Youth Fitness Training Tug-Of-War?

Youth Fitness Training Sample program from Dr. Kwame Brown Skip Tag 10 minutes Equipment Cones (and line chalk if you have it) to mark off area Colored pinnies (optional) Instructions Split into teams at opposite corners of the area The first group is “it” (pick a color for them) The second group is to be chased (wearing the other color) Instruct the students that they must skip only If anyone is tagged or caught running, they must do 5 lunges to get back in The game round is over when everyone on Team 2 is tagged.  Roles are reversed.. More »

Proper Technique for Youth Sports Training: How Important Is It?

How Important is Proper Technique For Youth Sports Training? The IYCA forces you to think about your answer! Watch this video to learn how to get the most out of your youth sports training programs and ensure that your young athletes are able to reach their full potential. If you want to learn more about training young athletes and improving your youth sports training programs make sure you check out the IYCA’s Youth Fitness Specialist Certification.

Athletic Revolution Success You Don’t Have…

Could you imagine this kind of success and media attention? Read this… Soccer Hero Named to MLS All-Star Team after Training at Local Facility Alston suggests new training program had much to do with reaching his dream Local soccer hero and member of the New England Revolution played against the famed Manchester United last week after being named to the MLS All-Star Team.

Speed Training for Young Athletes – Part 2

“What are the most important elements of Speed Training to teach when working with young athletes?” That’s the first question I answered in ‘Part 2’ of my interrogation with Latif Thomas… LISTEN RIGHT NOW:

Speed Training for Young Athletes – Part 1

World-renowned Speed Coach, Latif Thomas, asked me to answer questions live on an internationally broadcasted conference call. He allowed his audience to email any questions they had for me. Roughly 100 questions came pouring in that night…. LISTEN RIGHT NOW: Want to Know My Complete and Uncensored Training System for Making Your Young Athletes Fast? Click Here Right Now —> – Brian

Youth Fitness Business Insider [audio]

I start this 60-minute audio interview with the business genius Pat Rigsby by saying: “You’re not going to get this information out of any books and you won’t hear this any other place” This is one of the key elements to how Pat and myself have both built successful Youth Fitness business and Sport Training businesses. LISTEN BELOW, RIGHT NOW:

Injury Prevention Training for Young Athletes?

Is injury prevention training necessary for young athletes? Is a quality long-term young athletes development plan already equipped with injury preventative features? I presented a seminar at Club Industry in Chicago last week and got myself into a raging argument with an attendee about this topic. Would do you think? Leave a comment below and state your case…

7 Steps to Kids Programming: Part 3

Kids Programming Picking up from yesterday… Over the years, I have grown fond of referring to these issues as the ‘Likely Bunch’ and have created a training template intended to meet of the aforementioned needs as a matter of principle rather than what an assessment tells me. Rather than programming for the day, week or month, my standard Training Template for a high school athlete looks as follows: Tissue Quality – 10 minutes ROM/Torso/Activation – 10 minutes Movement Preparatory – 10 minutes Movement – 10 minutes Strength/Power Technique – 10 minutes Strength Execution – 10 minutes.. More »

7 Steps to Programming for young athletes: Part 2

Programming for young athletes Here’s where I left off yesterday… Moreover, I’d be willing to bet that 90% or better of the 13 year olds who walk into your facility would ‘fail’ this standard assessment: They’re growing and lack mobility They growing and lack coordination They sit all day and have inappropriate hip functionality as a result They’ve been introduced to improper ‘training’ and lack posterior strength A formal assessment can certainly show us gains, improvements and corrections when performed at regular intervals – and because of that, I am all for them. But here’s what.. More »

7 Steps to Programming for Young Athletes

Programming for Young Athletes Template Design is a style of programming that has yet to truly catch on industry-wide, but is remarkably effective; especially when working with younger, sport-based populations.   Although I enjoy articles that are weighty in scientific specifics and complete in the depiction of the theories they are purporting, I also tend to benefit as much, often more, from less wordy commentaries that are pithy in nature.   So today, brevity wins.   In the current state of our industry (and I admit, this may be a terribly unpopular statement) we tend to over-scrutinize from a formal.. More »

Young Athletes and Skill Sets

KISS Me: Skill Setting the Jump Shot for young athletes (Part I) My college kinesiology professor may have been the first to introduce me to the KISS Principle, but I have come across it many times since. “Keep it simple, stupid!” is a mantra we might all do well to give some thought as we develop our programming. In my opinion, there is simply no better way of “keeping things simple” than skill setting. A long time IYCA staple, skill setting is the process of breaking down movement patterns into smaller elements, teaching and refining those elements, then.. More »

Youth Fitness Matrix

The Youth Fitness and Sport Training market has officially exploded. Trainers, Coaches, Facilities and Health Clubs worldwide have all jumped at this new opportunity to provide quality service to the demographic most in need. And the market has responded. More than 1 million kids and teenagers hired a Personal Trainer last year in the United States alone and as much as $4 billion are spent every year in this country on training and coaching for kids. But as with any new marketplace, the professionals who can claim ‘Specialist’ status will eventually become the go-to-experts for.. More »

Back to School with the IYCA

IYCA Education Time… September marks the beginning of yet another long school year for kids all over the world. I remember distinctly the feelings I had as the lazy summer days came to a close and the word ‘responsibility’ started circulating through my daily thoughts. Responsibility to wake up earlier than I had been used to. Get to class on time. Diligently tend to my homework nightly.

Youth Training By Eric Cressey

Youth Training Done right Last November, a good buddy of mine who is a very accomplished college strength coach came up to Boston for a seminar we put organized on a Sunday. He actually flew up Friday night so that he could observe on Saturday while we trained our clients – which was a nice blend of youth training, high school, college, and professional athletes, plus our adult clientele. All told, I’d say that high school athletes are 70% of our clientele. That Tuesday morning, I woke up to this email from him:

Young Athletes & Motor Skill – Audio

Motor Skill Development & Young Athletes… The cornerstone of progressive training programs. Enjoy this information on young athletes and please be sure to leave a comment below:

Pro Athletes & Youth Conditioning

Here are your updates to for the week of August 30, 2010 1) AUDIO – HOW PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES ARE AFFECTED BY YOUTH CONDITIONING & TRAINING Our newest Columnist is the incredible, Sue Falsone. Sue is the Head Physical Therapist for Athletes Performance, a Speaker on the Perform Better Tour and the PT for Major League Baseball’s, Los Angeles Dodgers. Quite the pedigree! In this interview, Sue explains the role of Youth Athlete Development Training and its impact she sees everyday with elite, professional athletes. Quality training at the youth level is.. More »

The 3 Rules of Youth Fitness: Part 1

Youth Fitness Rules to follow When I look around the industry, I find myself becoming more and more discontented with the view.  It seems that there is a never-ending litany of new, innovative and advanced techniques in the field of strength and conditioning that are, in essence, just re-fabricated models and methods that have proved tried and true for literally decades. This is especially true at the youth level where we tend to walk the fine line of wavering between dummying down adult-based prescription and creating ‘novel’ schemes of building the same results that can, and are developed through.. More »