Youth Speed Training & Inuries

What kinds of programming and coaching information did Dave Gleason offer you in my new ‘Youth Speed Training’ system? Enjoy this video (actual footage from the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system):

The Youth Speed Training System

How much would you pay for a blueprint youth training system that included: 5 Hours of Video Instruction 2.5 Hours of Audio Education 30+ Sample Programs Now, how much would you pay when you found out it was created by some of the very best Youth Speed Training Coaches in the world:

Youth Speed Training Mistakes

Youth Speed Training Expert Opinions Coach Robert Dos Remedios is considered one of the best Strength Coaches in College sports. And he agrees. So does Sue Falsone. Sue is the former Head Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles Dodgers and current Director of Physical Therapy for the vaunted ‘Athletes Performance’ facility in Arizona. The ability of an athlete to become ‘elite’, ‘professional’ or ‘world-class’ is based almost entirely on what kind of development happened when they were young. Coach Dos explained to me how puzzled and frustrated his is year-in and year-out to have all-state.. More »

Olympic Lifts and Young Athletes?

Young Athletes Performing Olympic Lifts? Yes or No? Teach them so you can use them in programming? Recognize space, time and technique limitations so teach ‘3-joint-explosition’ in a different way? Lots of opinions regarding Young Athletes… … And I want to hear yours. Leave your thoughts below:

Youth Sports Training Technique: Part 3

Youth Sports Training ********************************************************************** The Importance of Speed Training for Young Athletes… Click Here —> ********************************************************************** Open versus Closed Habits? ‘Part 3’: The core of technique development or learning is in the action of achieving perfect sensory-motor habits. A sensory-motor habit is simply a “learned activity of sensory and motor processes intentionally practiced to the point of nationalization”. From a physiological perspective, this entails creating a permanent conditional reflex connection that enables the exact same motor reactions to respond to the same stimuli. The development of a sensory-motor habit occurs through many.. More »

Youth Sports Training Technique: Part 2

Group One, Group Two & Group Three youth sports training classifications… But what else? Here’s Part 2: How efficiently an athlete learns the technical skills of a sport, strength training exercise or movement is determined by several variables – Age – Complex skills are often understood and comprehended better by more mature athletes (although individual exceptions certainly apply). Emotional State – Relaxed and easy-going athletes tend to learn and reproduce new skills better than athletes who are uptight and self-critical. Motivation

Youth Sports Training Technique: Part 1

I found this archived article and wanted desperately to bring it to your attention. There is SO MUCH MORE to youth sports training than just selecting some exercises and counting reps… ‘Part 1’: Demonstrating good technique from a sporting perspective involves applying optimal movement ability in order to accomplish or solve a particular task effectively.  A young athlete, for instance, who demonstrates sound technical ability while running is getting from point A to point B in an effective manner. Technical ability in a sport is typically the underlying measure for potential success. Good athletes are more often.. More »

Connecting with Young Athletes

Coaching young athletes is only half about programming It’s also about mentoring, communication and understanding how to make connections… Watch This: The Role of a good young athletes coach Is About MUCH More Than Knowing How to Count Sets & Reps: This Is The Key —>

Youth Speed Training

An incredible video about Youth Speed Training that answers a lot of questions: A Speed Program for Young Athletes That Has Been Proven To Be 100% Successful: —>

Young Athletes & Mobility

Some time ago, I did an interview with Eric Cressey on ‘Young Athletes & Mobility Training’… … You’re about to understand why Eric is considered one of the VERY best in the world: BG: Eric, what is the difference between ‘Mobility’ & ‘Flexibility’ and when in a training program do each apply EC: Those are great questions, Brian; very few people understand the difference – and it is a big one. Flexibility merely refers to range of motion – and, more specifically, passive range of motion as achieved by static stretching. Don’t get me wrong; static.. More »

IYCA members updates

Here are your IYCA updates to for the week of February 7, 2011: (1) The Athletic Performance Matrix Last week, I gave you an incredible look at Athletic Development from New Zealand through the sample programming of IYCA Member and world-class Coach, Gareth Ashton. This week, I want you to see exactly how and why he sets up his Athletic Development program inside one of New Zealand’s most famed sporting schools: Click Here to Access this Incredible Resource —>

Reactive Coaching For Athletic Development?

What is ‘Reactive Coaching’? Do you coach ‘to the plan’ or ‘above the clipboard’? This is one of the most incredibly important factors that separate good Coaches from great ones’. What is Athletic Development? A fad ‘catch-phrase’ or something we truly need to understand? Watch this… … You’re going to be surprised:

Speed Training for Youth

Body Awareness Movement Exploration Technical Layering (aka Letter Tracing: A – D) Does your Speed Training for Youth 6 – 9 year old kids’ look or sound like that? Is there such a thing as ‘Speed Training’ for this age group? Watch this video and see…

IYCA Autism Expert Profiled In News

The incredible Eric Chessen has gotten some MAJOR notoriety for himself recently. The co-creator of the IYCA‘s “Special Needs Fitness Course” was profiled in Yahoo News for the groundbreaking work he does in the autism community. You can read the entire article here: And please… Be sure to leave your comments of ‘congrats’ to Eric below.

Fitness Pros and Time Management

Month/Year- January 2011 Name of Book – No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs Author – Dan Kennedy Fitness Pros Top 3 Key Points:

Symptomatology of Training Young Athletes

Training young athletes… It seems that everybody dabbles in this market Whether the fitness or sport training professional is a Physical Therapist by trade, Personal Trainer to the average adult clientele or Strength Coach to elite sporting stars, when stating their bios and areas or expertise, it seems that the sentence always ends with ‘I am Training Young Athletes, too‘. And why not, right? Training young athletes is the fastest growing niche within the entire fitness industry. It’s worth over $4 billion a year in the United States alone and more than 1 million children, youths and.. More »

High School Strength & Conditioning Coach: New Certification, New Offer

Just a quick update and new offer for you on the “High School Strength & Conditioning Coach” Certification… As of today (right now, in fact), it’s yours for only $67 a month for 3 months. I recognized that coming off the Christmas Holidays, your cash flow may not be exactly where you wished it was. But I didn’t want that to be a factor for you getting your hands on the resources that has, in only 2 days, become the fastest selling certification in the history of this industry. As of right now, the “High.. More »

High School Strength Certified Coach

Exactly as I predicted, the “High School Strength & Conditioning Coach” certification has been absolutely flying off the shelves since I released it yesterday. There is an unbelievable buzz at IYCA Head Office that, quite frankly, I haven’t seen in a very long time – the whole Fitness and Sport Training industry is lighting up over this new certification! (See what all the buzz is about by clicking here —> And why wouldn’t they be? After all: You receive a certification and gain credentials to work with the fastest growing and most.. More »