High School Certification: Available Now!

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High School Strength Certification

High School Strength Certification will be released tomorrow. And today, I wanted to hit you with a few key points for your consideration… Barrington High School Timothy Christian Prairie Ridge 3 of the numerous high schools I either worked at or consulted for from 2001 – 2009. Without question the most fulfilling time of my career. In those 8 years and with those 6,000+ high school athletes, I experienced more in the way of learning than at any other point in my 15 years inside this industry. I learned that the situation (for multiple.. More »

New: High School Strength Coach Certification

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High School Certification: Sample Chapter

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Successful High School Training Systems

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How to Create High School Training Systems

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Championship High School Training

My fondest memories of coaching are very specific. Specific to a period of time, particular location and group of young athletes. Barrington High School. Just outside Chicago, Illinois. 2004 – 2006. I had started working at a large sports training facility not too far away from BHS. Naturally, I wanted to position myself as the ‘go to expert’ for all the Young Athletes who participated in the competitive sports the school had to offer.

Tackling Childhood Obesity With Youth Fitness Training

Why Youth Fitness Training Is Needed Now More Than Ever! Great fitness professionals that have a passion for youth fitness training are needed now more than ever! Childhood Obesity is on the rise and so is the negative impact that this epidemic has on the youth. I can share with you firsthand what it is like to be overweight as a child and have to suffer though the negative comments and teasing. Luckily I was an athlete so I was able to hide behind my talents on the field and court, but there are many kids that aren’t afforded that.. More »

Speed and Agility for Athletes Coping with Growing Pains

When it comes to speed and agility for athletes, customization is key. Having a cookie-cutter program or a “one size fits all” approach can lead to frustrated athletes who see little progress—and might even get injured. In this video, Dave Gleason, IYCA Expert and owner and head coach of Athletic Revolution Pembroke, shares a reminder to customize speed and agility for athletes who are still growing. He talks about the potential risks of static stretching, the need to help young athletes succeed while their bodies are maturing, and the many benefits of skipping for speed and agility for.. More »

Speed Training For Athletes: How to develop speed in young athletes for soccer

How To Develop Speed Training for Athletes There are a few key things that must be in every program that is designed to help athletes get faster. As you are putting together a program that is focused on speed training for athletes consider if your program includes the following: 1. Tissue Quality 2. Mobility 3. Torso 4. Movement Preparation 5. Skill As you are developing your program for speed training for athletes it should have each of those components and the sessions should follow that progression. Most of our progressions and programs when speed training for athletes are similar in.. More »

Your Missing Strategy for Young Athlete Success

One word for you and your young athlete: Communication Are you communicating properly with your young athlete? If you aren’t, will it impact the potential success for the young athlete? Watch this: The Art of Coaching is One of the Biggest Aspects of the IYCA ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ Certification… Click Here to See What I Mean —> http://iyca.org/products/yfs1

A Special 2011 Gift For You

Today is January 3rd: the start of a brand-new year. Your ideas are fresh. Your anticipation is high. Your goals very lofty. Is this the year you make it ‘click’? By March, will 2011 ACTUALLY be and feel different than every other year? The promise of a new beginning almost always gives way to ‘same-old-same-old’ as the days plod on. But this year, I want to give you something that could truly make 2011 ‘the one’. 100% free shipping on every IYCA product… Your key to success is based on.. More »

Progressive Young Athlete Success

Ensuring success while guaranteeing proper long-term development through the toughest transitional years a young athlete will face…

233 Young Athletes By Summer?

How would you enjoy participant numbers like this for your young athletes Fitness & Sport Camps next summer? I did 4 Camps last summer: Camp 1 – 135 High School Boys Camp 2 – 40 Middle School Boys & Girls Camp 3 – 40 High School Female young Athletes Camp 4 – 18 Elite College Athletes That’s 233 athletes in total!!! In ONE

Youth Fitness: Goals for 2011

Youth Fitness Resolutions I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Never have. But I am a determined and purposeful Goal Creator. I’ve learned (from trial and error) that to get what you want (in life, your career, everything) there are 3 very specific and very notable steps you absolutely MUST take: You must write your goals down You must believe and have faith that they will ‘come true’ You must repeat your goals as an ‘inner dialogue’ several times a day The trade secrets that have worked (wonderfully) in my life. What do you.. More »