strength & Conditioning Coach Association and The Texas High School Football Coaching Association.



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