The Rest of the ‘Long-Term Training’ Story…

Long term training for sports I’ve spent this week giving you the details and insights on my presentation for the upcoming Perform Better conferences. Long-Term Training Models You’ve read all the important factors… … Now it’s time to receive the rest of the story (the stuff that will REALLY

Long Term Training Models: Part 2

Long Term Training… Point #2 – M.O.L.D: The Key to Long-Term training and Athletic Performance Taken straight from the IYCA’s Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 certification material, this acronym should be the calling card for every single professional and/or volunteer working with young athletes: M = Movement Must Dominate Every aspects of your work with young athletes must come under the pretense of ‘movement’. Free-motion-based strength, torso, ROM, mobility, flexibility, speed, agility and cardiovascular training absolutely must be key to everything. O = Open to Communication Variances Coaching and communication are two of the.. More »

Long-Term Models of Training: Part 1

Every year, I’m both honored and humbled to be asked to present at the annual Perform Better Summits. As goofy as this may sound, I remember vividly being a young Strength Coach and receiving copies of the ‘Perform Better’ catalog in the mail… And having absolutely no money to purchase any of the books, DVD’s or other educational resources that PB has been putting out for years! But what I recall most about those lean years was my hunger to succeed and ambition to become just like some of the people displayed in the pictures within.. More »

2011 Summit Speakers & Topics

Okay, I already revealed to you what the incredible Eric Cressey will be presenting on at the 2011 IYCA International Summit… Now here’s the rest of the unmatched speaking line-up:

The 10,000 Hour Rule of Youth Training

The 10,000 hour rule? The science may support it, but are you destroying your young athlete’s chances for a safe and functional life beyond sport? Watch and find out:

A New Model for Periodization: Part 2

If you’ve been reading me for anything length of time, you know that I train my high school (and even college) athletes using a ‘Template Model’. A given 45 – 70 minute training session will look as follows: Tissue Quality Mobility/Active Flexibility Torso Movement Prep Movement (S & Q) Strength Technique Strength/Power ROM/Active Flexibility Each of these eight points receives a ‘minute’ or ‘percentage’ designation; essentially, I decide upfront and before the training day starts, how much time and energy is going to be spent within each category. By holding in perspective the four paradigms.. More »

Balance Drills & Games

How to create effect ‘Balance Drills & Games’ for young people aged 6 – 9… Have a look: Even MORE Killer Drills & Games for Young People: Click Here:

A New Model for Periodization: Part 1

The degree to which the concept of ‘periodization’ still intrigues us as Fitness and Sport Training professionals truly surprises me. While there are many styles, types and methods associated with periodization at large, the most commonly discussed and implemented by Coaches and Trainers worldwide remains the rather outdated ‘Linear Model’: Aerobic Base (conditioning) Strength Power My objection to this type of periodized model (or any type within which ‘Hardcore Performance Gains’ are the intention) is something I’ve both written about and lectured on for nearly 10 years.

2011 IYCA Summit Registration is Now Open

Here’s some stuff I really want you to consider… Eric Cressey may be the very best Strength Coach in the world. Mike Robertson is considered one of the most on-demand speakers in our industry. Latif Thomas is one of the very best Speed Coaches you’ll find anywhere around the globe. Carlo Alvarez is a former World Champion Baseball Coach and past National Champion Coach at the high school level. Sue Falsone was the only female professional ever to be a team Physical Therapist in Major League Baseball. Pat Rigsby is considered the #1 go-to.. More »

Early Bird: IYCA International Summit

Over the past few years, they’ve traveled from Canada, Switzerland, England, Australia, Jamaica and throughout the United States. For the knowledge they knew they would gain. The experience they knew they would have. The guarantee that this would be the greatest and most worthwhile event they could ever possibly attend… … And they were right. The 2011 IYCA International Summit July 28 – 31 Louisville, Kentucky Brown Hotel Watch this: Early-Bird Registration (Where You Can Save BIG TIME) Starts Tomorrow…..

About the IYCA Summit…

Sometimes, a 60 second video can have a far greater impact than anything\ I could possibly write… "I’ve been going to conferences for 17 years… This, by far, has been the best I’ve ever attended" "Fantastic organization… It’s been an absolute pleasure being here"

2011 IYCA International Summit

The 2011 IYCA International Summit. July 28 – 31, 2011 Louisville, Kentucky. The Brown Hotel. Your ‘Early Bird’ discount opportunity starts on Monday… Nick Berry – The Myths & Truths of Youth Fitness Business Success

The 2011 IYCA International Summit

The IYCA’s Annual International Summit is upon us once again and your opportunity to be part of the greatest educational event our industry has ever seen is something I just don’t want you to pass up. Starting Monday and continuing through next week, I’ll be proving you with an opportunity to enjoy an ‘Early Bird’ discount. Four days that will change your career… And your life. No matter what, you need to reserve the following days: Thursday, July 28: Pre-Conference Event Friday, July 29: Summit – Day 1 Saturday, July 30: Summit – Day 2 Sunday,.. More »

Young Athlete Speed & Agility Development

Here is some fantastic and practical advice on how to create programs and drills that will make your young athletes quicker and more agile… Young Athlete Speed & Agility Training Made Easy: Click Here —>

Early Specialization vs. Long-Term Development

Right Brain activity versus Left Brain Action   Categorizing Sports into Groups 1, 2 or 3.   How to convince parents that your way is the right way.   Enjoy and let this information fester in your brain over the weekend...       - Brian   The 3-Part Youth Sports Training Revolution   Click Here Now --->   

The Blunt Truth About High School Athletes

High School Athletes b) Learning Exploration (10 – 13) Very similar in terms of primarily Outcome-Based (roughly 80%) and explorative in nature. In this phase, due to increased Training, Biological and Emotional ages however, we can add points of quantified instruction. The CNS is still very plastic and therefore adaptable to change – what we become fluent in while young, we retain forever. Exploration type activities (games, skills etc) are more formalized and advanced. What was a simple 180-degree jump and land, now is a 180-jump and land with transition to back pedal jog. Adding complexity to movement.. More »

Training Young Athletes: Concept vs. Cool

Training Young Athletes: exactly what the IYCA is all about. Specifically related to our Concepts when training young athletes long-term development. There are certain core values as it relates to training young athletes and people that we disclose within our ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ certification course, and you either need to hear them or hear them again… These centralized principles extend to the entire litany of IYCA material, at large. (1) Concept vs Cool