The X & O Factors in Training Young Athletes

Training Young Athletes For the purposes of this article, let me say this: “Kids” is a term I will use to encompass everyone who inhabits the ages of 6 – 18. Athletes and Non-Athletes alike. Miniature superstars, bench-warmers and the overweight, will all be lumped under the same umbrella. And simply stated, I do this because the development parameters of physical stimulus needed for ALL ‘kids’ is the same – at very least in the beginning phases of training spectrum. Training stimulus with this demographic is guided, primarily, by physiology.

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Youth Fitness: The Critical Timing

Youth Fitness Let me be frank and to the point here… You can open a cookbook, follow a recipe and make a nice dinner, but that doesn’t give you the skill, ability or know-how to own a restaurant. Every year and in every industry, there are specific time frames that present themselves as ‘revenue spikes’ for a business. And they are absolutely critical for success and longevity. In the retail industry, it’s the Holiday Season. In the school supplies industry, it’s August (for the back-to-school push). Knowing where and when your revenue spikes.. More »

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The Inside Scoop on Youth Fitness Camps

Youth Fitness Camps … Dave, the incredbile BJ Gaddour and myself, all teamed up LAST summer to create an unbelievable Youth Fitness & Sport Training Summer Camp system that will be going on sale next week, An incredible DVD package that showcases how each of us use very different training programs to optimal success every summer within our own Youth Fitness Camps. But in addition to that, Pat Rigsby has also added a complete Business System process as well. Simply stated… If you are or want to run your very own successful and profitable.. More »

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Your Top 5 Mistakes in Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness Summer is the ‘make or break’ time of year. Without a strong summer of youth fitness or sport training camps working effectively on all levels, you can literally kiss your business progress goodbye. June, July and August represent your greatest potential to have a revenue spike. They are the months that will see the most number of new young clients walk through your door (at least hopefully). They are when the seeds will be sown for your business success the remaining nine months of the year. And yet every single year.. More »

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Youth Fitness Specialist: How Do I Train Junior Golfers?

Youth Fitness Specialist Good Afternoon Brian, I am a PGA golf professional and do a lot of teaching, including junior clinics. I am looking to include physical fitness into my junior golf program and get away from having the kids just hitting golf balls for the hour lesson. What information do you have to offer that might specifically address what programs to design for different age groups and child development stages in general? I look forward to hearing from you Thanks, Joe, PGA

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How Much Should I Charge For Speed Training?

Speed Training Business Tips Hi Brian, Erik here. I am currently waiting my approval on the level 1 IYCA Speed cert. Long story short. I am in a new area and have begun to approach facilities, coaches, organizations to be the go to guy for speed training. I have a meeting set up with a baseball center and they want me to put together a proposal for them immediately. So my question is, in an area that is very wealthy what would be the best way to go about pricing this? Per month, in blocks eg,.. More »

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IYCA Partners with Globe University on Bachelors Degree Program

IYCA in University ‘Principles of Child Fitness’ Course Uses IYCA Material as Centerpiece April 19, 2010: The IYCA and Globe University have partnered to establish a youth fitness presence within GU’s Health Fitness Specialty Degree. The undergraduate course, “Principles of Child Fitness”, uses the International Youth Conditioning Association’s text, Developmental Essentials, as well as the Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist material, as the foundation of their program.

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What is Bottom-Up Coaching?

With young athletes who exhibit poor technical quality on a particular exercise or group of exercises, the best method of offering correction is often to become less dogmatic or predictable in your teaching method. When teaching the squat for example, most Trainers and Coaches tend to take a ‘top down’ approach to skill execution. They teach the young athlete to set there feet and proceed through an eccentric-concentric progression. The nuances as to why a squat may be faulty are many, but very often, it is the inability of the young athlete to get to and summarily.. More »

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How to Grow a Super-Athlete

Click Here to read the original article "How to Grow A Super Athlete" The article is a wonderful portrayal of youth athletic development as it looks in Russia at the world famous Spartak Tennis Academy. The article discusses the unique blend of non-specific athletic training, the keys to nervous system enhancement and the incredibly involved technical development that each young athlete goes through as they ascend to either sporting success or a functionally fit life… … Interestingly enough, if you have been paying attention over the years that is EXACTLY what I have been telling you regarding.. More »

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Plastic Trophy Syndrome

by Dr. Toby J. Brooks, PhD, ATC, CSCS, YCS-2, PES I just can’t shake the awful feeling. In a mixture of emotions that included gratitude, despair, frustration, and anger, I recently watched my oldest child, my six year old daughter Brynnan, play tee ball. I have been involved with young athletes for quite a long time, and have worked with developed athletes even longer. However, this year marks my first foray as a parent to a young athlete playing organized sports. And wow, what an experience.

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Warming Up For Sport – What? Why? How?

By Richie Whall What is the purpose of the warm-up? Why do we warm-up? How do we warm-up? The majority of coaches and athletes will perform some form of warm-up prior to training or competition but how often do we actually take the time to think about: :: What we need to do to warm-up appropriately :: Why we do what we are currently doing to warm-up, or :: Wow can the warm-up be conducted more effectively? In my previous article I discussed a goals – principles – strategies – activities approach to developing.. More »

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IYCA Youth Fitness & Sport Training Courses Available In College

After only 5 years, IYCA earns incredible credibility within the ‘Fitness Education’ world April 19, 2010: The IYCA has created a specific course blending the theory and practicality of Youth Fitness & Sport Training for students at the post-secondary level. Both Southern Illinois University and Texas Tech University have begun offering this IYCA specific course as undergraduate electives for Exercise Science students at both institutions. The IYCA, founded in 2003 and to market since 2005, serves as the only entity in the entire fitness and sport training world that specifically educates both professionals and students on the.. More »

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Maximize Your Young Athletes’ Time

Earlier this week I was asked to consult with a local youth football organization. Ordinarily, these types of consulting services include me conducting conference call educational seminars with as many as 30 – 40 coaches at one time. I present on the topics that they have requested as they listen and follow along with a Power Point presentation that I email to them prior to the call starting. At the end of my presentation, we all enjoy a round-table discussion in which they are free to ask me anything they want in reference to how my ‘Grasso.. More »

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Important Q&A – Youth Fitness Business

OK, so emails have been pouring in and rather than returning them one at a time, I figured it would be easier to just answer the main questions I’ve been getting through a quick email… About the ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business System‘: 1) Is the ‘A – Z’ System right for me? Well, I guess that depends. Here’s who Pat and I created the System for:

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A More Successful Fitness Career

Whether we like it or not, the fitness industry is a business. Learn how to increase revenue, or consider your work nothing more than a glorified hobby. Harsh, but true. I’ve told you about the new ‘A – Z Youth Fitness Business’ System over the past couple of days… Now, here’s what’s inside that system:

Young Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Dave Gleason. A World-Class Coach. And without question, a World-Class Dad. I’ve had the honor of getting to know Dave over the past several months and I can attest to both of the above statements without any reservation. So, and to the point of what Dave and I were discussing… Can parenthood prepare you to be a quality Coach?

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The Young Athlete Who Changed My Life

Young Athlete Who Changed My Life This story is going to change your day. It may even change your perspective permanently. I’m going to tell you about Tom – the young athlete who changed my life. Exactly 7 years, 3 months and 5 days into my career as an Athletic Development Specialist, Tom walked into my training center with his Mom. I had been prompted on the phone the week before. "Tom had an accident when he was a child" I was told by Tom’s mother. "He is a very bright boy,.. More »

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Athletes Vs. Coaches?

"In order to be a good Coach, you have to have played the sport you’re Coaching" "Those who can’t, Coach" "Great Athletes make crappy Coaches" "The best kind of Coach is the one who was the best Athlete" Those are all comments I heard during casual conversation at my nephew’s basketball game this past weekend. What do you think? Is any of that correct or just standard societal dogma with no real truth? Post your comments below… – Brian

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How Do I Get "In" With High School Coaches?

Hi Brian, I am trying to do a speed camp in my area and here is the question: Who do I talk to? Athlete’s parent? High school coaches? A friend of mine said go to the high school coaches and talk to them. I know I have to talk about what I do, but I need to be sure that I say it right and not get too complicated but make it simple and easy for them to understand. As you are aware many HS coaches do lot of training differently than what we do, so I just.. More »

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