Discover 3 ways to help your athletes overcome their greatest fears, create unshakable confidence, and inspire the motivation to conquer any obstacle.

Learn how Dr. Haley Perlus, a world-leading mental toughness expert and coach to world champions, gets her athletes to perform their best when it matters most.

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  • How to replace negative images that are killing your athletes’ performance so they can rise to the occasion
  • Why getting an athlete to commit to ONE THING will motivate them to do what it takes to have success
  • Ways to create confidence that can’t be broken and prepare your athletes to take on any situations they face on the field, court, or life

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Dr. Perlus has used these strategies with National, World, and Olympic Champions to help them overcome their fears and develop the mental toughness that allows them to perform their best, and I’m excited that she’s decided to share her secrets with you today!
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Julie Hatfield
Executive Director, IYCA

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