Powerful Play in Sports Performance, Part 1 – Brett Klika

“Coach, can we play Power Ball?” I was a strength and conditioning coach for a High School football team, and the reward of 10 minutes of a chase -and- evade game with a tennis ball could get my players to do just about anything during training. This is despite the fact that this particular game, with elements of soccer and rugby, required everyone on the field, including linemen, to run constantly. As a performance coach, you have undoubtedly witnessed this phenomena  working with athletes and non-athletes from kids to adults. The miracle of “gamifying” has now extended from athletics to.. More »

Inattentional Blindness

I’m a big “why” guy in that I want to know the reason behind everything.  I probably drove my parents crazy as a kid as I tend to not take things at face value in search of the reasoning behind most everything.  My purpose is that it helps me make sense of what I am doing and therefore makes it more likely to get done!  For example, as I work with patients and clients to help their low back pain I make it a point to explain to them why I have prescribed a particular exercise because it helps them.. More »

Don’t Get Strong Wrong

Among the many concepts I’ve learned from my experiences as a strength and conditioning coach is: “Don’t get strong wrong.”  Simple and straight to the point. Getting strong wrong is simply loading up athletes on lifts where their mechanics are either poor to begin with, or are being affected negatively due to the load being too heavy for the athlete to complete a full range of motion. This is where we see half squats, rounded backs on deadlifts, barbells stapling athlete’s chests on the bench press, cleans being pulled in atrociously inefficient manners, etc. The list goes on and on… More »

Brian Sipotz on Getting Started in Sports Performance

Brian Sipotz is the Owner of Advantage Strength & Conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI and a co-owner of www.HockeyStrengthAndConditioning.com.  When his professional hockey career ended, Brian wasn’t sure what was next.  By taking risks, meeting the right people and recognizing opportunities, he has created a growing business for himself and his young family. Like many young professionals, Brian Sipotz was faced with many decisions as he set up his new business.  Unlike many others, however, he didn’t know how difficult it was going to be, so he moved forward without worrying about many of the things that would have stopped.. More »

Acceleration and Strength: The Physical Attributes We Truly Covet

JC Moreau, Founder and Director, Strength U  Perhaps the most common question I get from coaches and parents is “how do I get my son or daughter faster/quicker/jump higher?” They are often surprised by my response, as well as what I am about to discuss in today’s article. My answer is typically “get them stronger” and that is usually met with a look of confusion, so I elaborate.  In the past, I’ve written about the values of squatting through a larger range of motion than simply to 90 degrees, I explained in greater detail how strength is undeniably effective at developing speed, quickness.. More »

Eric Cressey on Finding Your Niche

Eric Cressey is at the top of the baseball training world.  His company Cressey Performance has become synonymous with high-level baseball training, but it didn’t start out that way.  Early in Eric’s career, he was simply learning about anatomy, physiology and how to train.  Eventually, he had the opportunity to work with baseball players, and over time, he realized that this was his niche.  He loved it.  He was great at it.  And, it was a good market for him. At this point in his career, and in the grand scheme of the industry, he feels like developing a niche.. More »

Acceleration Correlates Highly to On-field Performance

In the late 90’s, the strength coaches at the University of Nebraska did some internal research to determine which physical tests had the highest correlation to the ability to play the game of football.  They put their athletes through a large battery of tests including the 40-yard dash, pro-agility shuttle, vertical jump, several strength tests and numerous other drills. Next, they had the football coaches rate each player’s on-field ability.  They wanted to find out which athletes were the most effective on the field. They ran a statistical analysis on all of the data figure out which tests had the.. More »

Your Opportunity for Impact in Youth Fitness & Performance

In this video, Jim Kielbaso talks about three of the ways you can have the greatest impact in youth fitness and sport performance. Listen to what he has to say, and let us know what you think. What ways do you feel coaches and trainers can make a big impact with the kids they are working with?

Jim Kielbaso Talks Shop with Cliff Avril

Cliff Avril of the Seattle Seahawks joins the Impact Show to discuss his journey from an 0-16 season to Super Bowl Champion. Cliff talks about the difference between his experiences with the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks and how the environment really made a difference in the mindset of the entire organization. What is really interesting is what he says when he talks about what he went through as he prepped as a younger athlete.

Preparing HS Athletes for College – Your Role as Coach

Do you have athletes that have the dream of playing in college? As performance coaches, you have the opportunity to play a large role in the success of athletes making that “jump” to the next level. There are many things that can be done to help make the transition a little bit “easier”. Learn some of those things today.

Retaining HS Athletes from Sport Season to Sport Season

In this video, Jim Kielbaso talks about an all-too-common issue that High School Strength & Conditioning professionals deal with daily! Retaining athletes from season to season. High School Strength & Conditioning professionals have the power to educate and coordinate one of the most important programs in a kids athletic career, their Strength & Conditioning Program. It isn’t always easy, but it IS the best thing for the athlete.

Lessons From the “Greats”

What if you could help your athletes become “their” great?! 🙂 Making a positive impact on youth through great coaching can help your athletes live up to their potential. They all have the abilities to do something great. How will you help them? In this video, Dr. Haley Perlus talks about what makes Bolt, Walsh and Phelps so great.

Keys to Unlocking the High School Athlete’s Potential

There are many responsibilities of the High School Strength & Conditioning Coach. However, when the end-goal is to have a positive impact on your athletes, teaching the “keys” to unlocking their potential is close to #1! In this video blog, Jim Kielbaso gives you the keys to being a great athlete, and you may be surprised to know that they have nothing to do with talent! Sure, talent matters. However, when it comes down to it, if a kid has all the talent in the world but lacks these “KEYS”, then they won’t live up to their potential.

How Resistance Band Training Can Impact a Strength & Conditioning Program – Part 1

As a strength & conditioning coach in the High School setting, resistance bands can be the most versatile and cost effective training tool to date. Not only do kids find bands challenging, but they also enjoy the ability to improve and get results. This 3 part series takes you through 10 ways a coach can implement bands into a Strength & Conditioning Program.

Be “That” Coach

Being called Coach means more than just coaching. It means changing lives. That’s what the IYCA is here to help you continue to do. 😉 Our mission is to empower coaches all around the world to not only do what they love doing, but to reap the rewards of seeing their athletes excel. We want to see you prepare thousands of youth for the next step. Hundreds of athletes for collegiate sports. Maybe even some for professional, or olympic sports. 😉 But most importantly, you are helping form the next generation. You are helping young athletes become leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, innovators, and the.. More »

5 Tips to a Healthy Football Season – And Any Sports Season

The season is upon us. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s football season. The time of year where you can lose more friends than in an election year. If you are an athlete, football season can be grueling and can wear your down. If you are a coach, it can do the same thing. If you are a parent…well, parents have it easy. All you have to do is print out this article, tape it to the fridge, and your young athlete will follow all 5 tips, right? The goal of this quick article is to give the athletes 5 tips to a healthy football season and give coaches some things to harp on for your athletes.