Qualifications to Work with Young Athletes

Young Athletes and the qualifications needed to train them I started my career by training nothing but Olympic Champions, National Team Competitors and Professionals Athletes. But what I came to realize is that none of those experiences made me qualified to train young athletes.  Neither would I be qualified if I had an Olympic Medal around my neck or a Super Bowl ring on my index finger. We constantly mistake ‘big names’ or ‘big credentials’ as qualified. Let me put it this way… The most impressive and decorated mathematician at NASA is a literal genius with the topic of math, but.. More »

The Secret to Speed Training for Young Athletes

Young Athletes speed training secret What’s your ‘Secret’ to making young athletes faster? Leave a comment and then read what everyone else says… … I’ll bet you’re going to be very surprised… My Secret Speed Training Method is Here —> http://youthspeedspecialist.com/

[Video] How to Create Inertia…

I’m giving you an inside look at EXACTLY what the first 60 minutes of each of my mornings is comprised of. And I tell you everything. :: The ‘Mapping’ system I use :: The Song Selection I have and why :: The ‘Movie’ portion of my day This one will be an absolute life-changer for you.

Endurance Training & Young Athletes

Young Athletes Endurance Training Endurance training and young athletes is an often-misunderstood topic. On one hand, there are strength coaches who tend to disregard developmentally sound elements of endurance training in lieu of producing stronger and faster young athletes via strength and power type exercises exclusively. On the other hand, there are over-zealous coaches and trainers who equate endurance to long distance/duration activities, often with little regard for the athlete’s stage of development, ability or current level of conditioning. Endurance can be defined quite simply as one’s ability to withstand fatigue or the ability to control the functional aptitude.. More »

Young Athletes & Coordination – Part 3

Young Athletes & Coordination Series Here is the third and final portion of ‘Young Athletes & Coordination': (3) Teenage Athletes Are ‘Too Old’ Now, while there is truth to the matter that many of the sensitive periods for coordination development lay during the preadolescent phase of life, it would be shortsighted to suggest that teenage athletes should not be exposed to this type of training. Firstly, much of the training of coordination takes the form of injury preventative.  Any sort of ‘balance’ exercise, for example, requires proprioceptive conditioning and increases in stabilizer recruitment.  With ‘synchronization of movement’,.. More »

Young Athletes & Coordination – Part 2

Young Athletes & Coordination Series Part 2: Coordination – Can You Teach Young Athletes? The answer, in short, is yes. Coordination ability is not unlike any other biomotor – proficiencies in strength, speed, agility and even cardiovascular capacity (through mechanical intervention) can be taught, and at any age. The interesting caveat with coordination-based work however, is that its elements are tied directly to CNS (Central Nervous System) development and therefore have a natural sensitive period along a chronological spectrum.  The actuality of sensitive periods tends to be a contentious topic amongst researchers and many Coaches –.. More »

Young Athletes & Coordination – Part 1

Young Athletes Coordination Series In this 3-part article, I will discuss the role and significance of ‘Coordination Training’ as it relates to both preadolescent and high school athletes: The myths and falsehoods associated with young athletes Coordination Training are plenty.  I’ll outline the ‘Top 3’ here: Coordination is a singular element that is defined by a universal ability or lack of ability Coordination cannot be trained nor taught Coordination-based stimulus should be restricted to preadolescent children This article will provide a broad-based look at each of those myths and shed some light on the realities behind coordination.. More »

Youth Fitness: Question on Youth Sports Injuries

Youth Fitness Concerns ————————————————————————– Become Part of the Solution for Youth Sports Injuries… Become a ‘Youth Fitness Specialist’ Right Now: Click Here —> http://iyca.org/fitspecialist1/ ————————————————————————– According to the National Center for Sports Safety: :: Overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students Answer this questions for me – 1) What can we do as an industry to change this reality? Here’s another stat: :: Most organized sports related injuries (62%) occur during practices rather than games 2) What needs to change in.. More »

#1 Common Question From Parents of Young Athletes

Young Athletes and secrets to success “Do you do ‘Sport-Specific’ Training”? Well, let me give you the cold hard facts… It doesn’t exist. Especially not with young athletes. When working with preadolescent and high school athletes, the undeniable reality is that we are tending to an organism that is in the process of growth.  And that fact is something that we cannot do anything about, nor cause disruption to the process of. What a growing and maturing body needs in order to remain injury-free and develop optimal athletic skill is variety. With respect to training, this amounts.. More »


I admit, I didn’t get here on purpose. Try as I might to pursue other options, it somehow managed to suck me in. It consumes my nights and it often invades my thoughts during the "work day." However, I simply couldn’t and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a leftie by nature. Pure and unblemished out of the womb, my parents couldn’t find a leftie kid baseball glove for me as a child, so I somehow polluted myself into a current-day ambiguous hand dominance smorgasbord. Write with the left, throw with the right. Eat with the left, bowl.. More »

Youth Fitness: Inventory

Youth Fitness: Find out how to get ahead of the competition Okay, the inventory is set and ready to move! And here’s what I’ve got for you: 1) Closed-Door: How to Create Profitable & Effective Speed Camps On the Sunday of the 2009 IYCA International Summit, I did a 4-hour closed-door presentation along with Pat Rigsby: :: How to Teach Deceleration & Acceleration (6-Step Sequence) :: How to Prepare Athletes for Speed Combine Camps :: How to Create Programs that Are Effective in 1, 2 or 7 Day Speed Camps :: How.. More »

It’s Not the Values that Matter… It’s the Principles

You can get an ‘A’ by studying the night before, or you can get an ‘A’ by diligently tending to your work all semester. The fact that the outcome is the same seems to imply that the path doesn’t matter. But what about when the exam is over? Study the night before and I guarantee that every piece of information you crammed into your head will be gone inside of 60 minutes post exam. Study consistently over the semester, and your retention of the material will remain with your forever. And that is a.. More »

2 Lessons on Business & Life… Taken from the World of Youth Sports Training

Youth Sports Training Tips Most professional Trainers, be them Fitness Gurus or Sports Performance Experts, may not ever take the time to realize that much of what we hold true and dear in our pursuits of enhancing both the health and ability of young athletes, also translates to the world of business and life as well. Perhaps this lack of ‘connecting-the-dots’ between the two is more than just something that has been overlooked – it’s because the values on which we pride our work with young athletes is far too limited in scope to be accurate. Let.. More »

Kids Fitness: Missing the Point… Again

kids fitness By Dr. Kwame M. Brown It would help to read the following article before reading this post, but I will try to summarize below. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/features/article1689463.ece The title of the article: “Is PE a waste of time?”, by Barbara Lantin of the Sunday Times. Yet another provocative title. I guess that’s useful, but the problem is that most do not read through articles like this. I do. So, I am going to first communicate that this title is not supported at ALL by the contents. The gist here is the author and others grossly misinterpreting some longitudinal research done.. More »

Top 3 Speed & Agility With Young Athletes Mistakes – Part 2

Speed & Agility With Young Athletes It is very standard for Coaches and Training Facilities to both expect and ‘sell’ parents on the fact that the young athletes in their care will become decidedly better in only 6 or 8 weeks’ worth of training. And in fact, they’re correct in saying so. But not because their training system is somehow superior or because they possess unique talents as a Coach, quite simply, it’s because human beings are adaptive machines that alter (become better) under the strain of applied demand (training). This is especially true for young people.. More »

Top 3 Mistakes in Youth Sports Training

Youth Sports Training It is customary to see young athletes being taught and drilled on how to run as fast as possible in a straight line. Coaches spend hours teaching the mechanics of ‘linear speed’. Arm drive, hip drive, ankle push, forward lean – all the usual suspects. Whether on a high speed treadmill, gymnasium floor or football field, anywhere you go, you’ll likely see Coaches teaching the techniques of running fast in a straight line moving forward. Now, I don’t really have any fundamental issue with respect to this style of training. I could (and will) argue.. More »

IYCA Offers you More

Industry-wide, we complain that certification organizations are out-dated, take all our money and don’t give us anything back of value in return. Plus, we struggle to earn a living and have one of the highest attrition rates of any profession anywhere in the world. You are confusing the heck out of me! Certification companies ask for your cash, but don’t give you anything of merit for it, and at the same time, you’re unsure how much longer you can keep working in your passion because the long days and horrible hours aren’t making you enough to live.. More »

Kids Fitness: Top 3 Reasons to Play Simon Says

Kids Fitness I’ve just released a very special video of one of my favorite presenters in the world of sport and kids fitness training, Lee Taft. http://iyca.org/dvds/lee It’s from the 2010 IYCA International Summit, where Lee started off his presentation by playing Simon Says for kids fitness with the entire audience – all 300 of us!! But it wasn’t all fun and games as he made some incredibly valid points before he took us through the game:

Teaching Olympic Lifts – Video

Olympic Lifts Coaching The Olympic Lifts are a great tool to use when developing young athletes… … And Coach Wil Fleming is one of the best at teaching them properly. Watch this:

The Youth Fitness Difference

Youth Fitness “Fitness” in Early Childhood: Part I This article is Part I of a series by Dr. Kwame M Brown. There will be more to come, including details about programming and resources for our members. I spend all day around preschoolers and parents. We have a great preschool here at Lee District RECenter in Franconia, VA and the teachers here are all about play! I don’t regularly work formally with the preschool children, but interact with them and play little games with them throughout the day as they bang on my window, or I see them.. More »