Athletes Vs. Coaches?

"In order to be a good Coach, you have to have played the sport you’re Coaching" "Those who can’t, Coach" "Great Athletes make crappy Coaches" "The best kind of Coach is the one who was the best Athlete" Those are all comments I heard during casual conversation at my nephew’s basketball game this past weekend. What do you think? Is any of that correct or just standard societal dogma with no real truth? Post your comments below… – Brian

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How Do I Get "In" With High School Coaches?

Hi Brian, I am trying to do a speed camp in my area and here is the question: Who do I talk to? Athlete’s parent? High school coaches? A friend of mine said go to the high school coaches and talk to them. I know I have to talk about what I do, but I need to be sure that I say it right and not get too complicated but make it simple and easy for them to understand. As you are aware many HS coaches do lot of training differently than what we do, so I just.. More »

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Movement Patterns & Young Athletes

by Dr. Kwame M. Brown First, we need to understand how the human body works during movements. In a nutshell, the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) controls the muscles so that they can move efficiently to use energy wisely and to avoid injury. The central nervous system, in turn receives information about what’s happening from the muscles. Because of this process, movement patterns become important.

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How Important is Coaching?

Families listen to each other (at least functional families do!!). Which is why your thoughts and opinions are important to me. Here are the questions I would like your thoughts on: 1) What are your ‘Top 3′ factors for someone becoming the very best Youth Fitness Specialist they could be (i.e. Communication, Programming Skill, Kinesiology Knowledge etc) 2) If you were teaching another Trainer how to be an effective Coach/Communicator, what is the first thing you would want to teach them? I am DYING to hear what you have to say… – Brian.. More »

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IYCA Equips Industry with New & Innovative Learning Opportunities

‘Crash Courses’ teach professional trainers 1 year worth of college material in 1 week March 15, 2010: In an effort to allow busy Trainers and Fitness Professionals the ability to enhance their knowledge in a condensed, but effective way, the IYCA has created a serious of ‘Crash Courses’. Written and produced by Dr. Toby Brooks, Research and Education Director for the IYCA and Professor at Texas Tech University, each course contains a wealth of information pertaining to Kinesiology, Kinematics and Athletic Movement.

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What Do I Mean By Training System?

I look forward to reading and learning from the fascinating and insightful blog posts by many of the World’s top youth coaches and am writing this article as a follow-up inspired by two of the very best. Brian Grasso and Lee Taft are people that rightfully deserve the utmost respect for the wisdom and practical learning opportunities they frequently present in their blogs, and two recent posts in particular have led me to put together this article to offer my thoughts on what is a critical but often overlooked aspect of youth development.

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The Power of the Offer

by Dr. Toby J. Brooks, PhD, ATC, CSCS, YCS-2, PES Hopefully you were able to attend the recent Second Annual IYCA International Summit in Louisville, Kentucky in person. If not, then perhaps you were able to catch the live streaming video or the soon-to-be-released DVDs. At any rate, just prior to my presentation, IYCA founder and CEO Brian Grasso introduced me to the attendees. Now Brian is certainly a wordsmith, but something he mentioned really resonated with me and got me thinking. It was the simple power of the offer.

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Is the IYCA Good for Parent Coaches?

Brian, I have been searching for information about training kids for some time and, thankfully, I came across your group via I am not a trainer, but I coach a lot of team sports ages 5-11, coinciding with the ages of my own 4 kids. I do find a lot of parental interest in training kids more effectively for general athleticism and fitness. I have even thought of putting together some small classes, as I have a built-in clientele. Would your Level 1 certification be enough for me to work with a few kids on a basic.. More »

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Groundbreaking DVD vs. Youth Speed Certification

To Brian, I have a question about the Youth Speed and Agility Cert. Before I start I just want to introduce myself- my name is Bill and I am a High School Physical Education Teacher and an NSCA Strength Coach. I train at a gym after school (ages 8- college level). I have been following the IYCA for about a year now and I’m very impressed with everything you’ve done. I’ve also just sent in my exam for YFS1. Brian I am torn between getting Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking 2 DVD and the IYCA Youth Speed and Agility.. More »

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Running a Youth Fitness Program

Hi Brian – My name is Brett and I’m a PTA, ATC, CSCS. I recently purchased the Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 and currently going over it. I work in a busy outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic and we will be moving to bigger space in June. aprrox 10,000 square feet. We are looking to develop a youth fitness program at our clinic and I had a few questions to see if you could help out. 1. Do you have different levels within each age range? For example, do you stay with the same program with a.. More »

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Kids are all going to die of obesity!

Quick, make ‘em sweat it all off! by Dr. Kwame M. Brown Brian and Pat asked me to review and write something on this article Premature death is more likely in obese children 2/11/10 To begin, I am sure that kids that spend their lives being obese from a young age will shorten their lifespan overall, and more importantly will decrease quality of life. I am also sure that most people think that. However, I have some real problems with this study. Sensational title, then when you read further….uhhh…

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Is YFS1 Good For Overweight Youth?

Hey Brian, My question is your certification is it more for training young athletes or can it also be used to help with Overweight/obese kids, or teens? I am currently a personal trainer and I really want to specialize in overweight youth because I see so much of it everyday at my job. I hope you can answer my question. – Michael

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What Do Young Athletes See?

Pardon the pun, but all my work with this vision training specialist has really served to open my eyes! The eye itself has a primary goal of shaping incoming stimulus into something that can be used by the brain. Simple visual patterns can be detected and converted to useable neural signals more quickly than complex visual patterns, the difference in processing time being between 80 milliseconds for simple images versus 260 milliseconds for complex images. Quite obviously, the difference in processing time affects reaction time, which in turn can drastically affect.. More »

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Post IYCA Summit – Please Help…

I really want to know… What was the Summit like for you? The atmosphere? The Speakers? The content? The fellowship with other IYCA Family Members worldwide? What was it like for you? Is the Summit different or the same as other fitness conferences you’ve been to? Please… Take a moment to tell me below.

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Post IYCA Summit Surprise

"What can you guys do, from Head Office, to improve society’s recognition of the IYCA" That was George’s question to me. What can I do from my end? How can I make it so that every parent and coach in your area has heard of the IYCA and understands that your credentials with us mean that you are one of the best in the world. I’m going to be reading your comments very carefully… … So be sure to leave one below… – Brian P.S – Would you like to earn our ‘Youth.. More »

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Bullying, Exclusion, Social-Emotional Intelligence: The Value of Play in Social Learning

In this second part, we will explore some ways that we as coaches, PE teachers, and trainers can contribute to solving the problems of exclusion and bullying. What IS the Solution? The solution seems fairly obvious to me. Find ways to mix competition with cooperation. Instead of choosing your young athletes based on their perceived potential, be about the business of helping all kids enjoy sports. When you see these ego-driven, bullying / dominance situations – discuss this with kids. Ask the right questions to help them understand implications. Do I as a coach or trainer truly understand competition?.. More »

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Bullying, Exclusion, Social-Emotional Intelligence – Our Issue, Too

by Dr. Kwame M Brown This will be the first of two parts, exploring the connections between social awareness and bullying / exclusion. The purpose of this first part is to call out the issue in the larger scope of the lives of children / teens. The second part will explore some ways those of us who work with children can attempt to change the landscape as it currently exists. Since these articles are appearing in a blog, they will obviously not be a full dissertation, exploring every detail. The purpose here is to start a valuable discussion. A.. More »

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Youth Fitness – Lesson Learned

by Wil Fleming – We have all seen this scenario before: An athlete taking attempts at a max weight and missing attempt after attempt. This happens all the time when an athlete is taking attempts in Olympic lifting. Missed clean, rest, try again, miss again, “Okay last attempt” miss again. As a coach if you are encountered with this you try to take the opportunity of a brief failure to tell the athlete all the aspects of a lift that were successful, but where do you go from there? We all train our athletes for success. That.. More »

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The Myth of Speed Training – Part 2

Tony Reynolds says… Treadmill – The belt pulls your leg through resulting in relatively passive extension of the hip. Passive extension would then minimize the contribution of the primary hip extensors. This can be offset a bit by inclining the treadmill, but still does not match the recruitment patterning of running on the ground. Ground – YOU pull your leg through. Therefore land running involves active hip extension. You are never going to improve speed of extension or the force generation capacity of that extension when you utilize an activity that minimizes the contributions.. More »

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The Myth of Speed Training

So a great question was asked on the message board over at a couple of days ago. "Why are high speed running treadmills NOT recommended for training young athletes?" I’ve been talking about this issue for as long as I can remember. So naturally… I offered my two cents. Here are my thoughts:

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