The 2011 IYCA International Summit

The IYCA’s Annual International Summit is upon us once again and your opportunity to be part of the greatest educational event our industry has ever seen is something I just don’t want you to pass up. Starting Monday and continuing through next week, I’ll be proving you with an opportunity to enjoy an ‘Early Bird’ discount. Four days that will change your career… And your life. No matter what, you need to reserve the following days: Thursday, July 28: Pre-Conference Event Friday, July 29: Summit – Day 1 Saturday, July 30: Summit – Day 2 Sunday,.. More »

Young Athlete Speed & Agility Development

Here is some fantastic and practical advice on how to create programs and drills that will make your young athletes quicker and more agile… Young Athlete Speed & Agility Training Made Easy: Click Here —>

Early Specialization vs. Long-Term Development

Right Brain activity versus Left Brain Action   Categorizing Sports into Groups 1, 2 or 3.   How to convince parents that your way is the right way.   Enjoy and let this information fester in your brain over the weekend...       - Brian   The 3-Part Youth Sports Training Revolution   Click Here Now --->   

The Blunt Truth About High School Athletes

High School Athletes b) Learning Exploration (10 – 13) Very similar in terms of primarily Outcome-Based (roughly 80%) and explorative in nature. In this phase, due to increased Training, Biological and Emotional ages however, we can add points of quantified instruction. The CNS is still very plastic and therefore adaptable to change – what we become fluent in while young, we retain forever. Exploration type activities (games, skills etc) are more formalized and advanced. What was a simple 180-degree jump and land, now is a 180-jump and land with transition to back pedal jog. Adding complexity to movement.. More »

Training Young Athletes: Concept vs. Cool

Training Young Athletes: exactly what the IYCA is all about. Specifically related to our Concepts when training young athletes long-term development. There are certain core values as it relates to training young athletes and people that we disclose within our ‘Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1’ certification course, and you either need to hear them or hear them again… These centralized principles extend to the entire litany of IYCA material, at large. (1) Concept vs Cool

Young Athletes & Changing A Generation

How can we ‘convince’ young people to become more fit? Is ‘convince’ even the right word? You know, it’s interesting… I’ve been carrying the ‘Youth Fitness’ torch for so long, it seems that my opinions on what we REALLY need to do for and with young athletes tends to counter what we see in mainstream media and even governmental policy. Watch this video and tell me what you think –

Youth Sports Training Evolution

Times are changing. In your life and mine. Things have also changed a great deal when it comes to Youth Sports Training… Do me a favor and watch this video:

Sport Specialization vs Sport Exclusivity

‘Sport Specialization‘. Is it truly detrimental to the long-term success of a young athlete? If so, how is it possible to spend the number of years necessary to develop the skill in a specific sport if your goal is to play at the next level? Watch this –

Preventing Youth Sports Injuries

Is there a difference in ‘Injury Prevention’ for soccer versus baseball with young athletes? How about hockey versus volleyball? Interesting topic… Watch this video on Youth Sports Injuries and see what you think:

How to Assess Young Athletes

Do you ever ‘test’ your Young Athletes? Their speed? Strength? Flexibility? If so, why? You know, most Coaches and Trainers can’t answer that question. They test because they think they’re supposed to. That they need to in order to show ‘results’. But there are other reasons…

Early Sport Specialization: Part 2

Sport specialization the brief, but telling conclusion… The study’s findings are relatively convincing. The elite group tended to devote far less time at earlier ages in sport-specific training. Additionally, early Sport Specialization was found to be a likely predictor of classification as a near-elite athlete. In other words, while the early sport specialization may have been beneficial to overall performance, the athletes who tended to excel the most had instead focused on multilateral athletic development early in their growth and avoided the high technical skill, intensity, and specificity of unique sport preparation until such foundational skills.. More »

Early Sport Specialization: Part 1

Sport Specialization Vs LTAD The IYCA has championed the notion that the long-term athletic development model, or LTAD, provides the greatest benefit to a developing athlete, in both physical and psychological aspects, over time. Contrary to ever-popular and growing model of early sport specialization, the LTAD model is intended to optimize performance slowly and equip the young athlete with foundational skills. Although far from “new,” in light of heavily marketed programs intended to maximize immediate potential sport specific gains, the commonsense simplicity of the LTAD model is starting to gain momentum with some practitioners.

The #1 Youth Sports Training Question…

Youth Sports Training with Weights At what age should a young person begin lifting weights or using Kettlebells? The question I get asked more than any other. Here’s my brief thought on the matter (taken right from the curriculum found in the IYCA’s Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1 Certification

Youth Fitness Equipment – Video

Youth Fitness Tools What do you REALLY need to train young athletes properly? What if I gave you an exact template to spend no more than $50, but with that small investment, could stock your entire Youth Fitness & Sport Training business with exactly what you needed to both: Get started now… And, be fully equipped to ‘do it right’? Think I’m crazy? Then watch this short video:

Now Available: IYCA Youth Kettlebell Instructor Course

Over the past 3 years with the IYCA, I’ve spent a lot of time considering this subject. Are Kettlebells safe for young athletes? Are they just a fad that our industry is embracing right now? Are the reputed performance gains you get from using Kettlebells real? I considered it all. And then I asked the 2 people I trust more than anyone else in the world with respect to this topic: Owners of the incredibly popular, Kettlebell Athletics.

Youth Sports Training for Large Groups

Youth Sports Training For; Mobility & Active Flexibility Injury Prevention – Mechanics Injury Prevention – Deficits Torso I had 20 minutes, one volleyball court and 50+ young athletes… So, here’s how I broke it down: (A) Mobility/Active Flexibility (7 Minutes)

Making Youth Training Work No Matter What

Youth Training Systems (1) Create An Ascension System Prior to my arrival, if you watched the Novice Teams (8 – 11 years old) go through their conditioning regime and then you watched the Senior Team (16 – 18) right after, you’d have trouble distinguishing the difference. Exercise Selection. Volume. Coaching Style/Intensity. Across the board; identical.