Last Chance for a Successful 2011

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Your Success Blueprint for 2011

Pat Rigsby is an icon. I don’t use that term lightly and no part of me is creating hype. Since becoming a part owner in the IYCA, our organization has blown up worldwide and created opportunities for Fitness Professionals that most had never dreamed possible. Athletic Revolution (another ‘baby’ co-founded by Pat and myself) has 20 locations throughout the United States (already) and is poised to become the largest and most influential franchise of training centers this industry has ever seen. And these are just two of his incredible success stories. So when I mentioned.. More »

3-Part Goals for 2011

"What’s the main goal I should concentrate on in the New Year, Brian?" A question I get routinely asked between the beginning of October and the end of December every single year. The turning of the calendar to a blank slate and brand new 12-months is a source of enthusiasm for most people. New goals. New directions. Same old dreams… But THIS year, I’ll make them happen. Do you play that annual game yourself? The undeniable (and unfortunate) reality is that most people do in fact create new agendas for themselves as.. More »

A Youth Fitness Success Story – Part 3

Here’s where I left off with ‘Part 2’ of the Dave Gleason chronicle: "More on the training and business side in a bit, though, for now, I want to explain what Athletic Revolution has done for me, my life and my career…" Now, here’s where we pick it up for ‘Part 3’: I Have the Opportunity to Effect a Generation and Build Wealth and Financial Stability in the Process The Fitness & Sport Training industry is very young. And not unlike any other industry’s growing pains, the evidence of our ‘youth’ can be.. More »

A Youth Fitness Success Story – Part 2

Here’s ‘Part 2’ of the Dave Gleason chronicles… But before you read them, have you scheduled your phone call with me yet? It’s 100% free. You will not be obligated to anything. But in order to qualify for the "100% Financing Option" (available until December 31) you absolutely must schedule your call RIGHT NOW: After reading ‘Part 2’ of Dave’s story, you’re going to see why this is so important… Read this:

A Youth Fitness Success Story – Part 1

Not only is Dave Gleason the current IYCA Trainer of the Year, he was also the very first Athletic Revolution franchisee. Dave is in the process of writing a chronicle that explains how he and I met. How he was highly successful and owned an extremely profitable Personal Training business. But how the day he heard me make a presentation at a Fitness Conference in 2008 changed his life and business around completely. How he risked everything… And won. Read this carefully: My 17-Year, Incredibly Successful and Profitable Career in the Fitness &.. More »

Athletic Revolution

Athletic Revolution is absolutely exploding nationwide. A 100% done-for-you Youth Fitness & Sport Training facility or program that is just waiting for you… … Waiting for you to join the AR Family and share in the joy of owning a business of your own that has proven effective, successful and fulfilling. Every week, I adore the time I spend chatting with new and soon-to-be-new franchisees – their excitement, passion and care is positively contagious! As a means of making the decision to become an AR Family Member and business owner even easier for you, Pat Rigsby.. More »

The Training Template Secret

It’s great to watch a video or DVD and see what a quality training session is supposed to look like. I always enjoy having exercise photographs at my fingertips with a visual representation of what each rep should look like along the way. I also adore being able to read key information about what the Coach or Trainer was thinking when they designed a particular training program, or what philosophies and concepts they feel are important with respect to Speed, Strength, Coordination, Mobility, Flexibility and Injury Prevention. And I especially love being given ‘sample programs’. A.. More »

A Rare Training Program for Young Athletes

‘Rare’ is another way of saying ‘scarcity’. Uncommon. But scarcity also means a ‘shortage of supply’. And while I can absolutely assure you that there are no shortages in the supply of ‘Complete Athlete Development’ systems available, I can also positively promise that its rareness is something you simply must consider. There are some books on Speed & Agility Training that contain fantastic information and practical steps for you to follow. You can find DVD’s and video products that show you how to incorporate optimal Strength Training into the conditioning programs for your athletes. .. More »

Young Athletes and the Guarantee

When it comes to young athletes I’m confident for a lot of reasons… I’ve field-tested the ‘Complete Athlete Development’ system with about 20,000 young athletes worldwide over the past 12 years. The system itself contains more than 100 photographs of exercises I use every day in developing the best and most dominant young athletes in their respective sports. You also get a complete ‘done-for-you’ sample program chapter and template that allows you to create (literally) thousands of training programs through my unique ‘mix-n-match’ structure. Access to Videos of what training sessions must contain with young athletes

Complete Athlete Development

The ‘Complete Athlete Development‘ System… Now 100% Digital (So You Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS) And Yours for Only $97… Click Here Right Now —> “When I read Brian’s ‘Speed & Movement Techniques’ chapter in his Complete Athlete Development Program, I knew that I was on to something very special… … When I watched the corresponding DVD’s, I realized in an instance that the techniques and progressions he was showing were going to make my athletes the fastest and most agile in the game… … I was right!” I received.. More »

Special Needs Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness For Special Poulations As you saw in my post from yesterday, the IYCA’s mission from Day 1 has been to provide world-class educational solutions for Fitness Professionals who work with any and all young people. We have become the #1 Youth Fitness & Youth Sports Performance organization on the planet because of our unmatched desire to bring the very best information possible to the marketplace. Our recent ‘Special Needs youth Fitness‘ course is an example of that commitment. But consider this…. We don’t ‘dabble’ in youth as a secondary target for our educational material… More »

Adults vs Kids – What Say You?

I made a very strong point in yesterday’s ‘Part 4’ article… I don’t think John Izzo is wrong. Smart, quality, passionate and forward thinking Coaches will always believe the demographic they work in to be more challenging than any other one. It’s because they are always striving to learn more, discover more and create more. And I have nothing but respect for that. But now, it’s your turn… Adults vs Kids – What Say You?

Youth Fitness Business: Training Adults is More Difficult – Part 4

9.) Financial Justification – Most athlete programs are funded by parents or the school system or a possible sponsor. Parents can rationalize spending the dollars on a Youth Fitness Business and on their children more than themselves when it comes to physical fitness. Why? Parents view their children as “still having a chance” to achieve a dream or great feat. This brings us back to the adult client. Why doesn’t an adult view this the same way? Adults cannot justify spending the money on personal training or fitness because they face other expenses where they need to funnel their hard-earned.. More »

Youth Fitness Business: Training Adults is More Difficult – Part 3

Youth Fitness Business vs Adults Continued 6.) Poor Posture – Let’s face it… adults have been on this earth longer and therefore, have been battling gravity longer. With prolonged static postures at 8-10 hour jobs–combined with inactivity, the typical adult suffers from the most common postural dysfunction: upper and lower crossed syndromes. True, but activity (especially competitive activity) doesn’t lessen the risk or incidence of postural dysfunction, it adds to the matrix of work a Coach must do with young athletes. The one feature present in youth that makes this point even more issue-oriented is the fact that.. More »

Youth Fitness Business: Training Adults is More Difficult – Part 2

More Reasons why choose a Youth Fitness business 2.) Sedentary Lifestyle – Most adults that work are inactive due to desk jobs, laziness, or boredom. Unlike youngsters involved in scholastic sports, there is no structure involving financial accountability and job performance. Youth athletes benefit from a different kind of structure. They follow a routine consisting of academia, social thrivers, and sport. So if the expectation is not there, don’t expect adults to get off their couch to do something unless that are forced to. I think I’d be splitting hairs to disagree with this point outright, but it.. More »

Youth Fitness Business: Training Adults is More Difficult?

Youth Fitness Business Comparisons You can (and should) take a look at John’s entire article here. Now, our industry is full of people who seem to enjoy taking shots at their peers. Almost like a sport, they feel somehow empowered and or compelled to lobby opinions at what other people have to say and cloak their oftentimes defaming commentary with “this isn’t personal”. My ‘retort’ article is not anywhere near a ‘shot’ at John. I was just so intrigued by his thoughts and feelings on the matter, I wanted to test the merits of his conclusions based on.. More »

Train a Group of Young Kids With Different Abilities

Is it really possible to effectively train a group of young kids with varying levels of ability at the same time? What if some of them were highly skilled in movement aptitude while others (in the same group) had Autism? Watch this fascinating ‘practical’ video from 2010 IYCA Trainer of the Year, Dave Gleason, and see for yourself:

Young Athletes and Skill Sets Part 2

Young Athletes Skills Part 2 by Dr. Toby Brooks KISS Me: Skill Setting the Jump Shot (Part II) If you read my last post, you followed along as I walked us through the first three steps to consistent jump shot performance for a young basketball player. We discussed how the athlete should “catch,” “set,” and “see.” In this installment, we will finish the jump shot skill set by discussing the other four keys, “dip,” “extend,” “flip,” and “crash.” As we discussed last time, it is likely ultimately more functional to further simplify this skill set into even fewer.. More »